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Dick DeVos proves as talented at philanthropy as he is at business

The 2006 Michigan gubernatorial race made Dick DeVos a household name, throughout the state of Michigan and across the country. As a lifelong supporter of the Michigan Republican party, DeVos has long been associated in most people’s minds with politics. However, his long and successful career has had very little to do with political life. Most of DeVos’ accomplishments have come in the form of business pursuits and philanthropy.


Born into the DeVos family and the son of Rich DeVos, the billionaire cofounder of Amway, Dick DeVos was seemingly destined to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a successful businessman. From the time he was a teenager, DeVos began working in the family business in various capacities. By the time he had graduated, with a business degree from Northwood University, he was ready to take on his first real managerial roles in the company. He worked his way up the ranks throughout the 1980s, proving that he had the leadership skills and talent to manage a large firm.


By the early 1990s, DeVos was vying for the top spot at Amway. In 1992, he was appointed president of the company. At that time, and we would struggling with slumping sales in North America and had not made great head roads into foreign markets. DeVos instantly saw East Asia as a gigantic, untapped market that the company could potentially use to dramatically expand its business. He aggressively went after Northeast Asian and South Asian markets, taking big risks in the hopes of big rewards. This strategy paid off handsomely, as Amway became the single largest global direct marketing company. Because of this move, Dick DeVos is often credited as having saved the company. The decline in sales, prior to his takeover of the firm, would have resulted in the company’s eventual bankruptcy, should they have continued on the same trend line.


But DeVos wasn’t through with making innovative and highly productive changes to the firm that his father had founded. In the mid-90s, he saw the enormous opportunities that were presented by internet marketing. He began moving the family’s firm over to a primarily web-based distribution model, where extensive automation of order fulfillment, logistics and recruitment could result in gigantic efficiencies and huge savings to the company. This was also a tremendous success. By the early 2000s, Amway was running one of the largest internet-based shopping businesses in the world. To this day, the Amway internet interface is one of the highest volume internet shopping sites in the world, competing with the likes of Amazon and eBay and terms of raw traffic.

Anthony Petrello Provides Nabors Industries With The Leadership Style Needed By An Oil And Gas Giant

Many individuals grow curious: What does it take to head up a major, eminent oil and gas company such as Nabors Industries, Ltd? The company found its answer when it selected its decisive leader: Tony Petrello.

Tony Petrello is firmly grounded academically. He received two mathematical degrees from Yale University. He went on to attain a J.D. from Harvard Law School. A law school education, truly teaches an individual to develop leadership skills.

Tony Petrello launched a successful career at the prestigious firm of Baker McKenzie. He became the international firm’s Managing Partner. In this capacity, he served the needs of the firm, much, in the same manner that a CEO serves the needs of a corporation.

He left Baker McKenzie, when his field of vision changed. He took on a leadership role at Nabors Industries, Ltd. He eventually became the firm’s CEO, President and Chairman of the Board.

The firm has an impressive history. It is one of the foremost services and providers of well-digging equipment the world over. Tony Petrello oversees many areas of the company. He is a strategist.

It is important that Tony Petrello delivers a quality product or service. The oil and gas industry is highly competitive.

In order to provide the client with the best price for the service, he works in collaboration with other significant companies, within the industry. By doing so, he is able to provide the client with the highest level of service, for the price.

When Anthony Petrello leverages operations, he assures the other firm provides certain services, unique to it; and that Nabors makes use of services and equipment that are compatible with the other company, as well as required by the client. It is this coupling of services: that keeps the prices reasonable; however, the efficiencies exceedingly favorable.

Tony Petrello is a very unique and well-recognized leader in the oil and gas industry. His leadership style is certain to lead Nabors Industries, Ltd., well into the 21st century and beyond.

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George Soros: Work History and Philanthropy

If one checks Forbes’s list of richest people in the US, the nineteenth spot belongs to George Soros whose net worth is over twenty-five billion dollars. He graduated from London School of Economics. He now lives in New York. Soros wants to invest millions of dollars in companies which would be founded by refugees and immigrants arriving in Europe. A group named Super PAC that is mobilizing Hispanic voters got three million from Soros. The early life of George Soros was full of miseries. His native country Hungary was occupied by a Nazi dictatorship. He managed to flee to the United Kingdom where he got admission in London School of Economics. After that, he immigrated to the United States and started working on Wall Street. George Soros created a hedge fund in 1969 with twelve million dollars. The fund was given the new name of Quantum Fund after some years.

George Soros became a Philanthropist in 1979 when he founded the first Open Society Foundation in 1984 in his native country. He wanted to establish a vibrant and tolerant democracy in Hungary where people could question their government. It was 1987 when Soros opened the Moscow Office of his foundation. Several groups on and causes were donated a huge amount by him. His spending increased up to three-hundred million dollars between 1987 and 1992. It was a time when Soros opened many offices of his foundation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Many politicians were interested to see him due to his wealth. Now Open Society Foundations are working in over seventy countries. In 1993, Soros created the Open Society Institute. The majority of the funds of Open Society Foundations are given to groups and causes in the US although the foundations are operating in many other countries. George Soros explained the meaning of “open society” in his book named Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism. According to him, open society is about freedom, democracy, the rule of law, human rights, social justice, and social responsibility. This was reported on Investopedia.

George Soros has made Aryeh Neier the President of Soros Foundation Network and Open Society Foundations. Neier is given the task to promote the agenda of foundations all over the world. During the 1960s, Neier founded SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) which was the most influential and largest radical group of that time. The aim of SDS was to start a Marxist government in the US after overthrowing the democratic institutions. Human Rights Watch and American Civil Liberties Union are working on Soros’s agenda for a good amount of time. ACLU opposed the US Government’s post 9/11 security measures. The Union on Forbes declared them very harsh and discriminatory against Muslims. George Soros donated nine million dollars to the Union as grants. ACLU sued the US Government for locating, monitoring and apprehending terrorists.

Jason Hope and His Philanthropy in Arizona

Entrepreneur Jason HopeJason Hope has been a wonderful entrepreneur located in the Scottsdale, Arizona area for quite some time and has truly taken it upon himself to work diligently in the technology and investment field. His work in this particular field has allowed him to grow as an individual and give back to the community in a way that he has never been able to do before. He has worked on a variety of different projects that involve both technology and medicine work allowing people to have better lives who are living in Arizona around him.

One thing you will find about Jason Hope is that he is very well-rounded when it comes to his philanthropy and education. He truly takes it upon himself to be a wonderful contributor to the environment and all that is around him. He also works with a variety of different technology projects that you will find to be incredibly beneficial in your own life because of the fact that this is enabling him to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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This amazing entrepreneur and philanthropist can be found on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook so that you can keep up with what he is doing at the current moment and any upcoming projects that might interest you as well. Jason hope is incredibly well-rounded when it comes to technology investment because of the fact that he has an eye for projects that are truly going to work. You can even follow or like his multitude of social media pages to learn more about the work that is going to be happening in the future and other things that might interest you as someone who is following Jason Hope in general.

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Jason Hope is also very well educated when it comes to Investments and philanthropy that involves the technology industry. You will be amazed at how much education this man has when it comes to the type of work that he is able to do and this is why so many people have chosen to make use of his Services each and every day. You could even visit his website and put in for an investment option that you think he might be able to get into for his own benefit and to see something be invested into in the local area. Jason Hope is a professional who truly takes his career seriously and is there to help and contribute to his local community.

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