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News About Russian Involvement In 2016 Election Has Many Asking Questions

Did the Russian attempt to disrupt the 2016 election work in all the ways that the Russians were hoping that it would? That is a question that is quite difficult to answer in a lot of ways. However, the indictment brought forward by Special Council Robert Muller has proven to shine some interesting insights into how the Russian efforts worked precisely. What it shows is that some of the campaign by the Russians was an attempt to discourage African-American voters from voting for Hillary Clinton says Buzzfeed.

The Russians understood that minority turnout was going to be critical for a victory by Hillary Clinton. They targeted those voters and gave them all kinds of messages about what kind of person Hillary Clinton really was. They wanted to make her out to be a slimy politician that no one would want to vote for. They knew that they had to bring her down to a level where people disliked as much or nearly as much as Donald Trump.

It is interesting to see that in two critical states for Hillary Clinton (Michigan and Wisconsin), the minority turnout dropped by some of the biggest levels. Of course, these were also two states that Secretary Clinton ended up losing as well. Had things gone differently for her in those states, the entire election would have been different. Perhaps that alone is the biggest sign that the efforts by the Russian trolls were impactful enough to make a difference. It might not have been a huge difference, but it was enough to pull the election in a particular direction.

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