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Pew Research: Teens Leave Facebook For YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat

The social media landscape is changing, and many will say this comes as no surprise after concerns about how Facebook handles our data and information. The latest Pew Research study indicates that teenagers prefer YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat over Facebook. Surveyed teens are on YouTube by an overwhelming 85%, while 72% of them are on Instagram and 69% on Snapchat, with Facebook trailing at 51% and Twitter bringing up the rear at 32%.

The shift in social media preference reflects a couple of technology changes. Notably, just about everybody carries a smartphone and they’re all capable of recording, transmitting, and playing video. More telling is the fact that lower-income teens are the ones still on Facebook; either they have poor equipment that can’t keep up with modern multimedia machines, or they’re influenced by their parents’ still hanging onto outdated desktops and laptops chugging along.

Another factor to consider is that Millennials are inherently wary of any corporations having too much power over them. Facebook, which has become criticized for its sloppy news handling and is taking steps to prevent it in the future, lost a lot of trust from the Millennial segment. By contrast, platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are built to be peer-to-peer networks, with teens communicating with each other instead of all being handed their information from a news service. It’s harder for a video from your best friend to be “fake news,” and also less convenient for advertisers to haunt your feed.

Look Out Facebook, Here Comes Reddit

Everyone has their favorite website. It’s the first thing they typically log into when they fire up their computer or browse on their phone. For the longest time, Facebook has been number one for many people. That’s because people love to boast about their own lives, share pictures, and read about others. Facebook has always been a source of news as well. It seems that times are changing, however, and Facebook might be slipping. Are as many people using them as their main choice of social media? The answer might be no. Ever since recent scandals and data breaches, Facebook has seen their users slipping.


According to a thread on Reddit, Facebook has been bumped out of the number three spot as the most popular websites in the United States. They’ve lost their spot to Reddit. The top two spots are still Google and Youtube which make sense. People need to get their information from someplace and they need access to videos. Facebook was the top social media website until Reddit came along.


Reddit is considered a form of social media but it’s vastly different from Facebook. Instead of friends connecting, it’s strangers forming friendships. People come together on a thread to talk about a shared interest. Many times, friendship does come from these. They tackle tough topics, they laugh together, and they share their deep thoughts. Reddit, is different, however, in the sense that people can remain anonymous. You never really know for sure who you’re talking on a thread with. It will be interesting to see if Facebook will undergo some changes and revamping to get back that number three spot of most used websites.

Having Fun and Keeping Clean With Social Media Platform

While people use social media with many different intentions, one of the best things to do on social media is have fun and keep clean. One of the reasons that this is advisable is that social media platforms like Twitter are starting to crack down on some of the drama that has been rampant in the communities. Therefore, it is important to keep the offensive language down to a minimum and avoid drama. It doesn’t matter what type of social media campaign one is involved in.


One thing that is important for people to do is be careful when engaging in topics of passion. For instance, if a poster sees a post that offends him, he should avoid engaging the poster and trying to either reason with him or get back at him. All that can happen is that both parties are going to be found guilty of some kind of offense. The most popular posters are going to be those who avoid drama. At the same time, it does not hurt for the poster to stand his ground if someone is going to attack him. However, it is better to keep it fun and avoid getting dragged into something that is dirty. A profile that is filled with drama is going to cause people to back away from engaging in a discussion or a conversation with him.

Different Forms of Social Media and How They Can be Used

Social media is such an interesting invention. One of the most interesting aspects of social media is that there are so many vastly different types of social media. When one breaks it down, social media is the type of platform where people can engage in discussions. Therefore, even forums can be considered social media. One of the best things for people to look at when it comes to social media and how they can each be used.


One of the most common types of social media platforms is the text based platform. This is where people engage in conversations through text. However, users can also add video and images to the discussion to make their point.


Another type is the video based platform. This is where sites like YouTube come in. While people typically go to these types of sites to watch videos, there is also discussion on the topic that is presented in the video.


Another type of social media platform that is considered to be a social media platform is the dating sites. Even though people go to dating sites for the sole purpose of finding a date, it can be considered social media in that people do interact with one another online. For instance, Bumble has been created as a social network for women with extensions created for specific types of people to interact with one another.

Finding the Right Community With a Favorite Social Media Platform

Social media is like a super community filled with plenty of large community within the structure. Therefore, people can find any type of community they want to be involved in. The only thing is that for people who are used to forums, it can be a little tricky. One thing that people need to master is the use of keywords. Once people figure out the keywords they can use, then they will find the topics they want to discuss. As they give their opinions to the community, they will also gain some friends as long as they agree with them.


One of the most thrilling things about being a part of a community is that the user’s following will grow at a quick rate depending on how good he is at engaging the community. If he is active, then not only will he gain followers, but he will also gain prominence with the social media platform. For instance, a person who gets involved with Twitter is going to gain prominence as he engages platform and the different users in his community. He will notice that his posts are going to be featured on the top of the results of a certain keyword. Facebook has a similar setup in which people are going to be awarded for their engagement. Both Twitter and Facebook do everything they can to provide people with an environment that is social and engaging.

Using Multiple Social Media Platforms

Many of the largest businesses use multiple social media platforms. However, many people who try to start a business also use multiple platforms. This might not be the best way to go about things. For one thing, having multiple social media platforms does not guarantee success for the person who is unknown. When one signs up for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and plenty of others, then they still have to decide on what they must do in order to gain a huge following. Fortunately, there is good news for people who have multiple social media accounts. There is a strategy to be successful at social media.

One thing that can be done is getting involved in one of the social media platforms. This is where one can choose the easiest one for him. Then he can engage in the communities on topics that he is very passionate about. As he gains followers, he also gains credibility. Once he gains enough followers, then he can direct them to other social media platforms that he is part of. Then he will gain a ton of followers on his other platforms as well. As a result, he will get a head start at being known across other platforms. For instance, Twitter can carry over to Facebook, and then YouTube. This is one example of being a success across multiple platforms.

Different Formats for Social Media Platforms

One of the most exciting, and at the same time, frustrating things about social media is that there are so many different formats. As a matter of fact, there are so many formats of social media that some social media platforms are surprising for people. For one thing, there are a wide range of different features as it depends on the platform. For instance, one social media platform could be a micro-blogging platform while another social media platform could be a video sharing site. Yet another social media platform could also be a blog host that allows people to monetize their content.

One example of a social media platform is Twitter. It is considered a micro-blogging site in that people are allowed a limit to how many characters they can put in their post. Then there is Tumblr, which has probably started off as a blog host, then evolved into a social media platform. Everyone knows about Facebook which is one of the largest social media platforms because there are hardly any limits. Then another successful platform is YouTube. People get to post videos. At the same time, they get to comment on the videos and share their insights.

These are an example of formats that people can use in order to get connected in the ways they want to connect or become famous for their careers.

Crossing Over Across Social Media Platforms

One thing that can help people achieve their goals for fame or business is if they cross over from one social media platform to another. One example is someone starting off with Twitter and builds a network with the social media platform and then moves it to Facebook, and eventually YouTube. One of the best advantages of crossing over is that it can build a lot of popularity. Another thing is that people are able to enjoy some of the popularity that can transcend social media. This is definitely a lot better than someone sticking to one platform.

However, this is not to say that one is not going to have a favorite platform. For one thing, certain people can find it easier to understand one platform over another when it comes to certain topics. One of the best things for someone to do is start with the simplest platform. After he has built his following, then he can go to the next platform and take some of his followers with him. He could also bring people to his website if applicable.

For people that are starting with Twitter and moving towards YouTube, the best thing is that they can develop the skills needed to handle some equipment and entertain people with it. This can be a great opportunity to make people a part of a journey as they build something worthwhile.

How Social Media Sites Can Improve So That Advertisers Can Feel Comfortable

There is a lot happening with social media in general that is making advertisers want to rethink their association with these platforms. A lot of these advertisers are telling these platforms to reform or lose them. However, it is going to be very challenging for social media platforms to reform the users. For one thing, there is going to be a need for a ton of moderators that can look into the conversations that are being had on these platforms. There are also other ways that social media platforms can improve so that they can keep the advertisers.

One way that social media platforms could improve is by making the boundaries stronger between age groups. For instance, there could be an extension of each social media platform for adults only so that they can handle all of the more mature content that is released. This can not only keep the advertisers who are willing to advertise on the safer parts of the platform but also gain some new supporters that are going to bring about more revenue for the users. There are mature advertisers that would notice these portions of the platform and make deals with the platform as a whole.

One thing that is certain is that this is a crazy time for social media platforms and users alike. People that have managed to gain enough views for advertising benefits are having to look at plan B.

The Climate of Social Media is a Turbulent Climate At The Moment

There has been some controversy being sent through social media. This has caused platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to lose users. However, there is one question that needs to be addressed. It is whether or not social media is bad. There are many people that would say that social media has done certain things in the lives of people that are not that healthy. For one thing, even thought people have access to others throughout the world, they have a harder time forming deeper relationships for two reasons. One reason is that they are so busy communicating with others and building a following. Another reason is that social media has rendered friendships to be disposable.

One thing that is being noticed is that certain people like Keith Weed are saying that people are deciding whether or not to trust social media. He is also saying that people are starting to turn on social media. In order to stop this, he is willing to get social media platforms to increase the amount of work done to provide a healthier and friendlier environment for users so that people will feel more inclined to use this platform.

Among the most recent developments with social media is that some of the more offensive and raunchy channels have had their ad revenue taken down. Many YouTube users that were a little more edgy in their content had to tone it down. A similar thing can happen with other social media platforms.

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