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“‘Tis the Season” for holiday celebrations, visits from friends, time with family, and the flu. This holiday season is offering all of us an immune system “anti-virus”. If there is one thing that can ruin some holiday cheer it is coming down with the flu. Preventative medicine is the best form of medicine, which is why I gave DHerbs’ Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen after hearing positive things from Yelp reviewers. How did it work?

The Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen is one “thorough” cleansing product. Furthermore, it is really easy on your body and daily routine. I noticed minimal disruptions to my normal daily routine. Unlike other cleanses where I am running to the nearest restroom every two hours. Additionally, I lost 12 lbs.!



After completing the 20 day Anti-Viral Cleanse, I feel amazing. Also, I feel a bit “lighter on my feet”. Not even the “common cold” reared its ugly head this season. Normally, between fall and winter I catch a cold. Not this time winter! For the ladies out there, this product also promotes a healthy pH.



Where did I make such an excellent discovery? I visited the Facebook page, of course. From their page I was able to gather some knowledge, pick up the vibe from a few “feel good” photos, and SHOP! After giving the page a “like”, I was off to browse the inventory. Total body cleanses, herbal supplements, immune system boosters, concentrated antioxidants and more can be found here!

Find your way to all natural health and wellness with DHerbs. Do yourself a favor and visit their Facebook page or website, now, and get their raw food vegan tips on Pinterest!

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