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Goettl Explains How To Cool Your Home More Cost Efficiently

Goettl is a heating and cooling company located in the U.S.’s southwestern region of the company. They have issued some tips to follow when trying to save money on air conditioning costs. The first tip is to look at an upgrade if you have an old air conditioning unit as newer ones are much more efficient. They also say you should cover your unit which will keep it shaded and better able to cool air more efficiently.

Another tip is to use a programmable thermostat which can allow the air to get warmer when no one is home or everyone is asleep. In a report by Review Buzz, they also say keeping your blinds drawn is a good way to keep the temperature down as sunlight, while nice, also increases the heat. Also, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is very important and will extend the life of the unit if it is kept clean and orderly. They also say you should clean the area around the air conditioner in order to keep it working well.

Goettl operates in California, Nevada, and Arizona. They have been in business since 1939 and have over time become one of the most trusted heating and cooling companies in the industry. They routinely provide training to their employees in order to keep their skills up to date. They also do a thorough background check on each employee and test them for drugs. Additionally, their technicians are “Sadie Certified” with Sadie being the dog of the president of the company, Ken Goodrich. He says that if his dog doesn’t like someone then he’s not comfortable having them go into people’s homes.

In addition to providing air conditioning systems, Goettl also provides heating and small HVAC expertise. They also clean ducts which helps to keep the air clean in a home as well as helping the system operate more efficiently. Visit for more information.


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