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There Are True Creepy Stories That Existed Which Are Too Insane

With scary stories that people read today, there are too many to name. However, people will come across true scary stories which are too disturbing not to mention.

Tim McLean was traveling on a Greyhound bus. He was on his way going to Winnipeg, Canada, when a man named Vince Weiguang Li, now known as Will Baker, sat next to Time, stabbing and brutally decapitated him, eating away his flesh. Several years later, he was freed because he was found not responsible for the signs of a mental disorder.

A man living in Kasuya, Japan kept having his food stolen after hearing strange noises by an unknown person. He set up a surveillance camera to capture the perpetrator. When he played the videotape, thinking it might have been just a wild animal, he saw a homeless woman who would appear every night out of his kitchen cupboard. She was eating his food, and even took a shower. What’s disturbing about this story was that she had apparently been living on the top shelf of the man’s closet without ever knowing about it for one full year.

This frightening true story tells about America’s first famous serial killer, H.H. Holmes. Mr. Holmes built a huge castle in Chicago, Illinois, disguising it as his murder mansion as a lodging for tourists visiting the World’s Fair. He confessed murdering over twenty-seven people and possibly killing as many as two hundred others. Just to break down the remaining evidence, Holmes sold many skeletons of his victims to medical science and he made sure the rest of the bodies would be tossed in acid.

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