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Following Her Heart

Follow your heart and trust your gut. This is exactly how Doe Deere created her own business, Lime Crime, and continues to run it.

This 35 year old “Queen of Unicorns” was born in Russia and lived there until she was 17. Even then she had an entrepreneurial bent selling temporary tattoos at age 13. Deare states the tattoos were a novelty then but because she liked them, and thought they were fun, she wore them. By following her heart she was able to convince others of their coolness and was able to sell the tattoos to her classmates.

She states that she doesn’t think she “dreamed big” as a child yet had always been imaginative and had a sense of entrepreneurship from a young age. Her biggest dream was to become a musician. At 17 she moved to New York City and started her career as a songwriter with a band. She believes that experience assisted her learning about a career, marketing, and the value of appreciating the people who come out to events.

It was during this time that Doe truly began turning her interest more to make-up, stating that she “always gravitated” toward bright and unusual colors. In 2008 the natural look was still front and center and the intense colors that Doe loved were not to be found. She strongly feels that make-up provides women the freedom to be who they are, to express themselves without judgement. Taking her own advice to “go where she loved”, she began making her own make-up, bright, intense, rainbow-hued colors that she found also appealed to many other girls. Thus Lime Crime was born.

As an artist she patiently waits for inspiration for her make-up line to strike. Deare is true to herself in running this cosmetics business stating she must “live it and feel it” prior to any ideas go into production. In this manner she maintains Lime Crime’s authenticity. An added benefit to many is that this line of cosmetics and hair color are not tested on animals and, in fact, are vegan.

Driven by a sense of what was right for her, a passion for color and fashion, treating her employees with love and respect, and relying on her “gut feelings” to guide her, Doe Deere has created a dream.


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