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Cape Town Is Receiving Water Thanks To Social Media Campaign

Cape Town, South Africa has a serious problem. They are very quickly running out of drinkable water for their citizens to use. Without this consistent water supply many will be severely dehydrated and eventually be forced to drink potentially contaminated water that could lead to terrible waterborne diseases rather quickly. While Cape Town is not able to use its own water sources there still is the option of bottled water. And while bottled water is far more expensive than traditional tap water, it is being brought in by the truck load thanks to the generous donations brought on by a social media campaign. Talita van der Heever is a citizen of South Africa, and as soon as she heard about her neighboring city of Cape Town she knew she had to help. A mother herself, she couldn’t imagine other mothers not having water for their children. That’s why she decided to make a video with one simple request: send water. The video spread like wildfire and donations have been received from as far away as the United States. The social media campaign has already garnered donations north of 250,000 liters of water and while this isn’t enough to keep the entire city hydrated for an extended period of time it is certainly a good place to start. To see the original video asking for a donation of water you can click here. Time and time again we are reminded the good that can come out of social media. Social media campaigns have real impacts on people’s lives and continue to improve the world around us day after day.

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