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Democrats Clear Rebuttal To Nunes’ Memo

Among the chaos that is America’s tense political climate truth is getting blurred, justice is getting blurred, but partisanship remains intact.

Following accusations from the Intelligence Committee’s Republican chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes (who alleges that the FBI abused its power and attempted to spy on the US president, Donald Trump), the republicans moved to declassify a memo (written by Nunes) which was meant to serve as a briefing for the American people on the events that had transpired behind the scenes.

Nunes’ memo was declassified and released on Friday, Feb 2.

However, not all members of the US government were happy about this information being shared with the American public. Prior to the release of this memo, Adam Schiff (the Panel’s Senior Democrat Rep.), warned that the intent behind the memo was far from innocent. Schiff warned that the point of the memo was to create a “spin” and serve as a “distraction”. Schiff requested to be able to release a democrat rebuttal to Nunes’ memo.

According to the Washington Post, the House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously to allow schiff to to release the Democrat rebuttle on monday.

Although the USA has seen great economic promise since the election of president
Donald J Trump, the tension and distance between the left and the right continue to grow. Many Americans think this constant fighting is childish and is being done at their expense (literally). When talking to the average American you quickly realize that most of them do not trust the media and are frustrated by the division and constant infighting among our elected officials.

Among America’s tense political climate justice is not assured, neither is truth. However, partisanship thrives.

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