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New Twitter Policy to Stop Bullying and Self-Harm

Twitter has rolled out a new policy that they have put in place that is designed to make their social media platform safer. They announced in a tweet that “it is against our rules to encourage others to harm themselves.” The site is already equipped with a form that users can fill out to report this type of abuse. The new rule is primarily geared toward two groups of users.
First, while there are many accounts that provide help and advice for sufferers of mental illness, there is also the underbelly of the twitter mental illness realm with accounts that celebrate depression and other conditions including eating disorders. In place of actual support and encouragement to seek treatment, the pages are filled with tweets offering tips on self-mutilation and starvation as well as ways to hide these behaviors from loved ones.
The second group consists of the part of twitter where death threats are a common occurrence and cyber-bullying is the norm. One common tactic of these Twitter trolls is to insult and berate their target, minimizing their sense of self-worth and eventually pushing them into hurting themselves. This scenario recently played out in the case of the performer, August Ames.
Both of these groups target people who are already vulnerable, and Twitter has taken a loud, clear stance against this type of behavior. The company is committed both to locking accounts for violating this rule as well as reaching out to and supporting the victims on the receiving end.

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