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Mike Heiligenstein: The Man Making The CTRMA’s Plans A Reality

The Central Regional Mobile Authority of Texas is an organization that is dedicated to offering some of the best solutions when it comes to improving the transportation system in the state of Texas. The organization mainly helps the city of Austin and has been working towards giving the city a better set of roads. The problem of transportation is one that is extremely prevalent in the city, with numerous related problems to follow. Spending hours and hours in traffic on your daily commute is something most people living in the city are accustomed to. The fact is that when the city was built, the increase in population was not properly accounted for. People from all over the country and outside America as well started pouring into the city, giving rise to numerous problems along the way.



Mike Heiligenstein is one of the prevalent members of the CTRMA and is someone who has widely contributed to its growth and development over the years. The CTRMA is not a governmental body but works hand in hand with the state government to improve the roads and construct new ones for the benefit of the people living in the city. Mike Heiligenstein is an extremely highly regarded individual in the transportation industry, owing to the incredible amount of knowledge he possesses when it comes to this particular field.



Mike Heiligenstein has contributed immensely to the CTRMA from his position of Executive Director of the organization. He is the person who has formulated most of the plans that the company follows and has been part of some of the biggest projects of the CTRMA. One of the projects that Mike Heiligenstein has been part of with the CTRMA was for the construction of toll roads. Since the roads could no longer handle the numerous amount of people traveling every day, the CTRMA saw it best to construct special roads which one would have to pay for to pass through. This gives travelers an alternative in case they want to avoid the traffic at rush hours. Known as the MoPac Express Lanes, it has helped to divide the traffic, preventing people from spending hours stuck behind the wheel.





Mike Heiligenstein believes that the only way to improve the transportation scene in the city is to continuously innovate and use new technology. In the future, the CTRMA plans to update the way the roads in the entire city function, to make it easier to travel.

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