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The Equities First Holdings, Good For Business.

Since 2002, all of the branches that Equities First Holdings has across the world, and especially in Australia have been growing. The growth, attributed to the company’s track record of helping improve the financial situation of its clientele, caused the need for the relocation of the Melbourne- based to Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. The previous location could no longer contain the growth of the financial service company and had to get a location which could hold the existing company personnel and customer traffic while allowing ample space for expansion.

The Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd’s Managing Director, speaking for the regional office, explained that the move, necessitated by the need for room for expansion, had also solved an operational that the company had been facing. The location that they were moving out of had not been as centrally placed in Melbourne as the one to which they were moving. Mitchell Hopwood, the managing director, said that one of the little-emphasized prospects of the relocation included an increased level of continence for customers as well as the staff in their official operations.

The address of the new location is Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 and is meant to act as the regional address. The move also resulted in the migration of the business telephone line to +61 3 8688 7191.Equities First Holdings, LLC that seeks to provide alternative lending services to its clientele. The lending services are meant to boost a client’s investments if they plan to buy publicly traded stocks and bonds. Equities First Holdings, LLC evaluates the future performance of the stocks, treasuries or bonds that a client wishes to take their loans against in contrast to the risks involved. Already, it has done over 650 transactions that have resulted in happy customers obtaining high-value loans from Equities First Holdings, LLC at fixed low-interest rates.

Developing Financial Solutions For The Society

Many institutions that offer financial aid for the different people and companies in the society do not offer tailor made products. This makes some of the companies and individuals with financial constraints to lack solutions. Madison Street Capital is offering solutions for all people in the society. Madison Street Capital offers solutions for both the small and big firms. Madison Street Capital enables everyone to have access to the solutions towards financial independence. This will enable the people to benefit from the different financial independence solutions and create a society free from poverty.


Madison Street Capital seeks to find financial opportunities for its clients regarding their financial capacity. They invest heavily in customer service because they believe that all customers have an impact on the company. They advise their customers about financial opportunities. They do it online and offline. This enables the company to attract a huge market and develop a pool of products. This makes their products to attract different clients because their products are for everyone in the society. Madison Street Capital recently enabled the survival of a small company that was going bankrupt. This made their clients believe that everyone is equal in the enterprise. This was a source of a positive image of the company. Madison Street Capital reputation is maintained through developing solutions for everyone in the society.


Companies should endeavor to create solutions for most people in the society. This will facilitate more people to be rich and insulate them from poverty. It will also enable people to understand the dynamics towards financial freedom. This will facilitate people to understand the importance of financial freedom. This will allow more people to access opportunities towards financial freedom. Companies will achieve financial freedom, and this will encourage more people to develop companies. They will improve the economy of the particular nations.


Companies should develop a solution for everybody towards financial independence. This will create an opportunity for people to access financial independence opportunities. The creation of financial development opportunities will encourage people to create their businesses since they are assured of financial development. This will develop the people and also the society as a whole. People will be open-minded towards financial freedom. The society will have many opportunities to be exploited. Financial freedom will be achieved for everyone. Madison Street Capital has been a role model to many financial institutions in the world.


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Lenders Beginning to Use Stock As Collateral for Loans, says Equities First Holdings

In the current financial climate, banks are less and less likely to give loans easily, with high rates and requirements. For people who need capital and fast, there have been many methods in which to get a loan. Equities First lending is gaining popularity in recent years as an option for those who need capital and pronto.

According to Al Christy, Jr, Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings, loans collateralized by stocks is a unique alternative for many in the current day. During a typical three year loan term, using stocks as collateral works, because during a down market the borrower is lowering his investment risk. On top of this, says Christy, this loan allows the borrower to walk away at any time, despite depreciation, keeping the initial loan proceeds.

Stock based loans generally have a three to four percent interest rate and 50-75% loan-to-value ratios. These kinds of loans have no restriction, so they can be used for any purpose.

Stock-based loans have been historically ignored as a viable borrowing option largely because a number of unscrupulous lenders have unceremoniously dumped borrowers’ collateral into the open market, failed to return stocks upon transaction maturity, or failed to address other concerns,” said Christy.

Equities First Holdings primarily provides clients with alternative financing solutions and has completed over 650 transactions worth almost $1.5 billion to date. They have offices in nine countries, including the UK, China and Australia. Alternative loans like those they specialize in are especially beneficial for a company or individual who seeks to look outside the box to gain capital and contact this company.

Equities First Holdings South Africa is Your Solution for Stock-Based Loans

Your business deserves to grow. Are you in need of quick access to funds for use in your business? Then the stock-based loans are your best option. Your business might have assets yet lacks some much-needed cash to remain afloat. You cannot watch your business go down yet Equities First Holdings is waiting for you to offer financial solutions. The company encourages its customers to use stock as collateral for their loans, helping them to secure some amount of working capital. The main idea is to ensure that your business still operates normally even when it is in a financial crisis.

Equities First Holdings seeks to offer your business an alternative financial solution. It is specialized in issuing loans whose collateral is the business stocks. Does your business require fast working capital? Equities First Holdings will sort your business financial problems in no time, and save you the stress of having to seek funds elsewhere. This way, your business will continue running without any disruptions. The company has a set of experienced staff and is the best financial solutions provider for you. It has operated for more than a decade, and best understands your business needs when it comes to loans. It gives you all the reasons for choosing its financial offers the next time.

During the harsh economic times, Equities First Holdings South Africa continues to attract more customers. This is because credit-based solution providers tightened their lending terms. This increased the demand for more accessible stock-based loans that Equities First Holdings has specialized in for all these years. Are you in need of non-purpose capital? Then Equities First should be the first thought in your mind. Many banks have reduced their lending criterion, hence making stock-based loans the next best option. Make Equities First Holdings South Africa your financial solution provider and enjoy financial freedom and business success like never before.

Capital Group Experiencing Growth After Implementing Leadership Transition Plan

Timothy Armour, a Los Angeles-based executive, obtained his degree in economics at Middlebury College. He began his career at Capital Group as an associate volunteer. Armour is the CEO and chairman of Capital Group. Armour was appointed Chairman by Capital Group’s board of directors.

This high-status appointment materialized after the death of former Capital Group Chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Following his appointment, Armour vowed to continue working with Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo in managing the company. Armour still heads Capital Research and Management Company, a division of Capital Group. Additionally, he is a seasoned portfolio manager with over three decades of investment experience.

Since his appointment, Timothy Armour has promoted the company’s expansion by facilitating Capital Group’s merger with Samsung Asset Management, a Korean-based company. The purpose of the collaboration is to create unique investment strategies and retirement solutions for Korean nationals. Capital Group has since assisted Seoul Group, a subsidiary of Samsung Asset Management, in the management of hedge funds. According to Armour, this partnership is a win for both companies, as they will all benefit financially and in the expansion of their businesses.

Janet Yang’s Congratulates Tim Armour Impressive Record of Achievement

In a 2015 article, Janet named Armour and his colleagues as key drivers of Capital Group’s success and expansion plan. She also said that Armour has the right qualifications for steering the business in the right direction. Janet termed Capital Group as one of oldest successful companies with trillion worth of assets and over 7000 employees.

According to Janet, Capital Group has managed to withstand challenges and survive tough economic challenges due to its capability to respond to changes promptly. For instance, in 2015, the company made changes to its fund lineup by increasing employee’s retirement fund.

Armour’s Thoughts Concerning Market Selloffs

Following the decline of Chinese stocks, Armour and his colleague Rob Lovelace came out to analyze the inflation status. According to Timothy Armour, market volatility is expected in any growing economy. He said that United States economy was stagnating in the financial year of 2015. In his opinion, Armour stated that banks should try to come up with realistic interest rates to survive inflation.

Additionally, short term and long term interest rates ought to be increased for businesses to thrive. He encourages foreign investors to put their money in nations that have stable economies. He also urges them to conduct intensive research and understand the markets to avoid making blind investments.

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