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Items to consider when waging on a NBA game

There are many statistics one will want to pay attention to when determining the team to lay a wager on in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Of note, pay extra attention to how the team defends, expected pace of the game, recent trends to follow, and the team’s recent schedule. There are teams that defend a certain position poorly while others teams defend it well. For example, through a month and one half of the 2016-17 season, the Brooklyn Nets do not defend any position on the floor well whether that is at point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward or at center. So if one is placing a wager on the point total to go over in a given night, the chances are good that at any position that the Nets opposition will have a good chance at exceeding the line total set.

Knowing the expected pace of the game is a determining factor when wagering at Some teams use the shot clock more so than teams that attempt to run in transition at every available chance. For example, the Golden State Warriors are known to transition from rebounding the ball to quickly moving to the offensive end for a quick shot. Conversely, the Memphis Grizzlies use a slower pace including using up most of the shot clock prior to putting up a shot. Search for value bets meaning that some NBA odds posted are considered a weaker line, namely when there are 10 plus games in a night. Search to find an opportunity to take advantage. For instance, although Memphis plays at a much slower pace, if they are playing in back to back nights one may find an opportunity to wager over the line since fatigue may be a factor in their attempt to defend. This is especially true when a team has been on the road for a long period of time.

Follow NBA odds trends that makes available to the general public. Yet understand that trends are data from past games and many things change from day to day including injuries to players that contributed to the prior trend. Pay particular attention to lines that suddenly move to one team that had been favorable to the other team. Those that wager for a living are providing one the chance to take advantage of information which may not be available to the public as of yet. In the end, stay disciplined by setting a percentage of your budget to wager on that one has a comfort level with daily.

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