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John Cleese Joins the DCEU?

People are speculating that actor John Cleese may be joining the DC Extended Universe.


In a tweet released before a Worchester, MA show, Cleese included a picture of himself. On his desk one can spot three comic books: the Justice League: Origin compilation (which describes the group’s founding in the current continuity), Batman Noir: The Black Mirror and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. The latter in particular heavily informed the franchise’s second film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Cleese is a comedian, best known for his work in Monty Python’s Flying Circus and the TV show Fawtly Towers. This makes him a somewhat odd fit for the DC Extended Universe, which has been noted as very dark and gritty. Then again, perhaps that’s the point: many would-be fans describe the films as too bleak and joyless, and Warner Bros., which owns the franchise, has been working hard to convince them that the upcoming movies will be more lighthearted in tone. Perhaps snagging Cleese would play into that plan?


All of this is speculation as of now; perhaps Cleese just likes comic books. If he is joining the franchise, we have no idea what character he might play.


Other notable film roles of Cleese include the ghost “Nearly-Headless” Nick in the first two Harry Potter films, Princess Fiona’s father Harold in the Shrek franchise and the scientist Q in James Bond.


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