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Susan McGalla – Sharing her Experiences to Help Women Achieve Success in the Corporate Sector

Susan McGalla has had a very successful run in the corporate sector that has helped her gain considerable popularity as a marketing and branding professional. Over the years, she has held top spots at some of the major companies in the United States and served as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc and President of American Outfitters Inc. Under her leadership, the companies she worked for achieved great heights of success and also helped her achieve considerable success on the personal front. It is what triggered her to start her consulting firm by the name of P4 Executive Consulting Inc. It is a company that offers image marketing and branding services to middle marketing corporations and large scale businesses to improve their PR and image in the market.

Apart from being a successful professional, Susan McGalla is also known to being a motivational speaker, primarily focusing on women empowerment. She has a lot of advice to give to women, and in a recent interview, Susan spoke about the three things that women must not lose their focus on. Susan McGalla said that it is of utmost importance for women to ensure that they study with determination and sincerity and get good grades, and continue the same success in their higher education. Susan McGalla also said that it is important for the women to keep their finance in order so that they can finance their higher education without any difficulties. Most of the women have to let go of their dreams of pursuing higher education due to the expensive nature of it. However, with proper planning, Susan McGalla says, it is very much possible, and the key to it is to start arranging finance early.

Susan McGalla says that good education would guarantee a place in the corporate world sooner or later, and once you are there, it is important to build a support system around you. It is what would help you face the challenges in a very positive manner and not get broken down or discouraged. Susan McGalla says that it is important for the women to focus on their performance and not get entwined in the politics at workplace.

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