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Securus Technologies To Conduct A National Campaign Advocating For Video Visitation

Over the next Thirty days, Securus Technologies will be spearheading a national campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of video visitation to jails. The company understands the troubles different most of us have to endure in the form of long drives, time waste, and preparation expenses whenever we set on visiting an incarcerated loved one. However, with their remote video visitation services, Securus Technologies seeks to bridge this inconvenience gap by affording North Americans a chance to chat with their loved ones from the comfort of their homes.


Benefits of remote video visitation

First, the video visitation service is convenient and quite inexpensive. For instance, with a reliable home internet connection, the company places the average price estimate per visit at below $3. When compared to the traditional visits, family members can save the upwards of $100 per visit. Additionally, you stand to benefit from more visits and communication options. Unlike the limited traditional methods secures promises more visitations and a more diversified communication methods that can be used to pass on urgent messages such as voice mail message services.


The video visits also ensure we are constantly in touch with our loved ones when we need them most even when it is practically impossible. For instance, instead of driving up to the prison facilities to celebrate the Thanksgiving or Christmas with them, we can cheaply connect with them over the internet. We also don’t have to wait for the next visitation when to consult them on important decisions involving the family such as moving out or how to school their children; we can always schedule an online visit and discuss it all with them.

Securus technology services not only allow us to meet our loved ones when we need them but most importantly allow family continuity. In the company’s words, it seeks to modernize the incarceration experience in a convenient way for both the incarcerated and their loved ones.




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