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Advantages of Using Bumble Dating App

People are single because of many reasons and from time to time, single people find ways to meet new people for fun or to find a soul mate. There are many ways to find a soul mate and one of them is using a dating app such as Bumble, Bristlr and Tinder. Unlike most apps, the Bumble app is a special one as it allows women to text men first. Compared to other ways of dating such as using an online dating site, there are many benefits associated with using an application. Some of these benefits include:

Fast and Efficient

Compared to conventional ways of dating, apps have proven to be fast and efficient. Their interfaces are also easy to use and show the profile faster. They make your life flexible as you can carry them wherever you go. This gives you an opportunity to build your relationship and save a lot of time.

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Apps Can Show Shared Friends

According to statistics, most successful marriages begin with the introduction from a friend and the friendship grows over time. The same is true with dating apps where they show you the friends you have in common. To many, this is like a letter of recommendation, and this gives them a sense of relief and comfort. It’s also easy to build trust with such kind of people. These mutual friends may be people your friends have worked with or went to school with. You will also have something in common to talk about with the new people you meet.

Only Messages from People you like

Conventional dating sites are very annoying when it comes to spam emails where you receive messages from people you have nothing in common. This is, however, different with apps that allow you to connect people you have same interests. The apps use an algorithm to match your hobbies and other interest with people in your circle. Dating apps are also suitable for people who work from home. The toughest thing for people working from home is meeting new people, and dating apps can expand their intentions and niche. Finally, the other good thing with using a dating app is that it allows you to approximate the distance between you and the person you are dating. For this reason, you have the ability to date someone close to you depending on your choice and preference. 52 percent of singles say that they are too busy to seek out other singles and Bumble has focused its attention to this.

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Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whitney Wolfe is a result of the fine education she received while growing up. She holds a degree in international studies from the Southern Methodist University. Whitney Wolfe began entrepreneurship from an early age. She made her breakthrough when she was photographed with famous celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Rachael Zoe.

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Whitney Wolfe established the Bumble App in the year 2014 and achieved a milestone of 80 million matches one year later.

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