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Organo Gold is a Leader in the Direct Sales Industry

Organo Gold, a company founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in coffee and tea, as well as other products. After working for several companies, he decided to take a walk down the entrepreneurial path and founded his own company. The products contain Ganoderma lucidum from the lingzhi mushroom. The genus of polypore mushrooms are found on logs worldwide and highly regarded in China and other Asian countries. Chua was aware of this product thanks to his Chinese heritage and was one of the first to successfully market the herb with great success.

The company, based in Canada, is a worldwide direct sales entity that provides employment opportunities for individuals that want to start their own company. The Distributors provide products and automated shipping options, as well as discount sales through preferred customer programs. Organo Gold offers training and generous compensation plans to Distributors who want to build a business or just earn additional income. It is important to Chua to help others achieve their financial dreams and make a better life for themselves and saw direct sales as the best vehicle to achieve that. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Organo Gold has more than one million Distributors in more than 50 countries. The company continues to focus on methods and strategies that will keep them on the forefront of the industry and ahead of the competition and one of the main reasons Organo Gold continues to grow. Organo Gold established a collaborative with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. The authored and distribute a book entitled “Think and Grow Rich” that has helped millions of individuals become fulltime and successful entrepreneurs.

Organo Gold works on a very basic principal and that is of allegiance and loyalty. Chua considers the Distributors to be family and families support each other and in this case, they support each other all the way to the top. By supporting each other and working together, they will all be successful. Working together and supporting each other will help everyone achieve whatever level of financial success they wish. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The company not only offers coffee and tea, but a variety of other products as well, including body management products and personal care products. One of the training tools used by the Distributors is to educate customers about the products they sell and build trust and confidence with the customers. That strategy will lead to more sales and repeat customers.


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