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Facebook Unsend Feature Not Totally User Friendly

Facebook has been under scrutiny for allegedly breaching the trust of it’s users. It seems that the privacy of the Chief Executive Office, Mark Zuckerberg was receiving more attention than that of the consumers. Many campaigns have been launched recently in order to rectify this unfortunate, alleged misconduct. It was recently announced by Facebook that users will have the same feature added to all of the other features of the social network. They will soon be able to unsend any message that they send to someone else’s inbox. Your text to link… Many people see this as a very bad risk, one that could foster harassment, and bullying.

This new feature on the Facebook app will allow users to post messages that may be harmful, or derogatory, then immediately delete them before they can be witnessed by others. If this campaign feature were to become a reality, some people may become afraid to open their inboxes. It could make it easier to verbally stalk someone, then remove all incriminating evidence. The users of Facebook want many perks, and user friendly features, but this in one that the public may need to do without. Facebook still remains as one of the leading social media networks available in spite of their recent controversy. Even the breach in trust issue has not stopped the millions of Facebook users. It has become a convenient way of life for many, and an easy way to stay connected with family and friends who are far away.

Is It Time For Mark Zuckerberg To Resign?

There’s something almost prophetic about a Founder and the company he started. It’s often time impossible to think that a Founder could not do a good job in leading the company they started. Take for example Steve Jobs and Apple, when he returned in the late 90s he resurrected the company he started which was going nowhere fast after his departure. Then you turn your eyes to Facebook, and you consider many would have preferred to see Zuckerberg step down over a decade ago from internal and external mishaps that some could argue as lessons learned. Though, more recently, could the time be right for him to pass on the reigns of his multi-billion dollar enterprise with billions of users?

I think it’s a fair question to ask with the scandal storm swirling around Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Promises to implement new measures to further safeguard user data and trust that should have been a concern from day one. No, it seems, because they’ve been caught off guard, the company and its Founder-CEO-Chairman is scrambling to remedy the situation.

Facebook needs to do more. If more means redistributing power within the higher ranks of the firm, that could be the right move. Under Zuckerberg, Facebook has become a powerhouse of social media, but to what extent have they allowed their morals to slip to get there. These are questions some are revisiting, and it might be the time all parties involved should too. The only problem, perhaps Zuckerberg has too much power, which can be a very bad thing.

Facebook Stock is Dropping Like a Stone

The troubles at Facebook don’t seem to be letting up. After news broke about the social media giant’s failure to protect customer data, Facebook’s market value has fallen by $60 billion in the last two days. For reference, electric automaker Tesla’s entire market value is $52 billion.

This is the worst drop in Facebook since the early days following its IPO in 2012.

According to Bloomberg, the social media company has been sued by investors seeking to gain information on why social data was used and manipulated by Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based data firm employed by the campaign to elect Donald Trump in 2016.

Lawyers for Facebook deny the claims of the lawsuit, insisting no data was obtained in an illegal manner. The data in question was acquired by means of a quiz, voluntarily taken by Facebook users during the 2016 election cycle. The lawsuit contends Cambridge Analytica harvested more data than the quiz contained.

Legal troubles for Facebook aren’t limited to the United States. Last week, the European Union Justice Commission declared their desire to question Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the potential misuse of user data.

These new concerns only add to ongoing demands that Facebook be more transparent about user privacy. As lawsuits pile up and the #DeleteFacebook campaign drags on, there’s little doubt the road for Facebook will continue to be rocky for the foreseeable future.

India’s IT Minister Warns Mark Zuckerberg about Using Facebook to Influence Elections

Several popular news outlets, including the New York Times, have reported that Facebook worked with Cambridge Analytica to influence voters in the United States to elect Donald Trump. Cambridge Analytica allegedly harvested the personal information of over 50 million Facebook members in order to achieve this political goal. Sources claim that Facebook allowed this private information to be collected and analyzed without member knowledge or consent.

India will be holding national elections in 2019 and there is concern among the current administration that Facebook could use member data to influence the outcome of the election. India’s IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, made an open statement to Mark Zuckerberg via media reporters in New Delhi on Wednesday, March 21. Prasad stated that he would not tolerate data theft of Indian citizens by Facebook, and that he was prepared to summon Zuckerberg if needed.

The United Kingdom’s House of Parliament has already summoned Zuckerberg to explain the data breach by Cambridge Analytica, a British company, to influence the U.S. 2016 election. The company harvested the data of 50 million Facebook members using personality tests. The UK government is concerned that companies can misuse data in inappropriate ways, in order to swing elections.

The United States government is also putting pressure on Zuckerberg to testify before the U.S. Senate regarding the inappropriate data collection methods. India government is taking a proactive approach by warning Zuckerberg not to interfere with its upcoming election.

Interesting Tips for People Who Want To Go Viral

For people who do want to go viral, there are some interesting tips on what can be done. These tips might be unexpected for some people who use social media. Among the more fun tips is to be live in a crisis. This can be very helpful in that when someone is in a crisis, this can get people’s attention. One thing that they want to see is if they get out of that crisis. Another tip that is interesting is to use Twitter. For one thing, content is more likely to go viral on Twitter than on Facebook. As a matter of fact, people are urged to avoid Facebook.

Another thing that is helpful is being newsworthy. This is a tricky thing because there is almost nothing outside of the extreme that can be considered newsworthy. Fortunately, when there is a will, there is a way. One thing that people need to understand about going viral is that it is kinda like getting discovered. One thing that can help is reaching out to people. Another thing that can help is posting something that is nothing like anything else before it.

For people that do go viral, there are tons of benefits. For one thing, people can use the publicity for their project if they have an online business. They can sell products or get an advertising plan.

Facebook Talks About Clearing its Ad Metrics

Facebook, one of the social media giants has decided to clear its ad metrics. It has also announced it to the public. One of the reasons that they are doing this is that a lot of advertisers have lost confidence in Facebook. For one thing, it is important for Facebook and the users to have advertisers so that they will be able to make money from their efforts. Without the advertisers, then it will be a lot harder for people to make money from Facebook. This is one of the reasons that Facebook has decided to make changes to not only the way they were running things but also to what they were doing with the advertisers.

One thing that has been revealed is that many advertisers are working with estimates. While estimates hold more value than guesses, they are not the total truth. Advertisers are hoping to know the truth so that they can be certain that they are moving forward int he right direction. One of the best things about accuracy is that it makes things easier in the long run for the company.

Another thing that Facebook is working on is trying to launch something called Measure What Matters. This is where Facebook sends about the measurements of significant actions. The efforts that Facebook is making is building the trust and confidence from advertisers.

Facebook Uses Friend Day to Connect with Users

A great social media campaign is one that emotionally connects a brand to its audience. Facebook is accomplishing this on their own platform by consistently reminding users of their mission to build a community and create close connections. They have implemented many social media campaigns to remind users of this mission, the most notable being the regular “Friendiversary” videos they make to remind users of the friendships they have built on Facebook. Most recently, in honor of their annual Friends Day, Facebook launched a new feature that celebrates the uniqueness of users’ friendships. This campaign creates a video of awards given to users’ friends based on their history and activity on the site. The titles vary from automatically generated ones, such as the photo op friend, to customizable superlatives. In addition to the awards, Facebook released a video series titled “A Friend Story” that follows 6 groups of friends and showcases the true value of their friendship. With over 44 million awards shared within the first day this campaign has been a success. This success lies in the campaigns ability to remind users about the friendships they care about most and why. It is by using a combination of video and interactive features that Facebook is able to emotionally connect with its users and show them the value the platform adds to their everyday lives.

Facebook Kingdom Collapsing

The numbers are in for the final quarter of ’17, and signs point to the fall of the Facebook Empire. While their numbers are still quite high, reports show a loss of 1 million daily average users. That’s equivalent to Dallas or country of Cyprus deciding not to use Facebook.

Reasons for fleeing Facebook

1. Social media plethora – In the beginning, Facebook was the simplified answer for those struggling to manage their page on MySpace. The market was new, and the potential for growth was huge. Now, the social media market is filled with over forty social media platforms worldwide, including mainstream ones like Instagram and Twitter and niche ones like Fetlife and Untappd.

2. Too much advertising – The platform started as a way for people to connect and share life. Now, it’s another webpage filled with ads trying to sell you the latest thing.

3. Incredibly invasive – Facebook openly tracks activity on its platform and secretly across the net. Their artificial intelligence algorithms use this information to figure out which ads to place in user feeds. This is to provide a more personalized experience. However, this kind of information tracking has the potential for more than just identity theft.

4. Addictive Drug-
Rodger McNamee, an early investor, has come forward with others to take measures against social media. They are pushing for research on the addictive effects on the brain. Mr. McNamee is quoted in the Washington Post. “Facebook appeals to your lizard brain — primarily fear and anger, and with smartphones, they’ve got you for every waking moment.”

How Facebook is Impacting Society

Social media has come with a lot of convenient features. At the same time, there are some potential disadvantages that can come as a result of Facebook and other forms of social media. This has resulted in some people saying that Facebook is bringing a negative impact on society. There have been even former execs that have stated that Facebook is having a negative impact on society as a whole. This has caused Facebook to talk back and address these claims.

It is understandable how people would come to this conclusion. Some people have stated that it is the short-term nature that awards the dopamine and other gratification related hormones in people. Also, people are more focused on connecting from their devices as opposed to actually meeting with one another in person. While many people may find it very convenient to connect with one another from social media, there are some people who are feeling the impact that is coming from such dependence on these platforms.

Recently, there has been a look at the impact that Facebook has brought to society as a whole after it was done growing and expanding. The executives at Facebook are paying more attention to the responsibility they have on society and are looking for ways that it can help Facebook bring forth positive changes in society. As of right now, there are tons of users on Facebook connecting with one another and even marketing their companies.

Facebook Unleashes AI that Detects Suicidal Posts

Suicide is considered a serious issue in social media. It is so serious that social media platforms such as Facebook is doing everything it can to prevent an actual suicide from happening. It has recently released an app that is designed to detect suicidal posts and offer help to individual who have made the post. While users were encouraged to report suicidal posts, this can be a little slow in that it can take a while for some Facebook users to have their posts read. One thing that this AI does is offer the user some kind of assistance in order to make sure everything is ok.

One interesting thing about suicide is that it is ultimately unpredictable. For one thing, each case of suicide is unique. Therefore, it is also very sensitive because there is no telling what is going to trigger the hurting user. While this proposal can be considered helpful when it comes to this type of issue, it can cause a bit of concern over other ways that this type of software can be used.

There have been efforts to make the internet a safe and supportive place for people, especially that the effects of cyber-bullying and harassment are made more apparent. Therefore, people on the development end of social media are doing everything they can to make social media a welcome platform for people of diverse mindsets.

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