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How Nick Vertucci Become a Successful Real Estate Millionaire

When Nick Vertucci was a child, he was raised in a loving home with great parents, but at age 10, his father passed away leaving his mother to care for Nick Vertucci and his other siblings. Nick Vertucci’s mother had to work long hours in order to put food on the table and a roof over the family’s head.


By the time Nick Vertucci turned 18, he was homeless and living in his van. His life of poverty was at an all-time high. A few years later, he decided to start his own business selling computer parts. As an entrepreneur selling computer parts, he became successful, got married and had three beautiful daughters. He was very successful until 2000 when he lost all his money, except his home.


For the past 18 months, Nick Vertucci was trying to find a better way to make a living until his friend invited him to attend a three-day real estate training seminar as a guest. When Nick Vertucci attended this workshop that was the best decision he ever made; it changed his life forever.


When Nick participated in the workshop, he heard the speaker, and he was spellbound by what the speaker was saying. At last, he found the solutions on how to get out of debt and start over again.


After attending the workshop, he felt renewed, inspired, and ready to start over again. He continued to train, study everything he could get his hands on, and absorbed all the information he needed to be successful in the real estate business. It took Nick a decade to be successful in real estate.


Nick developed a system that allowed him to earn money in the world of real estate. It was a straightforward and simple.


Finally, he became one of the most successful businessmen earning over 1 million dollars a year, and he is committed to helping other people change their lives as well by teaching his straightforward and simple techniques he learned. What Nick found in most people is that they have a desire to earn wealth, but lack the knowledge to earn it.

Nick Vertucci, Teaches Thriving Real Estate Strategies

Nick Vertucci experienced a dramatic change is his fortunes after initial success selling computer parts. At a time, the budding entrepreneur saw his dreams suddenly crash with the internet crisis of 2000. He nearly lost everything, after working so hard for a very long time. Then on a whim, he attended a weekend real estate seminar. The friend that invited him, underscored that it wouldn’t be a waste of time. From there, Nick dedicated himself to real estate and later became very wealthy. Once he had reached millionaire status, the idea to help others achieve the same level of success overtook him. As a result, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was formed.


After living through how difficult it can be to get started in real estate, the academy teaches everyday individuals how to create a consistent stream of income with Nick’s patented system called, “Fortunes in Flipping.” The academy takes students through hands-on learning, information is packaged for easy understanding and quick comprehension. Nick and his staff cover topics such as, asset protection, IRA and 401K investing, wholesale flipping contracts, and commercial investments and how to create long term cash flow by rehabbing and flipping houses. The entire system is based on Nick’s extensive experiences in real estate.


One of the most interesting facts about Nick Vertucci is that he didn’t have a real estate background and he wasn’t from a rich family. Everything he teaches at his real estate academy comes from real life experiences. From his early losses selling computer parts, Nick Vertucci learned that he could live through anything and not lose his “entrepreneurial spirit.” His students get to learn from one of the best examples of personal transformation. Because with the dotcom crash, he lost everything of value, except his residential home. But, he took a chance on real estate without knowing anything about the industry.


Now, Nick Vertucci takes what he learned from his own successful real estate ventures and teaches these techniques to students of his real estate academy. For most people the best part is that they get to learn from someone who has actually succeeded in the industry. Initially, Nick didn’t have a real estate license, just took the time to attend a seminar. His influences are evident by the number of private lenders and community investors who have partnered with him to provide funding.

Troy McQuagge: Being Awarded for Good Leadership

Troy McQuagge is the  CEO of USHEALTH Group, one of the leading health coverage providers in Texas. Under Troy, USHEALTH Group has become one of the most reliable companies in the United States which offers comprehensive and affordable health coverage . Their customer base has grown to more than 15 million, largely due to USHEALTH Group’s detailed and fully customizable health coverage based on each customer’s lifestyle or their budget. These plans are complete with hospitalization, accident and life coverage. People are getting a great deal whenever they choose USHEALTH Group as their health coverage provider, effectively eliminating many common worries about their long-term healthcare. Troy McQuagge is dedicated to providing customers with the best plans that they can buy. As such, he spearheaded the creation of a valuable, professional atmosphere at USHEALTH Group that puts customer service as a top priority.


Because of the contributions of Troy McQuagge to the growth of USHEALTH Group, he was bestowed with one of the most prestigious awards that can be given to corporate executives and entrepreneurs alike – being named as the CEO of the Year by the One Planet Awards. Mr. McQuagge never expected to be recognized for such an accomplishment, stating that he is only doing his job in providing excellent customer service while at the same time creating a fun and light workplace. He dedicated the award to his colleagues and other employees at USHEALTH Group, stating that without their help and dedication to the job, the company could not be where it is right now. He added that the passion of each and every employee to meet the needs of their customers has resulted in a stronger company and customer relationship, building trust over time. This sense of trust has spread throughout the company like wildfire, reaching from one end of the country to the other. Because of their good reputation, more and more new customers  are being added to their list each day.


Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010, first setting his sights on fixing the company and bringing them up from the brink of downfall. He used the skills that he learned from his previous companies to resolve internal issues, while at the same time building a better and stress-free workplace for the employees. Troy is making sure that everyone is highly motivated doing their jobs every day, and he openly talks to his employees whenever there are problems rising inside the company. Troy McQuagge truly deserves an award for being both a great listener and performer.


Felipe Montoro Jens Starts Work With Charitable Organizations

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked as a professional financial advisor for many years. He was the CEO of a major company and learned a lot about the company. This gave him the experience that he needed to be able to advise people about the business decisions that they should make. Since he is an expert, he tries to make sure that things are going to work out for businesses that use his advice. It is something that he has always done and something that he is confident in his abilities to do. Even when he is not working as a professional advisor, he still does his best to give great advice.


Now that Felipe Montoro Jens is working as a philanthropist, he does charity work with different companies. One of the charities that he currently works with is Trata Brasil. The organization does the best that they can to sanitize water and make things better for people who are in areas that are less than fortunate. It is also a company that is dedicated to providing clean water and other options for the people who they work with. This is something that has been helpful for the people who are in these areas but also something that has brought together professionals like Felipe Montoro Jens.


Recently, Felipe Montoro Jens was part of an interview that talked about the charity work that he was doing. He talked about the infrastructure of the program and all of the ways that it works. He is able to talk about it in a lot of detail because he is the financial expert who is responsible for keeping track of the experience. Since he does this, he is often selected for interviews about the financial aspects of the organization and the things that they are able to do.

New Help For Brazil Sanitation Could Be On Its Way Reports Felipe Montoro

Felipe Montoro recently spoke with Trata Brazil’s president, Edison Carlos, in regards to new concessions to take place. These concessions will allow for private sectors to offer water and sanitation services to people in the country. The proposed concession is being made possible through a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development, or BNDES. This is a winning situation for both the water and sanitation in terms of structural and resource management.

Water waste is one of the biggest factors facing Brazil, and one of the most costly parts of the water and sanitation on the governmental level. Working with private sectors there will be more resources available and this will help prevent the amount of water wasted. Having these private companies will not work independent of the public services, but rather they will be able to work with each other to ensure the best services possible. This will include new roles such as inspections of these private organizations. BDNES is going to work with states to create customized plans based on the needs of each state that it serves to offer the best services for it customers.

Felipe Montoro is 46-year-old financial professional. He earned his undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and later went on to complete a graduate degree. He finished this at Thunderbird School of Global Management. He has worked for many companies and served as chairman and been on the board for various companies.

Some of the more companies that Felipe has worked for would include his time at Braskem S.A where he worked as the director. He worked there in 2010. He later went to Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal in 2012, where he was made a board member. He later was elected Chairman of the board.

Recommendations of businesses ventures to undertake in 2017 according to Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf say that, if anyone thinks of starting a business, the first step ought to be carrying out of a market research and then stay updated about the businesses trending in year 2017. He went ahead to provide a list of businesses which he believes that entrepreneurs who are ready to commit their time, resources and efforts would be successful. They include:

  • Technological innovations:Almost everything in today’s world seems to rely on technology so as to remain functional and this includes businesses. Flavio says that any entrepreneur who can invest in any creative tools or platforms useful in simplifying business performance is possible to succeed in 2017.
  • Youth:Understanding the needs of the young people is a very promising step while thinking of a business. This is because their needs can never be rejected at any given time and that fact makes them potential customers after learning their interests.
  • Remote work:This means working at the comfort of your home. Flavio says that many people are considering the option of working from their home offices. This means that a company that offers training services to employees who work away from office, has a good opportunity to reach out more customers.
  • Health and nutrition area:Today, unlike in any other time, people have developed unique interests towards taking care of their beauty, health, and body weight. Thus any business that can be used by these people to achieve their health and body goals is a perfect opportunity whether it is a fitness center or a fitness tool compatible with smartphones.
  • E-commerce:In today’s world, consumers have developed a tendency of rushing to online platforms to search for commodities and purchase thereof. Thus investing in any business with an aim of targeting online business is a perfect opportunity in 2017.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio maluf is the Chairman and CEO of Eucatex Group where has been serving since year 1987, although he was only appointed as an executive in year 2005. Eucatex Group is a family business that was founded in year 1951 offering liners and insulations but currently provides their improved services and products to furniture manufacturers and industrial construction enterprises.

The Starting Point For New Investors According To Igor Cornelsen

Becoming a good investor no matter what walk of life you come from is really actually not as difficult as it is made out to be. Usually the thing that keeps people from investing is stories put out by the media or movies that talk about big gambles in stocks or funds that cause someone to lose everything, but investing really is not like that. Igor Cornelsen, a seasoned investor and one who’s helped many people get started often speaks about why you should invest and how the right plan can do more for you than just hoarding your money in a bank savings account. Investing for him has become a hobby and one that he believes is not difficult to learn.


Igor Cornelsen says to get started investing, you need to know what kind of funds your going to invest in, how much you plan to get to and have the right manager to get there. There are options for those who want to go into investing with no brokers, but they require a little more legwork. It may take a little homework to understand the ins and outs of some investment options out there, but usually following principles that Cornelsen advocates such as starting out small and in many quantities can help to bring longterm success. Also, accounts such as IRAs or college savings funds are usually a better idea for investing than trying to make a big trade that has stock soaring up all at once.


Cornelsen says investors shouldn’t just know why they’re investing or their investing goals, but who they invest with makes all the difference. Your managing company or bank should have a solid track record of customer assistance, giving sound advice and not having ridiculous fees that could cause greater loss should your investment struggle. But also investors should research the company they invest in to see if they have a good record of employee retention and executive leadership.


Cornelsen’s background in investing started back when he was raised and educated in Brazil. After completing his formal training, he worked as an account manager and advisor to several large Brazilian Banks and had several high net worth clients in his portfolio fund management. He retired from banking in the 1990s and spends most of his time as an independent consultant, or having leisure time on the golf course.

Knowing The Business Acumen Of Felipe Montoro Jens

It was in 1970 that Felipe Montoro Jens was born in Brazil. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish as well as History. He also holds a degree in management. He has a reputation as an infrastructure specialist in Brazil.


He had clearly expressed his views when the Brazilian government announced getting into a partnership with BNDES. This was for the basic sanitation services in Brazil. It is a new thing for Brazil as it was always the governmental agencies that were doing this work. Now the government is going to partner with a private agency. Felipe Montoro Jens says that it will be a really good thing. The private agencies should take benefit of the vast experience which the governmental agency in this field already has.There will be customized action plans developed by BNDES for the states that it plans to serve. These will be made after doing a survey of these locations.


Edison Carlos, the President of BNDES, has further mentioned that the bank will adapt this project as per the needs of these locations in order to develop a customized plan in accordance. This way the productivity and the efficiency of these plans will get enhanced.


Felipe Montoro Jens also mentioned about the loss of water that leads to financial resources flowing out from the state. He further stated that it is the state water companies that should be held responsible for such type of water waste. This also leads to the impact of sanitation services going away because of this type of waste.


Edison Carlos spoke about private enterprise having more resources. Hence Felipe Montoro Jens maintained that private and public could work as an important ally to prevent water getting wasted. Private enterprises have access to technology which is crucial for any country for doing water management.

Why Igor Cornelsen is an Acclaimed Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is one individual with a deep-rooted reputation in Brazil’s investment banking industry. As a successful investment banker, Igor understands the importance of having the support of a professional and experienced investment firm. For this reason, he deals with Bainbridge Group Inc. as his investment firm of choice. Aside from being a reputable investment banker, Igor Cornelsen is among the most prominent bankers in Brazil. He was in charge of overseeing some of the largest banking institutions in the globe.


Astute Investor


Igor also serves as a consultant, who offers advice for making long-term investments in a stock market. Through his well-studied and invaluable tips, he advises his clientele to be ready to adhere to the rules and regulations of the particular country they intend to invest their resources. This important tip allows investors to avoid considerable incidents while undertaking their operations.


Investment Advice


Igor is one of the experienced investors, who has been at the forefront of advising investors on how to take advantage of Brazil’s growing economy. In fact, his advice came in handy in aiding Brazilian banks to reap profit, especially during the financial crisis. For Igor, Brazil is his secret weapon although the country has been a little forgotten internationally. As the fifth economy globally, Brazil boasts of a strong market, which can spell out remarkable results for individuals willing to expand out of the local market.


As an investment expert, Igor is well-versed with lucrative investment options. For this reason, he advises clients on the best areas to put their money. Igor believes that a client is one of the most valuable entities for any business. Additionally, Igor has spent a significant part of his career learning and understanding the stock market in a bid to know what works and what does not.


According to Igor Cornelsen, it is vital to diversify by splitting your investment among different companies in a bid to excel. A diversified investment portfolio helps to minimize risk and increases the investor’s ability to attain more revenue from distinct sources as opposed to one. Furthermore, Igor believes that an investor ought to have both risky and sound investments as part of his or her portfolio.

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