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Deciding On a Social Media During a Time of Change

One thing that people who have been following the news are going to know is that the times are changing for social media platforms. There has been a lot of demands being made to the platforms. Companies have been demanding that the platforms work on dealing with the environment of the platform. There has been a lot of toxic issues on the platforms and companies are deciding on dropping social media platforms that are not doing anything about it. Therefore, it is definitely a time of change for people who are trying to get involved with social media.

One thing that people who are hoping to work with Twitter and Facebook need to understand is that they are going to have to be ready for the upcoming rules of engagement. Therefore, the best thing to do is have some kind of insight of where people are going. This is where it is important for people to make sure that they have some kind of content that is positive. Fortunately, people who are seeking to inspire are going to have a lot of success in the platforms that they are using.

The best news is that it can be very exciting to be positive as it is to be negative. Among the campaigns that people can post is a rags to riches story for people to get behind.

Twitter Cracks Down on Posts That Encourage Self Harm

Social media has turned out to be surprisingly powerful when it comes to helping or harming people. One of the issues that happen on social media and online platforms where people can interact is that some posts are submitted that encourage suicide or self harm. This has inspired social media platforms like Twitter crack down on these posts. One thing that Twitter has encouraged people to do is report any posts that encourage such harmful behavior. One thing that social media is doing is trying to make things safer for people. Another thing that it is trying to do is reduce the occurrences of cyber-bullying.

As more people are getting involved in social media, they are seeing that it can be used for good things such as life improvement. Many people have turned to social media in order to empower others and even help them overcome their struggles whether physical or emotional. Many people are using social media platforms like Twitter in order to go viral. Viral posts can make people profit in any way they choose.

One of the best ways to go viral is by being positive and encouraging others to find positive habits in place of the negative habits. People that encourage others to build from their area in life that they are dissatisfied with are going to go a lot further than people who are oriented towards the negative.

Facebook Talks About Clearing its Ad Metrics

Facebook, one of the social media giants has decided to clear its ad metrics. It has also announced it to the public. One of the reasons that they are doing this is that a lot of advertisers have lost confidence in Facebook. For one thing, it is important for Facebook and the users to have advertisers so that they will be able to make money from their efforts. Without the advertisers, then it will be a lot harder for people to make money from Facebook. This is one of the reasons that Facebook has decided to make changes to not only the way they were running things but also to what they were doing with the advertisers.

One thing that has been revealed is that many advertisers are working with estimates. While estimates hold more value than guesses, they are not the total truth. Advertisers are hoping to know the truth so that they can be certain that they are moving forward int he right direction. One of the best things about accuracy is that it makes things easier in the long run for the company.

Another thing that Facebook is working on is trying to launch something called Measure What Matters. This is where Facebook sends about the measurements of significant actions. The efforts that Facebook is making is building the trust and confidence from advertisers.

Is Russia To Blame For Social Media Bots In Campaigns?

A California Congressman says that you are not craze if you believe that Russia is directly to blame for certain social media campaigns that attempt to influence or disrupt elections in the United States. He points not just to the Presidential election in 2016 but also to many other elections even all the way down to the local level.

Adam Schiff, a California Democrat and member of the House Intelligence Committee, says that the Russians have been playing around in US elections and that that meddling goes all the way up to the top. He insists that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for these attacks. He is also frustrated that nothing has been done by the current administration to put a stop to this.

The primary way that these Russians are impacting social media to divide us? Simple says Schiff. They are setting up “bot” accounts to put out whatever message they believe will best suit their needs for that particular campaign or that particular day. He says that he thinks that this has been extremely effective not only in swinging the results of some elections but also in dividing the country in terms of its political rhetoric.

At the moment it does not appear that any new legislation or changes are coming to the way in which the United States interacts with Russia. Although sanctions were put on Russia following the 2016 election, they have never been enforced by this administration. That is something that is likely to continue into the future.

Cape Town Is Receiving Water Thanks To Social Media Campaign

Cape Town, South Africa has a serious problem. They are very quickly running out of drinkable water for their citizens to use. Without this consistent water supply many will be severely dehydrated and eventually be forced to drink potentially contaminated water that could lead to terrible waterborne diseases rather quickly. While Cape Town is not able to use its own water sources there still is the option of bottled water. And while bottled water is far more expensive than traditional tap water, it is being brought in by the truck load thanks to the generous donations brought on by a social media campaign. Talita van der Heever is a citizen of South Africa, and as soon as she heard about her neighboring city of Cape Town she knew she had to help. A mother herself, she couldn’t imagine other mothers not having water for their children. That’s why she decided to make a video with one simple request: send water. The video spread like wildfire and donations have been received from as far away as the United States. The social media campaign has already garnered donations north of 250,000 liters of water and while this isn’t enough to keep the entire city hydrated for an extended period of time it is certainly a good place to start. To see the original video asking for a donation of water you can click here. Time and time again we are reminded the good that can come out of social media. Social media campaigns have real impacts on people’s lives and continue to improve the world around us day after day.

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