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Susan McGalla Is Advocating For the Empowerment of Women Business Leaders

Businesses that show more sensitivity to gender and ethnic diversity are more successful. They are open to a wider range of ideas. They harness multiple perspectives from the diversity. The number of women holding high-level executive positions is still small. Susan McGalla is one of the women making waves in executive corporate leadership. She traces her dynamic leadership back to her family and inclusive upbringing.

She was not treated differently solely because she was a girl. This developed a disciplined work ethic, which is enabling her incredible success. It also gave her the confidence to lead without bias. Susan McGalla first worked at Joseph Horne Company, where she held various marketing positions. She then took an entry-level position at American Eagle Outfitters.

She is adept at marketing and developing successful business development strategies. She then worked her way through the ranks to the president position. She also served as the Chief Merchandising Officer of the firm. Her legendary success helped to change the corporate culture at the company. She then served as the CEO of Wet Seal, an economy teen fashion retailer.

She then established P3 Executive Consulting. She also works as the Vice President of the Pittsburg Steelers, a top-rated NFL team based in Pennsylvania.

Numerous initiatives foster women leadership. These networks promote awareness and facilitate sharing of ideas by women. They enable them to realize strategies that achieve success in the workplace. Executive leadership has traditionally been a man’s world. Susan McGalla is adamant that shifting this balance cannot be achieved by such initiatives and affirmative action.

One proposed solution is mentoring. Executive sponsors can guide women leaders on how to maximize their opportunities. They can also advocate for their issues and facilitate their upward mobility. Sponsors do not have to be female. Women business leaders have a responsibility to get their male associates on board.

Businesses that embrace diversity perform better.

Women leaders in an organization can utilize these statistics to advocate for change, which can grow their business as well as their leadership roles. Susan McGalla is passionate about helping women leaders achieve success. She continues to excel consulting for corporates on retail marketing strategies as well as brand and talent management.

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