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A Mobile Revolution from FreedomPop

Emily Guy Birken, in her FreedomPop review, attempts to demystify for us the service that this company is bringing us. For most of the services we have to come to depend on, there are very few that we would expect to be able to obtain for free, and one that is probably very near the top of that list, would be mobile and internet services, but that is exactly what FreedomPop offers. Although their most popular plan is $20 a month, the option to have a truly free mobile services is available, and could easily be considered revolutionary. Whether you bring your own device, or purchase one from their website, the are many options offered that would allow users to enjoy a very enjoyable mobile experience.

FreedomPop also offers internet service, using hotspots and MiFi devices, although these are fairly limited in terms of data usages, with plans for 500MB but only on 4G, for free, to 2GB on 3G/4G for $20 a month. Both the internet services, and the mobile services come with a “top-up” feature that must be manually disable if the user does not wish to use it. This feature allows for the automatic addition of data when approaching the limit of the plan currently being used.

FreedomPop is, for the moment, limited to the Sprint network, because of certain deals that the company has with the carrier, but there are plans to bring affordable mobile services to the rest of the population. One such plan takes advantages of the millions of hotspots around the U.S., especially in big metropolitan areas, to allow those who have phones they would like to keep, but are sadly not on the Sprint network, to instead connect through WiFi, and be able to use their phones as they would if their were connected to their network.

The company is even extending its business in Europe, with deals with carriers starting in the UK. For now, the free services offers 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200MB of data, which is equivalent to the cheapest plan currently offered by the local carriers. There are plans to also offer free international calling in over 60 countries, and to eventually bring the service to even more countries in Europe.


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