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Looking to Take a Break from Someone’s Social Media Post? Instagram Has You Covered

Instagram is doing something that will potentially save thousands of friendships and relationships. It’s also something that will save a person’s mental health. Instagram has created a mute button. It’s a way for you to continue staying friends with someone but muting what they’re saying and what they post. This mute button is great because a person will never know that they’ve been muted.


Perhaps you’re good friends with someone in real life but you can’t stand what they post on social media. That’s where this mute button comes in handy. According to Buzzfeed, you can avoid seeing posts that you don’t want to see. It lets you browse Instagram at your own pace. If you want to see someone’s posts then you can just head over to their post and browse at your own pace.


This new campaign that Instagram launched is them keeping up with the times. Facebook has already had the unfollow option. Now, that Instagram has it they might keep up with their friendly neck-in-neck competition. This mute button is great for people who love social media but they need a break for their mental health’s sake. When people post on Instagram, they’re typically taking cute photos of things like their children and pets. If you’re someone who might have recently experienced a miscarriage or the death of a pet, then chances are that you don’t want to see that on Instagram. If you’re still friends with the people posting those things then chances are that you don’t want to mute them. This is a happy medium.

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