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Social Media Postings Continue to have Consequences for Logan Paul

As reported this week, YouTube artist Logan Paul has once again found himself in hot water over social media postings. Celebrating his birthday at Yosemite, Logan Paul violated park rules, cited for “Illegal Operation.” Yosemite National Park is a top California tourist destination and during high traffic, peak visitor times, reservations for camp sites and hotel rooms must be made in advance.

Logan and friends visited Yosemite National Park but they had failed to make reservations for a campsite prior to coming. When they could not find a space, they took the school bus they drove in and created a campsite on the top. Park Rangers cited Logan and friends, as they were not in a regulated campsite. Fans of Logan Paul’s, in the park, offered their campsites so he could continue his birthday celebration. However, even after he moved to a permitted camping area, trouble followed. He and his friends had too great of a time and other campers complained of the noise. Following the noise complaint, Logan and his friends were escorted out of the park.

Logan Paul is a popular YouTube star who continues to face public criticism after uploading a video, earlier this year, of finding the body of a man who had committed suicide in Japan’s “suicide forest.” Paul has uploaded suicide prevention videos and continues his chronicling of his life on YouTube.

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