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New Digital Marketing Products That You Should Know

The global digital advertising investment expected for 2017 is $ 229.2 billion, according to eMarketer estimates.


Digital marketing is comprised of a series of strategies that have adjusted to the market where audiences and consumers form tendencies to respond to needs.


Given the increase in users of these new technologies, the market has been forced to evolve the developments with which it counts, so these are four novelties that illustrate the digital market:



  1. Snapchat and machine learning


Automatic learning is one of the great developments that are gaining strength among professionals who project the changes that will occur in the industry. Business Insider reported that Snapchat is pushing for new developments in machine learning that seek to create a search engine that accommodates stories published by users, based on search topics.



  1. Omnicom’s Artificial Intelligence to Review YouTube


Omnicom will use developments in artificial intelligence to guarantee that the publicity ads of their clients and brands are not placed next to videos that it considers to be inadequate.



  1. Verizon and its commitment to content


The commitment to generate content as a marketing strategy could lead Verizon to announce an online television platform, as the company has begun to buy rights to content produced by TV.



  1. VR and announcements


The latest bet of HTC is to announce that it has a new technology that is capable of discovering if ads are being watched in VR headsets through a service called VR Ad Service. This would allow brands to pay for each view of their ads and ensuring that the consumer is actively engaged. In theory, developers will be able to put ads in a variety of forms, such as banners, videos, and 360° cinema into their virtual products. They can be incorporated as an integral part of the software or during loading screens and other transition scenes.


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