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Nick Vertucci, Teaches Thriving Real Estate Strategies

Nick Vertucci experienced a dramatic change is his fortunes after initial success selling computer parts. At a time, the budding entrepreneur saw his dreams suddenly crash with the internet crisis of 2000. He nearly lost everything, after working so hard for a very long time. Then on a whim, he attended a weekend real estate seminar. The friend that invited him, underscored that it wouldn’t be a waste of time. From there, Nick dedicated himself to real estate and later became very wealthy. Once he had reached millionaire status, the idea to help others achieve the same level of success overtook him. As a result, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was formed.


After living through how difficult it can be to get started in real estate, the academy teaches everyday individuals how to create a consistent stream of income with Nick’s patented system called, “Fortunes in Flipping.” The academy takes students through hands-on learning, information is packaged for easy understanding and quick comprehension. Nick and his staff cover topics such as, asset protection, IRA and 401K investing, wholesale flipping contracts, and commercial investments and how to create long term cash flow by rehabbing and flipping houses. The entire system is based on Nick’s extensive experiences in real estate.


One of the most interesting facts about Nick Vertucci is that he didn’t have a real estate background and he wasn’t from a rich family. Everything he teaches at his real estate academy comes from real life experiences. From his early losses selling computer parts, Nick Vertucci learned that he could live through anything and not lose his “entrepreneurial spirit.” His students get to learn from one of the best examples of personal transformation. Because with the dotcom crash, he lost everything of value, except his residential home. But, he took a chance on real estate without knowing anything about the industry.


Now, Nick Vertucci takes what he learned from his own successful real estate ventures and teaches these techniques to students of his real estate academy. For most people the best part is that they get to learn from someone who has actually succeeded in the industry. Initially, Nick didn’t have a real estate license, just took the time to attend a seminar. His influences are evident by the number of private lenders and community investors who have partnered with him to provide funding.

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