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Nine9 is Pretty Successful for Not Being a Talent Agency

There is strength in numbers and the Nine9 agency gets that. Touted as the “The UnAgency”, Nine9 represents the 99 percent of talent that isn’t represented by an agency and their approach is making huge strides in the entertainment industry.

For the past 12 years, Nine9 has stayed true to their mission of giving their talent (in 12 major cities) the tools, encouragement, and respect they might not get from other casting organizations. By cultivating nurturing and trusting relationships with their talent and utilizing the latest in technology, opportunities are seized upon in real time so that their talent is in the same room and given the same shot at commercials, runway, print, and film gigs as talent represented by well-known agencies.

Nine9 rightfully has pages of testimonials on their site. One of them is Lorena, a passionate young model who booked a Black Fashion Week USA runway gig in addition to an I Rock Fashion show through the agency. She credits posture, projection, and personality courses with helping her develop the technique, walk, and confidence needed to get hired for those jobs.

There are many dreamers taking advantage of Nine9 talent agency’s amenities that see results quickly, as Taija did. Less than two weeks after she signed on, she booked a four-figure Neutrogena skin care commercial and worked with Donna Grossman, a major casting director.

Frank has been with Nine9 for seven years. By going to Meet and Greets and taking classes, this former background actor’s career has been catapulted into a featured music video role, commercials, and he was in the most expensive fight scene of all time, thanks to being hired for a Batman movie. Nine9 The UnAgency clearly works for those willing to put in the work.

Lime Crime: Redefining Elegance

The self-styled Unicorn Queen, Doe Deere, believes in having the freedom to be oneself. This involves being able to do, eat or wear what one deems fit for themselves. She runs her company fearlessly and unrepentant of what others may think. Doe Deere’s love for colours is seen through the products that she makes and sells to her customers.



Doe Deere is nonconformist. When she could not find a brilliant makeup to match her outfit for Halloween, she did not seat around and wait for another person to create what she wanted. Instead, she moved on to come up with the company Lime Cream Makeup. The company began small but now has more than two hundred exquisite products, which reach millions of customers around the globe.



Lime Crime has launched Diamond Crushers liptoppers that are meant to leave the lips shiny and glossy. These products come in purple, nude and also in pink. Additionally, Red Rose is expected to be released on BeautyBay this festive season that leaves the lips luscious and beautiful all day long.

Under the supervision of the founder, all products are made with an inspiration from vegans. A big talking point on the LimeCrime Pinterest page. Which means that no ingredients from animals is used in the making of the products. With a certificate from PEFA, the company makes sure that the products are not tested on any animals whatsoever. To further show the company’s commitment to animal protection, all suppliers are expected to conform to the rules and regulations. Which ensures that at no point in the supply chain are animals mistreated.  Shop for yourself on UrbanOutfitters, and other popular retailers everywhere.

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