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Neurocore Reveals the Importance of Sleep for Athletic Performance

News Version recently published the article “Neurocore’s Incredible Gains in Brain Training” by Gemma Cotterell. The article reveals how neuroscience is beginning to improve the mental performance of athletes. Coaches are beginning to focus on the mental aspects of the game as well as the physical. The area of focus is one of the most important ways an athlete can improve his performance. Understanding the importance of the brain and the impact it can have on the physical performance reveals is a necessary skill for modern athletes. They learn how to unlock the information to help improve their concentration, their performance and the control over their bodies. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neuroscience began having an impact on athletics in the mid-1990’s. People saw the damaging effects head-on collisions had on the athletes and began to wonder why. In the late 1990’s, the American Academy of Neurology discovered that repeated head trauma will cause brain damage. There are three different kinds of concussions. The first does not cause the athlete to lose consciousness and will only have symptoms for a quarter of an hour. The second has symptoms that last longer than fifteen minutes. The third has a symptom of a loss of consciousness. They also discovered that NFL players were very prone to experience a number of concussions throughout their career, causing memory issues as well as difficulty with their mental faculties. Read more about Neurocore at

In 2007, they discovered that people who had multiple concussions were more likely to be diagnosed with depression and Alzheimers. Those who had at least one concussion over the course of their career were more likely to suffer severe depression. They also discovered that they were nearly twenty times more likely to suffer from depression than the general population.

Neurocore was developed to help people understand and improve their brain performance. By understanding the benefits of neuroscience, athletes can improve their athletic performance, getting more into the zone during a game. One of the most important things Neurocore has discovered is the importance of restorative sleep. Neurocore reveals that when people do not get enough REM sleep, they will lose concentration easier. Athletes will derail their overall coping skills and prevent athletes from performing well.


Green Structure Homes Owes Its Success To Barbara Stokes

Green Structure Homes was co-founded by Barbara Stokes and her husband Scott Stokes and is primarily focused on construction services during disaster relief projects. Disaster happens all over the country every single year, so there are companies like Green Structure Homes out there that help when problems arise. Every aspect of the company is thoroughly analyzed by Barbara STokes and every job the company takes on is done with the highest standards in place. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Currently, Barbara Stokes acts as Green Structure Homes CEO and manages many of the daily activities that go on at the company. As far as qualifications go, Barbara personally majored in engineering and physics as well as taking pretty much every course that relates to construction in any way while she was at Mercer University.

One of the main reasons Barbara Stokes decided to start up Green Structure Homes is because she wanted to personally play a role in helping others overcome bad situations, which she is able to do all of the time in her current position. On top of being a master in the construction business, Barbara Stokes also has medical skills as well. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes enjoys her work and often times finds herself working late. Despite the constant job and the heavy workload, Barbara Stokes enjoys the constant drive being a successful businesswoman and mother of three little children. When she is not busy with work or planning for the future of the company, Barbara is playing an active role in her community.



Russia Has Mastered The Social Media Landscape For Creating Discord In America

Have you noticed there is a lot more anger and political attacks in America as of late? Doesn’t it seem like we all just cannot get along? This may be due in part to attacks by Russia using our own social media websites against us. Yes, it sounds a little like the plot of a conspiracy movie, but the fact is that this is actually the reality we are all living at this point in time.

Russia has mastered the ways in which to alter conversations in America. They had attempted to do so in the past, but their capabilities were not as strong at that time. They did not have the power of social media at their disposal. Now they do, and the results are nothing short of terrifying.

The ability for Russian agents to log into Facebook or Twitter or any number of other social media websites and create a campaign that distracts the American people so completely as to make all constructive conversations on a topic null and void is incredible.

The Los Angeles Times points out that the Russians have attempted to do things like this in the past, but when they did so, they were using techniques that were simply not up to par for the modern age. They would use tactics such as paying money to authors to put out books that claimed that the FBI and CIA had programmed Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate President Kennedy. While interesting, we now know that they use much more sophisticated tactics in their strategy.

What to do to Prevent Being Hacked

There are so many ways to get hacked today. Hackers can replicate a site you frequent, asking for your username and password, and they collect this data without you ever knowing! I’ve been hacked and had to learn the hard way that Rubica, a personal cyber security company, has the tools you need to prevent ransomware attacks.

If you experience any of the following:

  • your computer acting suddenly slow or crashing
  • notifications about password changes you didn’t make
  • pop up windows from places you haven’t visited
  • emails being sent to a large number of contacts that you didn’t compose

You may have experienced a ransomware attack like I did.

Rubica is the only personal cyber security software that is strong enough to protect large corporations from ransomware but is simple enough for personal use. Your data is monitored in real time to watch the patterns you are making on the internet and prevent hacks from occurring. Rubica runs behind the scenes. This means all you have to do is download the program and let them do the rest for you. Don’t get hacked like it did, take preventative action now!

For more help  Twitter

Matthew Autterson Helps Those Who Are in Pain


In a world that is dominated by technology and major changes that are used to disrupt different industries, it is becoming increasingly important for people to be able to try new things and get more out of the options that they have in medicine. This is something that has allowed people to do more and to try more with the options that they have available to them so that they will be able to make things better for everyone who is in different areas and who is suffering from different problems like pain and illness. Matthew Autterson is someone who is based in Denver and who is leading the way with the innovations that his company has come up with.


CNS Biosciences, the company that Matthew Autterson is the CEO and president of, is a company that works to make sure that they have different treatment options so that people can use them when they are in pain or when they need help with their health issues. It is something that has set CNS Biosciences apart from other companies and has made them among the most respected biomedical companies in the whole country. Matthew Autterson did that so that people would be able to take advantage of the things that he has found in the industry.


While Matthew Autterson has not always worked in medicine, he has done a lot in the past 10 years with CNS Biosciences. He knows a lot about running a company and also knows that doing the right things can make a huge difference for his own company. Matthew Autterson is good at what he does and he tries to make sure that he can help people no matter what problems they have or what ailments they are battling in different situations with their health.


For Matthew Autterson to continue the way that he is doing things, he needs to make sure that he keeps up with the latest trends and technologies. That means that he needs to follow different procedures and learn more about the things that are going on in the medical field. He also has to keep up with technology so that he will be able to help people with the issues that they have in neuropathic medicine for their own health and for their own opportunities to get better from simple treatments provided by his company. Matthew Autterson knows that all of his will contribute to a better healing environment for patients.


Avaaaz Strives To Bring Sanity In The World

Have you heard of Avaaaz? Well, it is a US-based civic group that has been supporting global activism for more than ten years. At present, Avaaaz has over forty million members around the world, and it is considered the most powerful online activist network. It focuses on issues that political systems and media downplay. For instance, it has embarked on a mission to ensure respect for human rights, end of poverty, and support peace in war-torn countries. The group has also included the topic of climate change and animal rights in its effort to liberate the world.

The group was co-founded by Res Publica, a group of erudite professionals devoted towards good governance and deliberative democracy. The group settled on the name ‘Avaaaz’ because it means ‘voice’, and it highlights what the group stands for. The group strives to get justice for the oppressed in the society, and it is not afraid to confront the evil in our systems. How does it do it? The group conducts online campaigns and urges its members to sign on petitions that they use to bring change.

The group campaigns are popularized through publications, press releases and sending of thousands of email to its members and interested parties. Some of its popular campaigns are on human rights and animal rights. The group also helps in fundraising campaigns for organizations that need funds to do noble acts. For instance, Avaaaz helped raise money for the Ocean Clean-up Team. The team needed some money to fund an idea that could help get rid of almost half the plastics in the great Pacific.

The group also helps the vulnerable in war-torn countries, and it has played a pivotal role in removal and closure of biased systems. Where does the group get funding from? The group get funds from well-wishers and never accept money from corporates. What’s more? Avaaz releases annual financial reports on their campaigns to ensure transparency.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

A Few Short Poems That Are Easy And Fun To Memorize


Memorizing short poems and then reciting them out loud can impress our peers or somebody that we are on a date with. The shorter the poem is, the easier it is to memorize. After all, very few people can memorize epics as long as the Iliad or Odyssey which span hundreds of pages. Below are some short poems that can impress your peers or even a date, and that are easy to memorize as well.


A great poem to memorize by heart is called Fire and Ice by Robert Frost. Fire and Ice analyzes life and is about desire and hatred. It can help you heal and can be used in a romantic context as well as a way to help someone let go of the past.  Better than just going down a list of funny cat names your friends have chosen over the years.


Another uplifting poem by Robert Frost that is good to memorize and be able to recite is called the Dust of Snow. It is perfect to recite when you are feeling down or angry. The poem can also be used to try and uplift a person who is going through a bad day.


A good poem to recognize if you are spiritual or are close to nature is called Trees by Joyce Kilmar. Trees has a religious and spiritual message as well as one of beauty and harmony with the environment. It is a good poem to recite when you are thinking about renewal or spirituality.


An inspiring poem to keep in mind when you are taking a risk is called aptly, Risk. It is by Anaïs Nin. The poem can be used to tell yourself that sometimes just beginning a risk may be the most difficult part of trying something new.

Todd Lubar’s Exceptional Career In Finance

Todd Lubar is the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. He is also TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC’s president. Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A in speech communication. He attended The Peddie School located in New Jersey and Sidwell Friends School based in Washington DC. Todd realized early in life that his passion for business was in the finance and real estate industries. The two industries suited his desire to help others.

After graduation, Todd Lubar started working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He served the company between 1995 and 1999. Subsequently, Lubar joined Legacy Financial Group. He helped the Arlington Texas based company to expand its Maryland office. Through his transformative leadership, Lubar helped the production division to achieve an annual loan volume of $100 million. Todd Lubar served in the firm until 2005 when he opted to take a new challenge by joining Charter Funding as the senior vice president. Charter Funding was a unit of Magnus Financial Corporation. He served the firm until 2007 when he deemed it fit to focus on something else.
Lubar decided to return to purchasing money mortgage following the changes that had taken place in the mortgage industry. He started the service with Priority Financial Services. Throughout his career, Lubar has focused on mortgage banking. He has also controlled and owned multiple firms in different industries. These companies have been rendering services in the demolition industry, recycling industry and real estate industry. Todd has also been running a nightclub. For several years, Lubar has been ranked among the 25 leading mortgage originators in the country.
Todd Lubar experience in different industries has resulted in his impressive career. His vast expertise has enabled him to understand the crucial facilities that a business needs to succeed in any surroundings. Additionally, having initiated and sealed over 7000 transactions, Lubar developed the ability of examining any loan situation and making correct decisions based on the market situation.
As the head of TDL Ventures, Todd Lubar is passionate about helping people. It suits his mission of touching the lives of the people that he meets. Currently, he lives in Bethesda Maryland.

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