Social Media Campaigns That Made an Impact in 2016

It is impossible to choose the best social media campaigns of 2016 because there were so many good ones. There were a few major factors which played very large roles in the success of social marketing campaigns during the past year. The first was the various changes in algorithms used by Instagram and Twitter. There have also been a wide variety of messaging apps that have been introduced and become very popular with the general public. Companies took advantage of these factors and designed their social media campaigns around them. As usual, a few companies did better at this than their competitors. Here are a few examples of the social media campaigns that really attracted a great deal of attention to their products.


Reese’s #MarchMadness


Reese’s was the official sponsor of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament for the fourth consecutive year. The videos that were created for this particular social media campaign contained outstanding visuals that made viewers interested in the Reese’s brand. The writing in these spots was also far above what you typically find in your average social media campaign.


Lowe’s #LowesFixInSix


This campaign from the Lowe’s home improvement chain shows people how to fix various things around their home in only six seconds. The concept was a brilliant one. It quickly caught on and became a trending hashtag. Stop-motion animation is used to create each short video. This type of animation is not commonly used these days. Therefore, it makes the spots more memorable to the viewing audience.

Some of the Most Successful Social Media Campaigns

Social media has changed the way that people communicate with each other. It has also revolutionized the way that companies can promote their products to consumers. There can be no question that a company needs to have a presence on social media if it is going to be a factor in today’s world. Here are a few examples of social media campaigns that have generated significant profits for the companies that have used them.




Tesco is the largest chain of grocery stores in the United Kingdom. The company had a breakthrough with a series of videos posted on YouTube that were aimed at parents who were looking to buy something for their children for Christmas. The videos showed children playing with all of the most popular toys for that particular Christmas season. This told many parents what their children would most likely want. Tesco experienced an increase in toy sales as a result of the campaign.


Scoot Airlines


This company carefully analyzed info that they gathered from looking at the Facebook data of potential customers. They used this data to market trips to destinations these people would most likely want to visit. This resulted in a sales increase of more than 150 percent.




KFC created a very successful campaign in the United Kingdom called the “friendship bucket.” KFC credits the campaign with getting many British people interested in trying their chicken who were not previous customers. The likeability of the actors used in the campaign was key to its success.




Shea Butter All The Way From Africa

Shea butter is made with fat from the nut of an African shea tree. This ingredient originated in West Africa. Shea butter is good for your hair and skin. Shea butter has many vitamins one being Vitamin E. Vitamin E protects the scalp from dryness. Its antioxidant properties stimulates hair growth by promoting the blood flow. It also heals and protects the scalp from bacteria. It also helps with severe skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis using its anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter protests your hair from heat and heat damage.


EuGenia Shea is a family run, mother-daughter duo enterprise. Their main focus is premuim shea butter moisturizers. The name, EuGenia came from the Greek, meaning origin of goodness. The duo got the inspiration to start the company when the mom was diagnosed with cancer. Her mom is the former President of the Global Shea Alliance. This came in handy with providing consumers with the best shea around. Her mother used her moms midwife secret, raw, unrefined Ghanaian shea butter. Her mom grew her bulk shea butter business, Naasakle. EuGenia uses Naasakle shea butter to provide the best results. This company also donates 15% of their profits back to Ghanaian women in the form of an education fund. They are dedicated to making sure these women receive fair wages and opportunities.


EuGenia Shea provides Everyday Shea butter which includes a little shea. They have the Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter which has more shea added. The next strength they offer is Dermatological Strength Shea Butter which is mostly shea. These also come in a gift set. These products also includes shea oil, Baobab oil, Moringa oil, and essential oils. This is the perfect way to smooth skin.

Germany Takes Steps to Address Fake News on Social Media

The coalition government in Germany has had it with fake or inaccurate news reports circulating on social media. A plan is afoot to put a heavy foot down on fake news on Facebook and other social networks. Legal sanctions may be levied against social media sites that do not remove provably fake news within a set period of time. Sanction might come in the form of a €500,000 fine.


How all this ends up playing out remains to be seen, but it would be difficult to envision any scenario in which a social media giant with billions of cash in reserves could monitor millions upon millions of published posts every day.


Ten years or so ago, social media — then dubbed social networks — were online hubs for tech lovers and young persons. In time, the value of social media and an informational and promotional tool grew so significantly, members of all demographic groups started creating and communicating via social media. Billions of people are “wired” to social media platforms. These platforms are where they get a tremendous amount of their information.


The free flow of information makes it difficult for politicians and powerbrokers to control messaging. Yes, the dissemination of fake and harmful news is a problem. When the distribution of fake news is linked to cyberwars, the problem becomes even more ominous.


That said, concerns over totalitarian censorship of news governments disagree with should never be ignored. As history shows, the enacting of censorship laws never lead to good results.


FreedomPop Changes Budget Communications Forever

Budgets can be strained by a number of seemingly necessary expenses. Internet and mobile phone services are not deemed luxuries by many. Their daily lives rely upon access to the communications companies providing reliable access to both. While the services are necessary, paying huge monthly fees is not. FreedomPop has shown the budget consumer a new way. Singing up with basic FreedomPop service means free phone, text, and data.


FreedomPop launched an ambitious idea right from the offices of a dynamic Los Angeles startup. The concept and business model was — and remains — very simple. Sell customers a solid smartphone at a discount. With the smartphone, a customer can access a free basic plan: 500MB of data, 500 phone minutes, and 500 text messages. If 40% of the customers are pleased enough to upgrade, FreedomPop can then charge reasonable fees for expanded service.


The costs on the expanded service are not exactly outrageous. They are among the better deals — if not the best deals — in the budget mobile service world. For less than $20, FreedomPop is offering a totally unlimited plan. The unlimited plan does not come with gimmicks or special requirements. Customers just have to request an upgrade — that’s it.


Investors positively do see a great deal of promise with FreedomPop. The millions upon millions of dollars in investment capital flowing into the company’s funds are proof of this. Why would investors not feel confident in what FreedomPop has planned? The company is conquering the United Kingdom’s budget market and venturing into other European territories. The launch of an affordable global hotspot overseas has been met with enthusiasm.


FreedomPop has chosen to duplicate the success of the Wi-Fi hotspot service in the United States. The fee for hotspot access is amazingly low. For only $5, a user can connect to millions of different hotspot locations. The amazing deals FreedPop presents are hard to ignore and even harder to turn down.


Traditional internet is the new sphere of influence FreedomPop wishes to have an effect on. Cheap and limited internet service for home and travel can be accessed with an inexpensive modem and equally inexpensive subscription fees. Why pay huge money for a limited amount of internet use when FreedomPop has a cheaper option available? The internet runs on reliable 3G and 4G networks. So worries about downtime shouldn’t be much of a concern.


Those hoping to cut costs, save money, and access reliable service have a leader to turn to. The leader’s name is FreedomPop.


Best Food Solutions Offered By OSI Group

Are you looking for a company that would address all your food solutions? Then you ought to consider the OSI group. The company is one of the leading firms in providing quality products for other food organizations.

Various firms rely on OSI Group because of its edge cutting solutions. Their services complement the sophisticated menu development, and the process needs.

OSI Group recently acquired the Tyson Food plant located in Chicago. The transaction cost the group a $7.4 million.

The company strongly believes that employees play a fundamental role in the success of every business. OSI group values their workers and provides them with the right working environment. OSI Group creates room for their employees to develop their career. The company employs individuals ready and capable of working as a team. Besides, the organization looks for employees passionate about entrepreneurship.

OSI group offers its customers and other organizations food solutions precisely made to meet their needs. Clients benefit from a credible and trustworthy supply chain present in the OSI group. Additionally, the company assures you of the safety and quality of their food solutions. OSI’s team ensures that all its products meet the required and desired quality standards of the state.

The firm guarantees you an adequate and sustainable supply of the goods throughout the year. The company produces in bulk to service the large portfolio of clients. OSI also has research innovators and facility designers who ensure that you can access the latest and the best menus that bring your food ideas to life. Apart from that, the company has flavor experts to make sure you enjoy your meals.

The company owes its success to the values they firmly hold. The corporation ensures that the flavor and the quality of the food solutions continue to appeal to you. OSI Group invests in innovation and research as a way strengthening their solutions.

The also deal with clients with utmost integrity as a way of protecting their brand. Employees commit to the values of honesty and trustworthiness while serving customers. The company success comes from the synergy of the members of staff. Besides, the company’s commitment to forming new business relationships is imperative.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company that can sort your food needs and solutions, OSI Group should be your priority choice.

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Capital Group Experiencing Growth After Implementing Leadership Transition Plan

Timothy Armour, a Los Angeles-based executive, obtained his degree in economics at Middlebury College. He began his career at Capital Group as an associate volunteer. Armour is the CEO and chairman of Capital Group. Armour was appointed Chairman by Capital Group’s board of directors.

This high-status appointment materialized after the death of former Capital Group Chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Following his appointment, Armour vowed to continue working with Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo in managing the company. Armour still heads Capital Research and Management Company, a division of Capital Group. Additionally, he is a seasoned portfolio manager with over three decades of investment experience.

Since his appointment, Timothy Armour has promoted the company’s expansion by facilitating Capital Group’s merger with Samsung Asset Management, a Korean-based company. The purpose of the collaboration is to create unique investment strategies and retirement solutions for Korean nationals. Capital Group has since assisted Seoul Group, a subsidiary of Samsung Asset Management, in the management of hedge funds. According to Armour, this partnership is a win for both companies, as they will all benefit financially and in the expansion of their businesses.

Janet Yang’s Congratulates Tim Armour Impressive Record of Achievement

In a 2015 article, Janet named Armour and his colleagues as key drivers of Capital Group’s success and expansion plan. She also said that Armour has the right qualifications for steering the business in the right direction. Janet termed Capital Group as one of oldest successful companies with trillion worth of assets and over 7000 employees.

According to Janet, Capital Group has managed to withstand challenges and survive tough economic challenges due to its capability to respond to changes promptly. For instance, in 2015, the company made changes to its fund lineup by increasing employee’s retirement fund.

Armour’s Thoughts Concerning Market Selloffs

Following the decline of Chinese stocks, Armour and his colleague Rob Lovelace came out to analyze the inflation status. According to Timothy Armour, market volatility is expected in any growing economy. He said that United States economy was stagnating in the financial year of 2015. In his opinion, Armour stated that banks should try to come up with realistic interest rates to survive inflation.

Additionally, short term and long term interest rates ought to be increased for businesses to thrive. He encourages foreign investors to put their money in nations that have stable economies. He also urges them to conduct intensive research and understand the markets to avoid making blind investments.

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Josh Verne And Traveling One’s Own Path

These days, diversity is becoming the ideal for many people. It is no longer expected that people get a regular job and settle for less. People have come to realize that there are some people that have to take the risk and build something. Among the people that have built something and risked it all is Josh Verne. He is someone who advises people on what they can do if they have a desire to be an entrepreneur. For one thing, there are a lot of advantages that being an entrepreneur could bring people who manage to succeed in what they are doing.


For one thing, Josh Verne understands that the world of the entrepreneur is a lot different. There are a lot of new lessons to be learn. However, these are valuable lessons that could be more than worth it in the mind of someone that is pursuing life as an entrepreneur. For one thing, Josh Verne has learned the value of hard work. He has also seen the advantage of having unlimited earning potential. This is one thing that has inspired him to put in a lot of good work. However, there is another aspect of working for one self that he has realized is important. One has to enjoy what he is doing in order to be successful at it.


one thing that Josh understands is that it is up to each individual to determine his own journey and travel it. For those that manage to successfully travel their own journey, they find that they not only have a lot of success and fulfillment for themselves, but also a lot to share with others. This is one of the reasons that more people are seeking to be entrepreneurs


Josh Verne has written books, and spoken on pod casts on the different lessons that people could learn when they try to work for themselves. Among the lessons that he has for entrepreneurs that are hiring employees is that they should focus on being leaders instead of bosses. This is how they get the respect they need and also how they run a more successful business.


Find out more about Josh Verne:

Get the Best for Your Wedding with George Street Photo and Video in Miami

Everyone wants the best for their wedding day including an awesome photographer to capture those exciting moments. George Street Photo and Video in Miami is definitely one of the best companies that provide photo and video services for weddings. With George Street Photo and Video in Miami, you are able to speak with your photographer before your wedding date. You also have the option to have a personal wedding coordinator to help finalize timelines and suggest the best locations for picture taking. Even if your plans change at the last minute, your photographers and planning team will be with you every step of the way. You will be given a style test upon meeting the George Street for the first time to help them better understand how you envision your photos.

JMH Development Set to Hold a Topping-off Ceremony for the Aloft South Beach Project

On September 15, 2014, Jason Halpern, the principal of JMH Development announced the topping off ceremony of Aloft South Beach. This 235-room hotel was set to open at the center of Miami Beach in early 2015.


Developed by partners, JMH and the Madden Real Estate Ventures, the Aloft South Beach project represents the adaptive reuse of the memorable Motel Ankara. It also features a new eight-story tower. The construction was done by Plaza Construction, with ADD, Inc. being the project architect.


This project marked the first newly built hotel to operate in South Beach area since 2009. Compared to its competitors, the hotel offers significantly larger rooms that average over 360 square feet.


According to the JMH Development Principal, Jason Halpern, the topping off of the building marked a major milestone in its construction process and signaled the start of a new phase towards its completion and opening.


The Aloft South Beach offers a superior, waterfront positioning with easy access to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast, which surround the property. It is located at the center of South Beach just a block away from the shores of the Miami Beach and minutes from Miami Beach Convention Center, the Bass Museum, several art galleries and numerous restaurants, nightclubs, and boutiques.


Guests who come to this hotel enjoy a roof deck lounge, an outdoor pool, two, 349 square feet flexible conference spaces perfect for both professional and social meetings, and a 24-hour fitness center. Also, the hotel offers live, free entry to the upcoming local artists together with other bands.

About Jason Halpern


As a real estate developer, Jason Halpern is the Principal of his family business, JMH Development. The firm currently has $500 million invested in the New York state projects which include turning a warehouse into a 340 luxury apartment building and development on 184 Kent. JMH is also associated with the Cobble Hill project that saw the addition of 9 luxury townhouses to the entire Brooklyn area.

Through JMH Development, Jason Halpern remains committed to developing new and contemporary buildings both for rental purposes, and commercial business space, across New York.

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