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Social Media Shows a Possible Future for Business

One of the best things about social media is that it allows people to experience a ton of possibilities in their career. While a lot of people can use it for socializing, there are those who want to use social media for starting a business. One of the best aspects of social media is that it can be used for both social and business related activities. A lot of people are becoming famous as they are putting themselves out there. Also, one of the best types of social media campaigns is engaging with the community and then slowly introducing them to a business that is being set up.

Companies like Facebook and Netflix are the future when it comes to entertainment and marketing. For one thing, entertainment has for the most part gone to the internet. Marketing and advertisement can be done at the same level of quality as on television. Therefore, it is more convenient for people to take advantage of the features that are offered by internet and social media.

One group that could be hurt the most from this is the cable and satellite group. Given that it is very possible to bring television to the internet, many companies that offer television services are scrambling to find some kind of way to adapt so that they can continue to provide the services to customers.

Bob Reina Embrace Guest Spot with MarTech Advisor

Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communication solutions company that was established in 2004 by CEO and founder Bob Reina. Reina has been capably guiding the company to prominence and the top of their industry over the past 13 years and his work has made him a key entrepreneur to pay attention to, at least within the field of digital online marketing. Reina’s work has been so successful that he has actually been asked to write columns for a variety of prestigious organizations including the MarTech Advisor and the HuffPost. Today we’ll be looking at his latest contribution to the MarTech Advisor, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017.


To say that Bob Reina is a devout believer in video marketing and the success of digital customer relations would be an understatement. Reina has created a life and career out of following the path that this industry has laid out before him and he was all too excited to write up a column for the MarTech Advisor and their 1 million or so global readers. Reina’s latest work looked closely at the biggest trends in the video marketing field and where they are leading into the future as technology adapts and customers change their habits. Reina said, “I’m glad to share my vision and insight with MarTech Advisor readers.” Reina goes on to implore these readers that the time is now to focus on video marketing in order to make it the focal point of their online growth strategy. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is an award winning company that has had as good of a year as any of late. Talk Fusion was awarded with the Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award by TMC for their work on the Video Chat application. This industry award goes out to those that push the envelope in customer relations while creating something that can impact the industry for years to come. Reina also saw explosive growth from top to bottom within Talk Fusion and that has led him to the prominent role of adviser to the million of readers tuning into these online publications to learn from his work.


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