Thor Halvorssen’s Passion for Activism

Thor Halvorssen has made a name for himself for years by considering the needs of others. A native of Venezuela, Halvorssen has worked for years as a a Venezuelan human rights advocate and also as a film producer. Halvorssen has been an activist in the areas o public policy, individual rights and civil liberties. Halvorssen is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, and also serves as the is president of the Human Rights Foundation, an group devoted to global human rights. His work is far reaching he has had a major impact in numerous ways.

Thor Halvorssen’s roots take him back to Venezuela. His family was prosperous and held high position in the country. Halvorssen eventually made it to the states where he went to the University of Pennsylvania and graduated magna cum laude. Both of Halvorssen’s parents were treated unfairly during his childhood. His father was put in prison for investigating money laundering. He was beaten and tortured during the process. Halvorssen’s mother shot and wounded during a peaceful protest of the Venezuelan recall referendum back in 2004. These events appeared to have shaped Halvorssen’s passion for human rights.

In the late ninteis Halvorssen became the CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education also known as FIRE. FIRE is a U.S. organization that brought together various groups including the Heritage Foundation and the Eagle Forum. The ultimate goal was to make sure that Liberty of opinion, speech, and expression were available to all.

After years of service with FIRE Halvorssen would move on to other ventures. In 2009 he created the Oslo Freedom Forum, a group of human rights advocates. The groups work has been so impactful it was labeled a “Gathering of Heroes” by the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang. Halvorssen is also involved in other ventures including the Children’s Peace Movement, started in 2009 and producing movies. Halvorssen co-produced the film Freedom’s Fury and is currently producing The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, based on Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction novel. Halvorssen’s work is far extending and continues to have an impact on many.

The Outstanding And Well Deserved Reputation Of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has arranged a debt and equity arrangement for one of their clients. Acting as the financial advisor for Ares Security Corporation, Madison lead this project. Ares is a leader in their field which encompasses security risk management and security solutions through the use of software. As the CEO of Madison, Charles Botchway announced the transaction. Reginald McGaugh had the lead in this transaction as Madison’s Senior Managing Director.


As the President of Ares, Ben Eazzetta felt honored to have the privilege of being a part of this transaction. The technology solutions Ares is able to provide make them a one of a kind company. As the protector of some of the worlds most critical of assets Ares has gained an incredible team for management. Ares expressed gratitude for the work completed by Madison in 2016. They were impressed by the way the process was completed, the diligence used by Madison and the specific process used to raise capital. Madison succeeded in finding the right partner for the financing required by Ares. Ares is now quite excited about their future and their new structuring.


Ares had made the decision to work with Corbel because they felt this was the path that would lead to an equity value of significance. The flexible capital and supportive partnership achieved with Corbel raise the momentum of Ares sales and offer them new opportunities for their revenue.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm with international status. The Madison Street Capital reputation comes from years of proven excellence, integrity, service and leadership. They specialize in expertise in acquisitions, valuation services, opinions regarding finances and advisory based services. Madison works in both the private and public sectors.


Madison has the ability to place their clients in a position where they are able to succeed in the global based marketplace. Every time they undertake a new project they place the objectives and goals of their clients first and treat them like they were their own. This includes all capital raising, financial advice, ownership transfers and M&A transactions.


The views of Madison Street Capital see the emerging markets as the central component needed to enhance the growth of their clients on a global basis. They place the focus of their assets right on the market. Madison has truly earned their clients trust and respect because of their dedication to maintaining extremely high levels of professionalism.


A Mobile Revolution from FreedomPop

Emily Guy Birken, in her FreedomPop review, attempts to demystify for us the service that this company is bringing us. For most of the services we have to come to depend on, there are very few that we would expect to be able to obtain for free, and one that is probably very near the top of that list, would be mobile and internet services, but that is exactly what FreedomPop offers. Although their most popular plan is $20 a month, the option to have a truly free mobile services is available, and could easily be considered revolutionary. Whether you bring your own device, or purchase one from their website, the are many options offered that would allow users to enjoy a very enjoyable mobile experience.

FreedomPop also offers internet service, using hotspots and MiFi devices, although these are fairly limited in terms of data usages, with plans for 500MB but only on 4G, for free, to 2GB on 3G/4G for $20 a month. Both the internet services, and the mobile services come with a “top-up” feature that must be manually disable if the user does not wish to use it. This feature allows for the automatic addition of data when approaching the limit of the plan currently being used.

FreedomPop is, for the moment, limited to the Sprint network, because of certain deals that the company has with the carrier, but there are plans to bring affordable mobile services to the rest of the population. One such plan takes advantages of the millions of hotspots around the U.S., especially in big metropolitan areas, to allow those who have phones they would like to keep, but are sadly not on the Sprint network, to instead connect through WiFi, and be able to use their phones as they would if their were connected to their network.

The company is even extending its business in Europe, with deals with carriers starting in the UK. For now, the free services offers 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200MB of data, which is equivalent to the cheapest plan currently offered by the local carriers. There are plans to also offer free international calling in over 60 countries, and to eventually bring the service to even more countries in Europe.


Exploring the Growth and Success of Fabletics Under Don Ressler


Kate Hudson is one person with many credits tied to her name. She is an acclaimed Oscar-nominated actress whose prominence has continuously risen to global standards over the years. Currently, the modern mother is not only a bestselling author of the New York Times but also a renowned fashion icon. Her latest feat includes being an international fashion entrepreneur.


Kate Hudson’s recent popularity is owned to the success of her latest venture, an activewear brand known as Fabletics. Since its inception in 2013, Fabletics has grown into a global brand with more than one million VIP members around the world and thousands of employees. This achievement has been attained in just about three years.


According to Kate, the creation of Fabletics was driven by the idea to make fashion and fitness accessible to as many people as possible. Fortunately, the idea quickly caught momentum and grew into a successful business. TechStyle, the parent company behind Fabletics attained unicorn and billion-dollar valuation status in 2014. This was after Fabletics had experienced an exceptional triple-digit growth just after two years of operation.


Initially, Fabletics was founded to operate as an online brand. After a few accomplishments, it ventured into establishing various brick-and-mortar stores. Since then, the brand boasts of about 18 stores with expansion plans to cope with the company’s increasing market share. Additionally, the brand has bolstered its global presence in various parts around the world including Australia, Germany, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, France and the UK.

Don Ressler is an avid entrepreneur by his own standards. He is the brain behind the creation and success of several startups such as Intelligent Beauty. Don met his current friend and business partner, Adam Goldenberg after Intermix Media bought his startup, Since then, the two partners have built a well-established and billion-dollar valued business, known as TechStyle. TechStyle is behind several successful brands in the fashion industry including Fabletics, JustFab, ShoeDazzle, FL2 and FabKids.


In an interview with, Don Ressler cited that he and his wife, Ginger, they have always had a passion for fitness. This contributed to the realization of a gap in the fashion industry. As such, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg identified that many people are leading their everyday lives in comfortable clothes, which still maintain a good look. This led to their meet up with Kate Hudson who shared her vision for creating a fashion lifestyle brand. Since then, Fabletics has become a top brand that recently created a men’s fashion line called FL2.

Chart the path that Don Ressler is on via his CrunchBase page here:

Alexandre Gama

Gama nasceu em 1 de Junho de 1958 Rio de Janeiro Brasil. Gama superou todas as expectativas, e agora ele é líder de uma empresa de renome internacional.Como um estudioso aprendeu, Alexandre Gama teve um grau em publicidade e Comunicações da Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado este abriu caminho a sua carreira. Que começou a caminho de volta em 1982 onde trabalhou como criativo e redactor então em 1990 ele se mudou para DM9 para trabalhar como um redactor e criativa.Em 1996 ele então movido para jovens e Rubicam e tornou-se o CEO e o CCO e mais tarde em 1999 ele decidiu deixar o e inicie a sua empresa.

Gama estabelecida sua primeira empresa de publicidade em 1999 chamado Neogama.Através do trabalho árduo e a paixão que ele tinha o chamando a empresa ganhou Leão no Festival de Cannes, no primeiro ano de sua criação, este foi um acontecimento notável para a Gama e sinal de sucesso em breve.

Alexandre Gama do pensamento foram direito Neogama BBH sua empresa mesclados com uma agência de Londres em 2002 e no mesmo ano a colaboração foi nomeado o “Agência do ano ‘ por Cabore awards.No ano seguinte a empresa ganhou um prêmio de dois leões dourados em Cannes em duas importantes categorias pressione e filme.

À luz do sucesso, os prêmios não param aí por causa de seu disco rígido diligente ele foi nomeado um dos profissionais mais influentes na história. Também no mesmo ano ele foi escolhido “Agência Director do ano” .em 2007 profissionais da publicidade foi eleito como uma das 3 principais publicidade homens no Brasil.

Gama veio com a campanha “Rocha” gigante sobre o Brasil para a Johnnie Walker. Lentamente por lentamente a campanha ganhou atenção internacional e nacional e ganhou “Empresa do Ano’ por Diego.

Recentemente em 2015 Gama de publicidade da empresa ganhou um Leão de Ouro em Cannes.Alexander é um homem que tem metas e dedicado à sua consecução.


The Advantages of Community Banking

When you think of financial institutions, what are the first names that come to mind? Maybe it’s Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Capital One, Citigroup, American Express, or BB&T. These are great banking centers, but they have a lot in common. Each one of these financial centers are National Banking Institutions, which means that they are well known and widespread. Did you know that Community Banking is in direct competition with it’s larger counterparts? Community Banking of the 21st Century has many of the same services as the national banks, but at even better rates. Have you ever heard of NexBank Capital? Here is a bit of information for one of the top community banking centers in the country.


NexBank Capital has grown dramatically over the past several years. This exclusive regional styled institution offers the general public many top of the line services. It specializes in commercial, investment, and mortgage banking with a small town feel. The atmosphere of these regional banks have been said to be more pleasant thanks to shorter lines, friendlier staff, better rates, and innovative technology. President and CEO John Holt has done a wonderful job of overseeing the banks interests and helping it perform at maximum capacity. NexBank offers many products and services to help people grow their wealth, save their assets, and convenient services to stay on track of everything.


Even other banking centers and businesses can receive services to help them “stay out of the red.” Dallas, Texas has a jewel on it’s hands and it is redefining banking as we know it. This is direct competition to the larger national/international banking centers as well. In other words, NexBank Capital provides the very best in products and services for 21st Century living.


How the Kabbalah Center is Transforming Lives

The Kabbalah Center is an American non-profit organization that offers Kabbalah teachings. These lessons are offered online through their website and through the various centers that they have. The curriculum that is in use at the center was developed by Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. The Kabbalah Centre was started in the US in 1965. It was known as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah at the time. It was started by Philip Berg and Yehuda Brandwein. It was rebranded as the US Kabbalah center after Brandwein passed away.

The center is based in Los Angeles but has expanded operations to various cities around the world through study groups and centers. The Kabbalah Centre is recognized for its diverse team from different backgrounds that can enrich the Kabbalah experience. The center seeks to introduce the masses to Kabbalah. Their teachings do not require prior knowledge of Hebrew doctrine. Kabbalah is not a religion but a series of teachings on how to live life well and to find one’s purpose. The Kabbalah Center has published a few books that contain Kabbalah commentary for portions of the Torah. Many students have passed through the Kabbalah Centre including some celebrities such as Demi Moore, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Nicole Richie. Madonna has been heavily involved with the Center and has partnered with them on various projects. They collaborated on Raising Malawi in 2006, a project to support the less fortunate in Malawi.

The Kabbalah Centre hosts various events all year round where they connect with their students and the community. They also provide scholarships to need-based students who might be interested in the teachings but might not be able to pay the fees. The Kabbalah Centre is involved in charitable initiatives through its philanthropic arm known as the Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes. They have been involved in relief efforts over the years to help victims of major disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake in 2010, and the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. Charitable organizations that they support are the Kids Creating Peace organization, Kabbalah Children’s Academy, and the Spirituality for Kids Foundation.

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Jason Hope’s Excitement As A Futurist

There are many types of people that are enthusiastic about technology. However, one of these types of people are futurists. These are the types of people that look to the future in order to see all of the possibilities of technology. Jason Hope himself considers himself a futurist. Therefore, he is very excited about what the next level of technology could be. One of the things that can bring tech enthusiasts a lot of excitement are devices such as smartphones. One of the reasons the smartphone is so exciting is that people have found a way to take the computer and make it fit in the palm in one’s hand.

Given that Jason Hope is very interested in technology, he has taken the time to run a business around technology. This maximize the success of the entrepreneur. For one thing, the entrepreneur is running a business around his passion. The further one works away from any of his passions, the less likely he is going to achieve any type of success with it. Therefore, he has to be passionate about something that has anything to do with his business. Fortunately, Jason Hope has a lot of goals that he is passionate.

One aspect of technology that Jason Hope is passionate about is treatments such as Alzheimers disease and other diseases that are related to age. One aspect of the future he believes in is humanity and the health of humanity. However, he is not satisfied with the way that diseases are being treated. The current way of treating diseases often result in allowing it to cause a lot of damages. Fortunately, the medical industry is always looking at different ways to treat many different diseases. Therefore, there is a lot of hope that they are going to adapt Jason Hope’s approach to treating diseases.

Successful Social Media Campaigns Launched in 2016

Online marketers heavily relied on social media to promote their clients’ brands in 2016, and some of them were able to craft truly meaningful campaigns that resonated among netizens.


With the above in mind, here are some of the most successful social media campaigns of the year:


Jose Cuervo Tequila


Brands that appeal to Mexican-Americans know that the Cinco de Mayo festival is a golden opportunity to promote their products in a festive manner. This year, legendary tequila brand Jose Cuervo chose charismatic actor Luis Guzman to ask fans to send them Cinco de Mayo stories, which he read aloud on Facebook to great comedic effect.


KFC – United Kingdom


The British franchise of KFC came up with a brilliant idea similar to the ice bucket and mannequin challenges that went viral on social media. The friendship bucket test consisted of a clever video quiz that tested the knowledge of two friends about each other; correct answers were rewarded with freshly served fried chicken pieces from the bucket shared by the two friends.


Scoot Airlines


This budget carrier, which is wholly owned by Singapore Airlines, took a simple idea to promote their brand among young Australian travelers: witty videos that showed the reservations process, trip planning and boarding the aircraft. The twist was that each video was produced in correlation with personality types according to data found on Facebook. The resulting videos were not only hilarious but also worth sharing across social circles.


Martin Lustgarten’s Guidance and Success in Making Investments.

Martin Lustgarten is one of the individuals who have ample knowledge in investment banking. He has been in the sector for a couple of years and is based in the United States. Mr. Martin Lustgarten is a citizen of Venezuela and Austria. He has been acknowledged for his exceptional investment banking techniques. Martin advises people on the best way that they can diversify their wealth. According to him, individuals are likely to get the best returns when they invest their money in different regions. Diversification of assets enables people to make good returns since they can benefit when the economies of various locations rise. He has ample experience in the industry, and this allows him to take fast action whenever there are changes in stocks. His ability to notice new opportunities in the various industries enables him to offer efficient services to the clients.

Martin’s success has made him be regarded as a role model by many investment bankers. His ability to predict the markets has enabled him to develop an outstanding investment portfolio. People who would like to earn a significant income can follow Lustgarten’s investment advice. He believes that the amount of wealth that an individual accumulates is highly determined by diversification of his or her investment portfolio. Investors need to be brilliant and keen on the steps that they make for them to be successful.

Investment banking is a discipline that deals with offering financial guidance and aid to businesses. Experts in the sector have several roles that are important to business people. They conduct research on markets and analyze it for business people before they capitalize their money. They offer their services to a broad range of clients, and they include governments, private investors, and well-developed companies. These experts have also specialized in offering services such as FICC (fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities), merger and acquisitions, securities deals, and formation of markets. Investment banking experts save money and time for people by assisting them in identifying risks before they venture into business. They also help their clients in meeting regulatory needs hence avoid complications.


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