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Would You Pay To Access Facebook?

We’re so used to using WhatsApp and Facebook without any charge that it comes as a shock that the government in Uganda wants to tax users. Anyone who uses a messaging or social media platform, such as Twitter, will pay 200 Ugandan shillings per day, which is the equivalent of about five cents. Mobile money transactions will have a one percent tax as well.

Critics claim the tax is a way of quieting people who criticize the government, especially President Yoweri Museveni, while the finance minister claims that the money will go toward infrastructure updates, which includes making electricity more reliable, and free education and free healthcare.

The tax goes into effect in July, although, there is still no word on how the government will determine who is using social media and who is not on any given day. Reports suggest mobile phone operators will collect the tax. Critics on the social media tax claim that they already pay a tax on their data, so they will be taxed twice for visiting social media sites.

Uganda is not alone in trying to limit social media and private blogs; Tanzania charges online bloggers a license fee. Papua New Guinea plans to shut down citizen’s access to Facebook, in order to see how the population uses the platform. The government has not announced how they plan to study how the citizens use Facebook if Facebook is shut down.

New Campaign Promotes Awareness About Cliffs

The Sussex region of England is known for its picturesque beauty. Its beautiful, white cliffs attract droves of people. This summer, people are expected to come in large groups to visit the cliffs and to see spectacular views of the seas.

This popular and scenic destination has incredible beauty and natural wonder, but it also carries a high risk. The falls from the cliffs are steep and can be life-threatening. Many people have already fallen from the cliffs while taking selfies or posing for photographs.

This danger has led authorities in Sussex to launch a new social media campaign called #BeCliffAware. The cliffs in places such as Sussex are easy to fall off from. Some crags in the area are unstable because they are eroding. This means that they could literally topple beneath you suddenly.

The #BeCliffAware urges people not to get to the very edge of the cliffs. People should remain a safe distance away from the edge. It is not worth risking your life to get a perfect selfie, photograph or landscape photo. Several incidents involving cliff falls is what has lead to the #BeCliffAware in the Sussex area of England.

People are encouraged to walk the trails and visit the cliffs. They must respect nature and the danger of the cliffs, however. Children should be closely monitored. People must also realize that playing by the edge has had deadly consequences. This is why people need to follow the #BeCliffAware campaign. Besides social media, visitors are also being warned by signs throughout Sussex.

New Social Media Campaign Targets European Tourists

The Israeli Tourism Ministry launched an ambitious two-week long social media campaign aimed at European travelers visiting Israel. The campaign began on the 8th of March and concluded on the 22nd of March. It targeted people based in five European countries. They included Poland, Spain, Finland, Sweden, and Germany.

The name of this new social media campaign is called #PopUpOasis. Its goal is to help bring in more European tourists to Israel’s Negev region. This is a primarily desert region located in the southern tip of the country.

This campaign is unique for several reasons. First, it is both an outreach campaign, a competition and a promotional giveaway at the same time. The #PopUpOasis campaign will have one winner from each of the five targeted countries. Each winner will have airfare and accommodations covered for four days and three nights. Also included is one day of “Glamping.” This is a more luxurious form of camping.

The “Glamping” experience will take place in the Ramon Crater. Other activities that winners will experience include hiking, biking, rappelling, and visits to nearby villages and parks. There will also be gourmet meals and various other leisure and sports activities provided.

The #PopUpOasis campaign works in the following way. Contestants are asked to comment on a post made by the Israeli Tourism Ministry. They then have to share that post and describe why they should be selected as a winner to travel to Israel. Currently, the Negev area of Israel receives only about 5% of Israel’s total tourists. The campaign hopes to spur more people to explore this relatively unknown region of the country.

Trending Social Media Campaign to Track Missing Children go Viral

The Hashtag #WhereAreTheChildren became a trend in the United States during this weekend attracting thousands of tweets. It is a campaign for the plight of more than a thousand missing children who were allegedly handed over to caregivers after arriving alone at the border with Mexico. So far, there is no record of these children.


The lack of information on the location of hundreds of undocumented children who came alone to the Mexican border this weekend caused a wave of outrage on social networks, whose users, including celebrities and politicians. The social media campaign spread like a wild fire after reports that indicated that some of the children could have fallen in the hands of drug traffickers.


The campaign asks the US government to locate almost 1,500 underage immigrants who were arrested at the border and then allegedly handed over to caretaker families. However, their whereabouts are now unknown. Initially, the minors were placed in the custody of the authorities and handed to caregiver families after they had crossed the border, alone. Most of them came from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.


According to an official from the Department of Health and Human Services, these children were trying to escape abuse and poverty. Steven Wagner of Children and Families Division told lawmakers that officials discovered that whereabouts of 1,475 children were lost when the Office of Refugee Resettlement made phone calls, in October 2017, to check the condition of these children.


Under a law passed by Congress and enacted by then-President George W. Bush in 2008, migrant minors who are not Mexicans, travelling alone and detained by the Border Patrol, are subject to special treatment.

Popular Types of Social Media Campaigns

People often want to come up with a social media campaign that is going to make waves. In order to manage this, they have to know the types of campaigns that are going to gain popularity. What follows is some of the popular types of social media campaigns.


One type of social media campaign that is popular is one that deals with a sensitive issue. For instance, social media campaigns that deal with oppression and injustice are among the most popular of the social media platforms. Campaigns that deal with problems in society are going to get people to jump on. For one thing, they are going to feel something in their conscience that compels them to get on the campaign.


Another type of campaign is a very comedic video. This can come in the form of something that has not been seen before. There are videos that are amusing, adorable or just outright weird that gets the attention of users. One of the reasons that this is so effective is that it gets people talking about the video.


Among the common themes of campaigns on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter is that it gets people involved in different ways. For instance, a movie studio could get people involved in acting out a scene from the movie that is being promoted like what was done with Black Panther.


Different Aspects That Businesses Use To Target Their Ads

One of the most common buzzwords that are heard when it comes to business and marketing is targeting. This is something that businesses engage in when it comes to advertising their products or services. However, there are all kinds of attitudes towards targeting. One type of attitude that people have towards targeting is that it makes them uncomfortable. However, one of the ways that businesses have to get customers is through advertising. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are advertising to the right audience. One thing that can be said about advertising is that it can be aggravating to the customer who is not interested in the products and services.


One thing that people have a problem when it comes to targeting is the use of sensitive data. This is an issue that businesses have to work with. For one thing, some people are very sensitive about certain types of information that is used. One example of a sensitive area is political affiliation. Politics can get so heated that people need to make sure that they are careful about who they talk to. Another issue that is sensitive is religion.


One thing that can be said about internet marketing with the use of social media is that it is still in the beginning stages and people are still learning about what they can do and where they can reach their intended audience.

Choosing a Campaign for Social Media

For business owners or people that have ambition, there is a need to run a campaign. Choosing a type of campaign can be very challenging. For one thing, people can create campaigns in any form that they choose. This is where research comes in. The best thing to do is find the right campaign that is very catchy. However, one does not have to just settle for one campaign. Many business owners try to use different social media platforms for their campaigns. The trick is knowing how each social media community ticks so that success can be maximized.


For users that are hoping for a successful campaign, one of the best places to start is Twitter. People can create their own hashtag campaign. This one is very effective because people are going be involved in the campaign. They are going to make their own contributions to the campaign. One thing that is certain is that people are going to do more business with the company they are more engaged with. Therefore, encouraging users to participate in what the company is doing is going to influence customers in ways that will get them to interact with the business in other ways.


Another thing that businesses often engage in is targeting their ads for specific customers. They have to reach out to their most loyal customers so that they can make the most profits.

Social Media Campaign Against Palm Oil

Richard Walker is the current head of a United Kingdom-based supermarket chained called Iceland. He is currently facing criticisms from a Malaysian group because of his decision to ban palm oils inside his supermarket chain. According to Richard Walker, there was a social media campaign that was launched against him and his supermarket chain, and videos were uploaded online saying how he messes with Malaysian farmers and business people. The video is telling Richard Walker that he is simply destroying families because of his decision to ban the selling of palm oils. Malaysia is one of the largest producers of palm oil in the world, and it is a big blow to the farmers if Iceland would start banning the product.

Richard Walker defended his decision, stating that he is not really against palm oil and its related products, but he is against the way it is being obtained. According to his data, 8% of global deforestation incident was caused by the planting of palms and the extracting of its oil. He wanted the public to be aware of how these type of oil is being made, to lessen its impact on the environment. The social media campaign against Richard Walker did not succeed, as more people seem to support Richard Walker and his objective of banning palm oil products inside his supermarket. Other people have criticized the Malaysian group because they are not thinking about the environment. Richard Walker even emphasized that he would want to send a clear message to the Malaysian Group who criticizes him: he will never sell palm oil because it destroys the environment.

Instagram Offers Tips To Boost Small Businesses

Social media has become far more than a means to connect with friends. The various mega-popular platforms have become an effective way to share information and build online markets with promoting and advertising options like never before. The two most popular media networks are Facebook and Instagram. Both sites provide users with the opportunity to reach literally millions of people. Recently Instagram used its status in a most advantageous way when it posted a list of detailed, helpful tips to give small business owners some tried and true ideas for growing their business ( Many people look to social media for pointers and advice for creating successful businesses since literally millions of people utilize the sites to share their input, professionals and consumers alike. Instagram shared the following tips that will benefit any small business:

1. Get Other Businesses On Board
Look for other local small businesses that could also benefit from social media promotions and start sharing and cross-promoting with that business. Both of you – as well as your prospective clients – can benefit greatly from sharing information and promoting one another.

2. Get Everyone Involved
Social media platforms mean your page can have hundreds or even thousands of followers. Create polls and ask questions to get feedback from people who have an interest in your product or service. Social media puts your target audience and their input right at your fingertips.

3. Be On The Lookout For Opportunities
Plan your advertising strategies for holidays, events, seasonal activities, etc, and be the first to offer special deals in time for them. By planning ahead and putting your business in the spotlight at the most opportune times, you will make money and get exposure.

Social Media Campaigns Are Both Effectvie And Misunderstood

In the first decade of the 21st-century, advertisers and major corporations made a major investment in social media campaigns with the U.S. and parts of western Europe among the leaders of this marketing drive. Forbes reports the initial drive to create successful social media campaigns led to reports of 1000 percent return on investment for some companies while those of recent years are beginning to challenge the figures as ROI becomes a controversial subject.

The Irish Independent reports a recent conference in London brought together experts in social media marketing from Europe and the U.S. to discuss how best to go about breaking the U.S. market for brands based in Dublin. One of the major problems faced by many Irish companies looking to break into the U.S. and Mexican markets is the ongoing issue of confused stories and campaigns foreign audiences find it difficult to understand.

At the Enterprise Ireland conference, event attendees were given a glimpse into how to turn social media to their advantage by building a demand for their products in the U.S. where around 81 percent of citizens have a social media presence. In many cases, marketing costs can be kept low for advertisers who spend much of their time targeting individuals in the U.S. and other countries where potential customers often find new brands Online. One of the problems for those interested in social media marketing is a lack of statistics and evidence about ROI with these self-reported and open to issues.

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