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Things a Social Media User May Want to Avoid

Social media is basically a free for all in that there are many different types of people talking about different types of topics. However, just because everyone is talking about any type of topic does not mean that it is advisable to talk about certain topics. For people that are looking to build a good image, there are a few topics and activities to avoid.

One type of topic that is best to avoid is sensitive topics, especially with all of the diverse demographics. One of the most common issues in social media is that people are so busy virtue signaling. Also, it is very easy for a post to be taken in a way other than it is intended. An innocent post can be taken as something that is very offensive and with malicious intent. One thing to consider is that some of the offended people are not necessarily offended but are pushing an agenda. They are willing to hurt someone else’s reputation in order to make themselves look good. This can also leave one vulnerable to a hostile environment.

Another thing that people may want to avoid with social media is trying to use it as a dumping ground for advertising, especially if they have a new account or an account with no followers. People are not going to see the post. Therefore, it is pointless to just dump ads.

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