There Are True Creepy Stories That Existed Which Are Too Insane

With scary stories that people read today, there are too many to name. However, people will come across true scary stories which are too disturbing not to mention.

Tim McLean was traveling on a Greyhound bus. He was on his way going to Winnipeg, Canada, when a man named Vince Weiguang Li, now known as Will Baker, sat next to Time, stabbing and brutally decapitated him, eating away his flesh. Several years later, he was freed because he was found not responsible for the signs of a mental disorder.

A man living in Kasuya, Japan kept having his food stolen after hearing strange noises by an unknown person. He set up a surveillance camera to capture the perpetrator. When he played the videotape, thinking it might have been just a wild animal, he saw a homeless woman who would appear every night out of his kitchen cupboard. She was eating his food, and even took a shower. What’s disturbing about this story was that she had apparently been living on the top shelf of the man’s closet without ever knowing about it for one full year.

This frightening true story tells about America’s first famous serial killer, H.H. Holmes. Mr. Holmes built a huge castle in Chicago, Illinois, disguising it as his murder mansion as a lodging for tourists visiting the World’s Fair. He confessed murdering over twenty-seven people and possibly killing as many as two hundred others. Just to break down the remaining evidence, Holmes sold many skeletons of his victims to medical science and he made sure the rest of the bodies would be tossed in acid.

The UnAgency, Nine9

Anthony Toma has been interviewed by IdeaMensch and talks about his start in the talent industry. He first began to think about franchise opportunities, while working in the grocery business. He happened upon a talent agency, which worked with actors and models. Working out of Orlando, Florida, he purchased his first franchise and quickly grew to owning 26 franchises across the United States. When the company went bankrupt, Toma had his own ideas about how the company could be run in order to be successful. So, in 2003 he started Coral Reef Productions, which is now known as Nine9 and read full article.

Nine9 is the UnAgency that helps models, actors, and other talented people find jobs in the entertainment industry. Nine9 represents the 99% of talented people who are not being represented in the industry. They offer them the necessary tools and support they need to go the extra mile working in the industry. Nine9 believes, it takes passion and commitment from everyone involved to be highly successful in the entertainment field. Nine9 also believes in the majority of the people, who work in the entertainment industry, who tend to hear “no” much too often. Many agencies will not work with and develop the majority of the people, and this is where Nine9, the UnAgency, is different.

The staff at Nine9 is a group of high energy people, who respect and treat the people they work with kindly. They use up-to-date technology to book castings and opportunities available, in real time, to the men and women they work with. The opportunities they offer range from TV and commercials, to modeling, runway, music videos, and print work. Nine9 works with industry leaders carefully, so that they partner them with the most qualified individuals needed for their creative endeavor and learn more about Nine9.

Common Forms of Orthopedic Surgeries that Greg Finch Conducts

Orthopedic surgeries are becoming common as more physicians are beginning to realize the effectiveness of the procedure. Since the surgery involves the musculoskeletal system, it only makes sense if the procedure is only used for these conditions.

In the U.S alone, the number of patients that successfully underwent the orthopedic surgery was 3.4 million. This figure shows how popular the orthopedic surgery is becoming. There are many forms of orthopedic procedures but here are the two common procedures carried out today:

Carpal Tunnel Release:

This is a surgical procedure that is used to relief pain on the patient’s palm. There is an open carpal tunnel surgery and endoscopic surgery.

For patients who undergo an open carpal tunnel release, the surgeon makes a small incision at the base of the patient’s palm. This exposes the carpal ligament that is cut, and the skin is stitched.

The endoscopic carpal tunnel release involves the incision of the base of the palm, and a thin tube that has the cutting tool and a camera is inserted. The camera helps the surgeon to have a clear vision of the transverse carpal ligament which is cut. The difference between the two processes is the healing time. Open carpal surgery tends to take longer than endoscopic carpal tunnel release.

Ankle Fracture Repair:

Ankle fracture has become a common case in hospitals. One stands a risk of getting bone fracture through accidents such as twisting ankles or falling. When the doctor analyzes the nature of the damage, he/she might suggest an ankle fracture repair. The procedure involves the use of a plate or a screw to hold the bones together. The healing time might take around 10-12 weeks to walk again completely.

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon in Australia. He has been practicing orthopedic surgery for more than 20 years. His expertise lies in the spine surgery.

Greg Finch is currently working at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Greg Finch has had an opportunity of working on some of the biggest hospitals in Australia. Greg Finch attended the University of Auckland where he graduated with an MBBS degree.


Why Businesses Are Using Social Media to Create More Accurate Customer Profiles

Developing a more complete and accurate picture of their clientele is a concern that no business can afford to overlook. Recent trends, like the numerous high-profile businesses and industry leaders who are turning to social media platforms in order to develop a deeper understanding of their customer or client base highlights the value of social media platforms. Tools and resources that may aid in the process of developing or fine-tuning a customer profile can help to improve relationships, lead to increased opportunity for repeat business or assist organizations who wish to create or maintain a more positive image or brand.


Identifying Shared Habits and Interests


Possessing a more accurate understanding of a customer’s needs may ensure that retailers and service providers will be better equipped to assist their clientele. Customer profiles often play a key role in ensuring that sales and other interactions are able to provide the higher levels of customer satisfaction that may be essential to the long-term success of a business. Plenty of useful insight can be found on social media platforms and businesses that have the means to sift through the data and information that is available are far more likely to uncover underlying patterns or identify emerging consumer trends. Relying solely on customer account information or transaction history during the development of a profile often produces results that may be much less effective.


Understanding the Value of Public Interactions


Creating and maintaining better relationships with customers and clients can be a far more difficult undertaking for businesses that lack the right tools or who may take the wrong approach with their efforts. Interacting with customers through social media sites may allow organizations to take a more active hand in their efforts to craft the right image. Satisfaction surveys, short questionnaires and other opportunities to learn more about their customer base can also be found online. Failing to maintain a social-media presence or overlooking the opportunity to interact with their customers directly could end up costing businesses far more than they might realize.


Unicorn Hair is the Latest Lime Crime Release

Every woman’s dream at least one point in their life is to have bright and bold colored hair whether it be pink, blue, purple, or even green. Anyone who has used Lime Crime’s makeup products in the past knows that bright and bold colors are not new to Lime Crime as the owner and creator Doe Deere has bright and beautiful hair and uses bold makeup. Finally they have released a line of semi-permanent bright and bold hair dye colors called Unicorn Hair. Unicorn Hair can be used for a pop of color in your hair or even used on all of your hair. The company recommends that Unicorn Hair be used in medium blonde hair or lighter, so if you don’t already have blonde hair and want color be prepared to have to bleach or dye your hair to a lighter shade.

The best thing about the shades of Unicorn Hair are that they all go together so you can dye your hair multiple different shades of Unicorn Hair and it will look fantastic. The most unique thing about Unicorn Hair is that like other products made by Lime Crime it is vegan and gives full coverage unlike many other types of hair dye that are filled with unsafe chemicals that will fry your hair and that don’t look even after dying or hide your previous hair color.

If you are going to dye your hair at all you mine as well use a brand of color that is safer and less damaging on your hair. Unicorn Hair comes in gargoyle (grey), sext (mauve), blue smoke (darker blue), bunny (baby pink), chocolate cherry ( burgundy), pony ( violet), dirty mermaid (seafoam green), strawberry jam (darker pink/red), neon peach, anime (cotton candy-like blue), jello (darker green), leeloo (orange), and last but not least salad (a lighter green). If you have considered changing your hair color to a bright and popping color try Unicorn

Using Social Media as a Tool for Boosting Sales

It was recently reported that 78 percent of businesses in America had a dedicated team to market the business on social media. Compared to one year ago, this was an increase from 67 percent. This is an indication that organizations are aware of the role that a social media campaign plays when it comes to engaging and attracting customers. It was also reported by the Webbiquity that 83 percent of customers disliked most of the social media campaigns. For a business to effectively use social media campaign, they should know how to set goals and at the same time know how to achieve these goals. Some of the successful social media campaigns that have been conducted in the recent past include.



Tvibes is a company that specializes in offering television services and recently implemented a successful social media campaign on Facebook. The company is well known for its humble beginning as it was established in the year 2014. TVibes gives its users the power to decide which audiences watch their programs. The main goal of their social media campaign was to create a base of loyal and active users. They had the objective of encouraging their users to use their app to store videos. The founders of the startup decided to use Facebook to accumulate as many users as possible. With a sign-up, it was possible to log in and have a look into their channels. They used a strategy called lookalike audiences where they targeted people depending on the videos they watched. After this campaign, the company realized more than 50 percent sign-ups that were driven by Facebook, a 20 percent increase in engagement rates and an increase in the number of loyal customers by 10 percent.



Glue is another company that recently used social media campaigns to improve its business. To increase the number of apps being installed, the company recently embarked on an Instagram campaign. At the end of the campaign, the company reported 800,000 impressions as well as a 39 percent increase in the number of installations. Other businesses that have recently used social media campaign to boost their business include Dacia, Redbull and Girl Scouts.




Does WEN Cleansing Conditioner Really Work?

If you follow the world of beauty and hair care, you’ve probably by now heard of the concept of the cleansing conditioner. Neither a shampoo nor a conditioner, this product supposedly cleans and moisturizes hair with natural, plant-based ingredients instead of the harsh and aggressive chemicals found in most commercial hair care products.

By far, the most popular cleansing conditioner on the QVC beauty market is the Wen hair 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. Formulated by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, this product claims to take the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler. Plus, it contains only plant-based ingredients like botanical extracts and promises to transform even the driest and most damaged hair after only a few applications.

When Emily McClure found out about Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner, she decided to put it to the test. For years, Emily had been embarrassed by her brittle, dull and lifeless hair. She purchased a bottle of WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner and started a hair diary which can be read here.

Emily committed to using the Chaz Dean product once a day for a week to find out whether or not it really lives up to its claims. To her surprise, after only the first application, her hair was noticeably different. Her hair was softer and shinier and she even noticed an increase in volume.

Each time that Emily used WEN Cleansing Conditioner, her hair improved. In fact, by the end of the week, Emily’s friends were complimenting her on her beautiful, shiny hair. Needless to say, by the end of the seven days, Emily was a believer.

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner so effective is its unique formula. This is one of the few products on the market that truly contains no damaging filler ingredients that turn hair dry and dull. Each time that WEN Cleansing Conditioner is applied, hair receives a boost of nutrients it needs to become healthier than ever. This is one product that really delivers on its promises.

A Social Media Campaign About Feminism

Sometimes what seems like the smallest of moments springs up into a big social media campaign and social media moment. These moments can cause greater social movements in the society as a whole and really turn into something that dramatically impacts the history of the world.


One social media movement detailed by the BBC talks about how one woman started a chain reaction of social media posts about feminism and how women are so frequently lectured by men. The message was spread out with the hashtag “Dear Sister”.


This message was perhaps also more quickly spread as a result of the fact that it got started by a woman of Muslim faith. It was a nice moment to see someone in her position speak out about what she sees as an injustice. In her first tweet that got the ball rolling she talked about how men often think that they can have as many sexual partners as they wish only to eventually insist upon a virgin to settle down with. The double standard is something that made her angry.


It was not long before other women started to post to the “Dear Sister” hashtag talking about the experiences that they had as well. They noted other times in which men have spoken to women from a position of authority and be very demeaning about it. Those men may not even realize that they are being the way that they are being, but it happens every day.


That one tweet on Sunday has now cascaded into 18,000 tweets and stories from other women who have shared their frustrations with the way that some men view women and how they speak to them. Among some of these other frustrations are comments about the makeup the wear, what their purpose in life is, and what their aspirations should be.


The campaign in particular wanted to highlight some issues found with beliefs by some Muslim men. However, these ways of thinking are not exclusive to Muslim men. Rather, many religious groups and even some secular people have this brand of thinking imprinted in their minds as well. At least this Twitter campaign is putting a spotlight on it and perhaps helping to do something to make a change.


Suggestions for Launching a Successful Holiday Social Media Campaign

During the holiday season, corporations and brands try to grab the attention of customers more than other times of the year. That’s why getting the right message across to the right consumers is so important.


Here are a few tips for making sure that your holiday social media campaign is successful.


Showcase Your Best Sellers


List articles and curated content are quite popular these days. People tend to flock to articles that give a “top 10” type of format. Write social media posts and blogs that showcase popular items in your inventory. Consumers generally trust what the masses like, since this is like proof that your company has quality products. You can also use certain platforms like Pinterest to show buyers who are trying to purchase items quickly which products are best for holiday shopping.


Have a Giveaway or Contest


The holidays are a great time to give back, especially since people are consumed with buying more and more gifts and items. Consumers usually love getting something for free, especially if they can use it as a holiday gift.


Give out gift cards to loyal customers or have a contest on your social media page so that consumers can win a significant prize that will keep your company at the forefront of their minds. Items that are “limited edition” are also great for giveaways, and give customers the impression that they have to act fast to get their prize.


Schedule Blog Posts Ahead of Time


Your blog is one of the best places to post content about your business. Write a blog post about the top gift ideas for the season weeks ahead of time, so you can boost traffic to your website and possibly increase sales. Even though there’s no guarantee that your posts will be at the top of the search engines, holiday-themed content that is properly optimized with keywords can help you to get more website visitors.


For more great holiday marketing tips, check out the Huffington Post website.


Avaaaz Strives To Bring Sanity In The World

Have you heard of Avaaaz? Well, it is a US-based civic group that has been supporting global activism for more than ten years. At present, Avaaaz has over forty million members around the world, and it is considered the most powerful online activist network. It focuses on issues that political systems and media downplay. For instance, it has embarked on a mission to ensure respect for human rights, end of poverty, and support peace in war-torn countries. The group has also included the topic of climate change and animal rights in its effort to liberate the world.

The group was co-founded by Res Publica, a group of erudite professionals devoted towards good governance and deliberative democracy. The group settled on the name ‘Avaaaz’ because it means ‘voice’, and it highlights what the group stands for. The group strives to get justice for the oppressed in the society, and it is not afraid to confront the evil in our systems. How does it do it? The group conducts online campaigns and urges its members to sign on petitions that they use to bring change.

The group campaigns are popularized through publications, press releases and sending of thousands of email to its members and interested parties. Some of its popular campaigns are on human rights and animal rights. The group also helps in fundraising campaigns for organizations that need funds to do noble acts. For instance, Avaaaz helped raise money for the Ocean Clean-up Team. The team needed some money to fund an idea that could help get rid of almost half the plastics in the great Pacific.

The group also helps the vulnerable in war-torn countries, and it has played a pivotal role in removal and closure of biased systems. Where does the group get funding from? The group get funds from well-wishers and never accept money from corporates. What’s more? Avaaz releases annual financial reports on their campaigns to ensure transparency.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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