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Susan Mc Galla: A True Success Story:

Susan Mc Galla is an executive consultant as well as business women from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Ms. Mc Galla is generally known for being the former President of American Eagle Outfitters. In addition, Susan Mc Galla is also the former CEO of Wet Seal Inc.


Susan Mc Galla began her business career with Joseph Horne Company. Mc Galla held several managerial as well as marketing positions while employed at Joseph Horne. This job more than likely laid the ground work for her future successes.


Ms. Mc Galla held various positions with American Eagle Outfitters before she became President of the organization. Susan Mc Galla has a strong work ethic combined with an overwhelming desire to succeed in business. These principals have contributed to Ms. Mc Galla’s successful career since graduating from college.


Ms. Mc Galla also holds a position on the board of HFF Inc. HFF Inc is a company that provides commercial real estate services to a variety of organizations. Susan Mc Galla is currently the director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.


Susan Mc Galla founded P-3 Exceutive Consulting in 2012. Currently, Ms. Mc Galla is the VP of Business and Creative Development with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan Mc Galla has always had great ambitions which have certainly led to her great success within the Business world.


Susan Mc Galla was born and raised in Ohio. In addition, Ms. Mc Galla graduated from Mount Union College with a degree in business. At present she is married to Steven Mc Galla. Steven Mc Galla is a successful and accomplished businessman.


Unicorn Hair is the Latest Lime Crime Release

Every woman’s dream at least one point in their life is to have bright and bold colored hair whether it be pink, blue, purple, or even green. Anyone who has used Lime Crime’s makeup products in the past knows that bright and bold colors are not new to Lime Crime as the owner and creator Doe Deere has bright and beautiful hair and uses bold makeup. Finally they have released a line of semi-permanent bright and bold hair dye colors called Unicorn Hair. Unicorn Hair can be used for a pop of color in your hair or even used on all of your hair. The company recommends that Unicorn Hair be used in medium blonde hair or lighter, so if you don’t already have blonde hair and want color be prepared to have to bleach or dye your hair to a lighter shade.

The best thing about the shades of Unicorn Hair are that they all go together so you can dye your hair multiple different shades of Unicorn Hair and it will look fantastic. The most unique thing about Unicorn Hair is that like other products made by Lime Crime it is vegan and gives full coverage unlike many other types of hair dye that are filled with unsafe chemicals that will fry your hair and that don’t look even after dying or hide your previous hair color.

If you are going to dye your hair at all you mine as well use a brand of color that is safer and less damaging on your hair. Unicorn Hair comes in gargoyle (grey), sext (mauve), blue smoke (darker blue), bunny (baby pink), chocolate cherry ( burgundy), pony ( violet), dirty mermaid (seafoam green), strawberry jam (darker pink/red), neon peach, anime (cotton candy-like blue), jello (darker green), leeloo (orange), and last but not least salad (a lighter green). If you have considered changing your hair color to a bright and popping color try Unicorn

Lime Crime Shakes Up The Unicorn Hair Colors

Unicorn hair is that wavy or curly long hair that reminds people of a horse’s mane. In particular, it is not an ordinary horse, but a unicorn. Picture in your mind a unicorn running with its long flowing hair. That is the fashion look that unicorn hair seeks to establish. Coloring the hair to a shade that draws attention is one way to make sure everyone notices your hair. Lime Crime has taken note of this fashion statement, and offers 13 shades of a semi-permanent hair dye.


Why would people want to try this new product lime? The reason is simple. It makes a fashion statement, and draws attention to your long flowing locks. If you want unicorn hair, and want people to notice it, then what better way that to select one of the 13 shades that best fits your personality, and the look you are seeking to show to the public. The product line offered by Lime Crime is unique with this variety of colors. It is for the serious person who wants to semi-permanently dye their hair, and live with the look over a period of time.


Read the colors offered and imagine how each one would look: sext, gargoyle, bunny, pony, dirty mermaid, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam, anime, blue smoke, neon peach, leeloo, salad, and jello. Of course, you would have to actually look at the colors before making a choice, but the alternatives are fascinating. Each color will make you look like a unicorn.


The colors are the result of three years work led by Lime Crime’s CEO Doe Deere. She wanted hair dye that she would wear. She also wanted it to last, and as it fades to still be attractive. The goal was to produce a product with many color choices that would meet the needs of the serious person with unicorn hair.


Lime Crime is a fascinating company whose mission is to offer products on the internet tailored to an individual who wants to be different, and be as the website states a “rebellion in color.” This hair dye product accomplishes that goal. follow them on instagram!

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