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Scary text messages sent by ex-girlfriends


Sending text messages can be a lot of fun. It is a time to send memes, jokes and share other secrets. When sending a message you get one opportunity. Once you hit that send button the message is gone and it is up to the receiver to decode the message. Messages can end up being funny or scary if there is a typo in the message or the person receiving messages did not get the intended response.

Sometimes after there is an argument in a relationship there can be some scary messages being sent back and forth. Here are some examples of crazy ex-girlfriends sending crazy texts:

Girl: “I miss you. I was wrong.”
Guy: “This is an auto response. The guy you are trying to reach spent three months after the break-up praying to receive this text, followed by three months accepting it would never come. The six months after that were spent dating other girls. It worked. You are too late. and he blocked you.”

This was the ultimate savage response by the guy or could be his new girl answering for him. It is scary because you have no idea how the crazy ex will retaliate next.

Girl: “I need to tell you something.”
Boy: “what’s up babe”
Girl: “I broke your Xbox.”
Boy: “What!??”
Girl: “JK I am cheating on you.”
Boy: “So my Xbox is ok, right?”

This is scary because the girl is unstable and will do anything to get your attention. She also sounds untrustworthy and violent.  She has more crazy twists than the Orlando roller coaster accident.

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