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Fabletics and How Leveraging the Crowd Can Bring Success

In 2013, one of the most successful sportswear brands launched. The name is Fabletics, and it has been on top of the industry for years.


Many aspects have played a role in the success of Fabletics. The brand and those working on it have been able to maintain a streamline of right decisions and skilled business steps to enhance the performance and increase the revenue.


Nowadays, potential buyers look to crowd-sourced review when they determine whether they will be making a purchase or not. This consumer behavior has not gone unnoticed by more savvy brands including Fabletics. The athleisure company has been making use of it through marketing strategies that work based on reviews making the feedback of other buyers the central point of it all. The reasons why customer reviews are so important for businesses and their marketing strategies are simple. They can drive an increase of buyers as well as LTV, or improved loyalty. Customer retention is also based on the experience that the buyers have had with the brand which determines if they will be coming back and talking about their experience in more views. This cycle establishes trust between clients and brand and in turn, lays down a foundation for such future relationship with other potential buyers who are reading the reviews and taking them into consideration. Leveraging the crowd like this is essential, and if done right a brand can achieve an unimaginable success that lasts for a long time.


Over the course of operation, the brand of Fabletics has been on top of its game. It all started with a new perfect prelaunch campaign. The marketing team of the brand knew exactly what was trending in terms of attention-driving marketing at the time. Video content creators and bloggers are the types of influencers that people trust and look to for reviews and opinions. Their expertise is wanted by the audience. The products of Fabletics have been known to be consistent in quality, and that did not go unnoticed. Influencers reviewed and raved about the products making the audience waiting in anticipation for the brand to launch. The previews of the products also added to the visual side of marketing and had many people waiting to purchase an individual product.


After that initial success, Fabletics have been maintaining it quite well. The commercialization of the business is still going strong, and so is the quality.

Nine9 is Pretty Successful for Not Being a Talent Agency

There is strength in numbers and the Nine9 agency gets that. Touted as the “The UnAgency”, Nine9 represents the 99 percent of talent that isn’t represented by an agency and their approach is making huge strides in the entertainment industry.

For the past 12 years, Nine9 has stayed true to their mission of giving their talent (in 12 major cities) the tools, encouragement, and respect they might not get from other casting organizations. By cultivating nurturing and trusting relationships with their talent and utilizing the latest in technology, opportunities are seized upon in real time so that their talent is in the same room and given the same shot at commercials, runway, print, and film gigs as talent represented by well-known agencies.

Nine9 rightfully has pages of testimonials on their site. One of them is Lorena, a passionate young model who booked a Black Fashion Week USA runway gig in addition to an I Rock Fashion show through the agency. She credits posture, projection, and personality courses with helping her develop the technique, walk, and confidence needed to get hired for those jobs.

There are many dreamers taking advantage of Nine9 talent agency’s amenities that see results quickly, as Taija did. Less than two weeks after she signed on, she booked a four-figure Neutrogena skin care commercial and worked with Donna Grossman, a major casting director.

Frank has been with Nine9 for seven years. By going to Meet and Greets and taking classes, this former background actor’s career has been catapulted into a featured music video role, commercials, and he was in the most expensive fight scene of all time, thanks to being hired for a Batman movie. Nine9 The UnAgency clearly works for those willing to put in the work.

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