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Vijay Eswaran: Creating a Business Empire

Building a business empire is a continuous process that involves evolutions from time to time to remain relevant in the market. Vijay Eswaran is a pioneer who has ventured into business and has acquired expertise over the years; making him one of the most prominent business men in Asia.

In addition to his business wits he is also a motivational speaker that is called upon to address people in the various forums so as to steer people towards the given topics.

His success in business speaks volumes making people listen to what he says during the forums. He is also the best-selling author with his latest publication titled ‘’Two Minutes from the Abyss’’ which was published last year. Learn more about Viajay Eswaran:

Through his books he shares knowledge on business concepts that he has gained over time. He is also involved in the education sector with his current position as the chairman of University Council of Quest International University of Perak.

He has also scooped various awards in the course of his business career which are one, the international leader in global business strategies from Global Organization of People from India Origin.

Secondly, he was also awarded the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Lifetime Achievement award for Global entrepreneurship in 2016.

According to QI Group, Vijay Eswaran was awarded Special Award for Education entrepreneurship and Leadership during the 18th Malaysian Education Summit.

His Philanthropic nature is further manifested by his two foundations; Vijayaratnam foundation and RHYTHM foundation that work hard in hand with the non-Governmental organization in the region. They are involved in activities such as youth development, special education, women empowerment and community well-being and development.

The activities ensure a good environment for people in the society by helping the needy. After gaining business insight in America Vijay Eswaran went back to Asia where he established a company by the name Q1 group that engages in various business ventures.

The group participates in business across several sectors such as retail, financial services, and education among others. It is based on three values that ensure business efficiency. One of the values is care that translates into the company considering people as the most valuable asset they have.

The second value is integrity that ensures the company conducts its activities in an ethically acceptable manner. The third principle is service that assures people that the organization will give people the best services available.

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