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Self-Driving Cars Are Changing The World

Car technology has advanced greatly through these past few decades. Since the beginning, cars have taken over our daily lives. Now we have advanced to self driving cars. The real question is should they be required in every single moving vehicle. Imagine being able to sleep while your car drives to you where ever you need to go and make sure you get there safely. The idea sounds great but it could make you feel a little uneasy not being in control of the moving vehicle. The vehicles we have today have amazing technology that allows us to do many things that we wouldn’t be able to do on our own. The top model vehicle of every single car today has many different safety features and sensors. This technology may be convenient, however, it could be dangerous as well. What if it malfunctions? What if it was a false alarm but the car still hit the brakes anyway? The odds are infinite. SciShow talks all about the pros and cons of self driving cars in his vlog, “ Why It’s Taking So Darn Long For Self-Driving Cars To Become A Reality .” Click on the link to view the post. We still have a long way to go before cars start driving themselves safely from point a to point b. We are just beginning the research and experimenting. In the future, when all the cars have the safety feature that allows the car to drive itself, then we would be safer. Now a days, not all cars have these luxuries yet due to many different reasons. Once these generations of cars die out, a new generation can be born.

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