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GoBuyside Is The Recruitment Platform Of The Future

Arjun Kapur founded GoBuyside in 2011. He entered the field of high finance once he acquired his Masters in Business Administration for Stanford. He picked up on the trend regarding the increase in competition and shorter hiring cycle in the industry. The employers and applicants were struggling with the current process. Arjun Kapur decided he would create an avenue to fulfil the human capital required for the finance industry. The result was GoBuyside.

GoBuyside completely reinvented the traditional process used for hiring with a technology enabled platform. The network was created for financial professionals and connected the top talent with employers located all over the world. The search parameters used by GoBuyside enabled professionals to be located and then screened to fill the open positions for their clients. Since the platform was established in 2011 there has been significant growth in the cities and firms represented. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

The process offered by GoBuyside has been extremely successful for both employers and applicants due to the transparency. The platform provides compensation reviews and notifications for available career opportunities. The team at GoBuyside is one of the hardest working in history. Their vetting process is vigorous, only the candidates with top qualifications are selected and the clients are only offered the absolute best. Arjun Kapur has created a knowledgeable team of professional with their level of experience raising them above any of the other recruiting businesses.

Arjun Kapur employs a unique strategy for business growth and feels the primary goal of all businesses should be exceptional client services. The field offers countless options for purchasing goods and services. This mean to attain success the business must place the needs of their clients at the top of their list. The service can just as easily be the reason the business fails as it can ensure success. A partnership with clients can easily lead to the fulfillment of goals and result in capturing a business. This platform represents a centric approach that has changed the way the financial sector handles human capital. Visit to know more.

Arjun Kapur implements his ideas by focusing on the potential opportunities. He carefully considers and researches all opportunities to decide if it is a workable service or product. He examines the sales and development to ensure an excellent execution process is possible. He learns from potential customers and only invests in an idea if it makes sense. He is passionate about artificial intelligence and believes the technology will continue to gain in momentum and opportunities with more research and development.

Artificial intelligence has already impacted his field due to the published information available on the internet and the ability to create a complete and accurate view of the applicants. This has enabled much better matches to be created between the employers and the applicants. GoBuyside provides applicants who are able to fill the positions of different organizations and environments with knowledge and experience. Arjun Kapur is already planning to have GoBuyside be the leader in artificial intelligence technology in the future.

GoBuyside is already starting to take the position of being the recruitment platform for a multitude of businesses on the globe. GoBuyside remains on the cutting edge of their sector.


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