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Wall Street Kingpin Sam Tabar New COO At FullCycle

Sam Tabar’s many years of towering on Wall Street have paid off quite well at FullCycle as their new COO. On his journey to FullCycle, Tabar made a name for himself in the financial institutions of Wall Street. He was Merrill Lynch’s Head of Capital Strategy. The very unique professional introductions Tabar produces, benefit all kinds of foundations, pension funds, special endowment funds, and many other organizations. Tabar is planning to move the company away from fossil fuels, which are becoming more scarce than ever before. He is steady and serious about making a difference in order to make sure the Earth is still a healthy and fun place to live for generations to come.

Merrill Lynch built two separate teams, based upon Sam Tabar’s professional recommendations. Each team focused on different role types. One team worked on positions in behind-the-scene roles. The other team built up front office positions. He has enthusiastically taken on his new role. He has already started strategizing for ways to build capital, such as new fund management strategies. His leadership begins in new, sustainable, and Eco-friendly management practices and resource usage.

Before becoming a champion at Merrill Lynch, Sam Tabar was at Sparx, the Independent Asia Pacific fund. The experience this gave him in world wide business accumen, coupled with his legal eagle expertise, has made Sam Tabar indispensable. He practiced law for many years, working on tough legal cases for the Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom law firm. Sam Tabar has a BA from the famous Oxford University and a Masters of Law from Columbia Law School. At the Columbia Business Law Journal, Sam Tabar worked as an Editor.

Wikipedia Monitoring Team Keeps Malicious Edits Off Your Page

In this information age, online presence is no longer a luxury if you are a brand or have a brand that you want to keep relevant and competitive. Personal websites have been used in this regard, but they are expensive and time-consuming to create and keep updating. When you create a Wikipedia page it offers a viable and affordable option whether you are an individual, business, organization or any other entity.

What Wikipedia Page will do for You

Your Wikipedia page needs to have reliable reference sources and should be properly formatted according to the Wikipedia’s manual of style. The page invariably becomes the historical repository about you, your organization or business. This will make you widely accessible given that Wikipedia is the most visited website across the world. More importantly, Google Results will use the information when you make a Wiki page to populate its Google Knowledge Graphs, and this will give your other websites better ranking on the search results about you.

Monitor Your Page to Ward off Malicious Wikipedia Updates

Having the Wikipedia page does not guarantee you instant positive online recognition. Since Wikipedia is an open-source online community, anyone can edit a Wiki page. Most such edits are done in good faith with the aim of improving the content on the page. However, there are others that will be out to maliciously damage your reputation and that of your company or to just simply misinform the online public. Larry Madowo, the NTV news anchor, was amused when the biography in his Wikipedia page insinuated that he was born in 1889, was once the Chancellor of Kenya between1933 to 1945 and was the leader of Kazi Kenya. His edited biography also read that he had begun the Holocaust in Europe in 1939 and that he was presently a news anchor who was also a suspected vampire. Though hilarious in this case, such misinformation on your page may in other instances prove quite malicious to the point of defamation. It may be late by the time you eventually correct them. Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki offer a monitoring service that vets any edits on your page in real time to ensure that they are accurate and free of any malice.

Wikipedia page promises to put you and your brand out there in the global reach. While that is a worthy investment, you still need to safeguard your reputation by hiring Wikipedia experts to conduct their monitoring services that will ensure not body posts inaccurate updates about you. For instance, Get Your Wiki are professional Wikipedia editors that will save you the trouble of creating your page, giving you endless opportunities and benefits that will boost your prospects online.

The Manse On Marsh Is An Award Winner

The Manse on Marsh rests in the backdrop of the Arroyo Grande/San Luis Obispo region of California and has helped those seeking quality assisted living arrangements. KCTV 5 News reports the assisted living community has been honored for its service. The honors come in the form of a Caring Star award. The award absolutely is sure to raise the assisted living community’s profile in the Golden State and beyond.

The competition in the assisted living community is strong. Many ventures do try to deliver on promises in order to rise above what the competition may be offering. The exceptional management of The Manse on Marsh has led to the community meeting the standard guidelines required to receive the coveted award. Few are able to win such an award. The Manse on Marsh has actually won the award twice. This is the second consecutive winning year.

In order to be even considered for the award, a contender must meet a few stringent requirements. The main criteria focus on reviews. Those in consideration for any honors must have an average above four stars. A five star review has to be issued between the noted time period. If there are any negative reviews, definitive steps must be taken to resolve the problem.

The Manse on Marsh received five reviews that received five-star ratings. This alone speaks highly about how those reviewers felt about the company. The company was gracious in receiving the award and took time out to thank those who submitted reviews on their Facebook page.  Read more on the story at the official blog for The Manse on Marsh.

The Start Up Factory Teams Up With Fintech Fusion

The Swiss Startup Factory was co-founded by Mike Baur in 2014 with the ambitious goal of helping entrepreneurs create global companies that veer away from and disrupt prevailing business models, products and ways of doing business. At the core of the Factory’s model is a three-month program that provides new startups with financing by including them into a large group of like-minded entrepreneurs and investors, coaching, and mentoring classes and giving them access to office space. Recently the Swiss Startup Factory’s mission and services have expanded with the announced partnership that it is entering into with the Geneva-based Fintech Fusion. Both accelerator companies will begin collaborating on the startup pre-selection process, startup acceleration, cooperation with universities, mentor network exchanges, joint events involving both companies, and shared office space for the chosen startups.
Fusion was launched in 2015 to capitalize on Switzerland’s business position as a global center of financial services. Fusion’s mission is to fuse the best of Switzerland with the most promising talent to lead new innovation in the financial services sector. To help with this goal Fusion has corporate members from all areas of the financial sector including academic sponsorship’s from some of the world’s leading research institutes.

The Swiss Startup Factory was launched in 2014 and is a thriving Zurich-based business accelerator program that runs a three-month long program where they provide chosen entrepreneurs with financing, coaching, mentoring, and office space in the heart of Zurich along with an extensive network of entrepreneurs.
This cooperative event between the two companies is happening to build a unique connection between the French and Swiss German sections of Switzerland. Both of these independent accelerators uniquely compliment each other because of their similar focuses and together it is perceived that they will be able to take a new startup quickly from early stage product prototyping to beta testing and market entry.
As the founder of Fintech Fusion, Guillaume Dubray, points out the digital transformation of information is everywhere and Switzerland is a leader in this new technology. In addition, the Swiss Startup Factory and Fintech Fusion are providing an excellent basis and conditions for new and existing entrepreneurs to grow and thrive. This, of course, will be done with the combined services of each company, their entrepreneurs and that entrepreneur’s drive and determination.
Adding to this Mike Baur, co-founder and Managing Partner of the Swiss Startup Factory stated that due to the linguistic diversity and regional separation seen in Switzerland that Switzerland many times has lacked the ability to concentrate its strengths and resources. The Partnership between the Swiss Startup Factory and Fintech Fusion is the first attempt in Switzerland to coalesce and concentrate both companies strengths along with Switzerland’s strengths.

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