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Social Media Campaigns Like Great Doing Good Can Inspire Social Action

Last fall, the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum of SIGEF brought together nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs, skilled speakers and those interested in social change met for three days to talk about pertinent issues affecting the global community., the social network that focuses on social good, made the SIGEF event even more exciting by launching the hashtag #GreatDoingGood, which is both a social media campaign and website that supports local acts of social justice and humanity. The campaign has collection several testimonials from individuals in various parts of the world about why doing good is great. This initiative is an attempt to inspire others to engage in positive activities that will better their communities.


#GreatDoingGood also offers more incentive by making social action into a fun game. Those who are interested can submit videos of their community service and methods for social change, and the winner will receive a cash prize of $1500. An additional $1500 will go toward the winner’s charity of community organization of choice. These types of contests encourage people to be more engaged in their communities, and prompts individuals to come up with viable solutions for community issues.


Individuals are not the only beneficiaries of #GreatDoingGood. Companies can also participate. When companies participate in these types of programs, they encourage employees to volunteer and donate to local charities. It’s clear to see that #GreatDoingGood is one of the most effective ways that social media is spreading the word about doing good in society.



Jason Hope and His Philanthropy in Arizona

Entrepreneur Jason HopeJason Hope has been a wonderful entrepreneur located in the Scottsdale, Arizona area for quite some time and has truly taken it upon himself to work diligently in the technology and investment field. His work in this particular field has allowed him to grow as an individual and give back to the community in a way that he has never been able to do before. He has worked on a variety of different projects that involve both technology and medicine work allowing people to have better lives who are living in Arizona around him.

One thing you will find about Jason Hope is that he is very well-rounded when it comes to his philanthropy and education. He truly takes it upon himself to be a wonderful contributor to the environment and all that is around him. He also works with a variety of different technology projects that you will find to be incredibly beneficial in your own life because of the fact that this is enabling him to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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This amazing entrepreneur and philanthropist can be found on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook so that you can keep up with what he is doing at the current moment and any upcoming projects that might interest you as well. Jason hope is incredibly well-rounded when it comes to technology investment because of the fact that he has an eye for projects that are truly going to work. You can even follow or like his multitude of social media pages to learn more about the work that is going to be happening in the future and other things that might interest you as someone who is following Jason Hope in general.

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Jason Hope is also very well educated when it comes to Investments and philanthropy that involves the technology industry. You will be amazed at how much education this man has when it comes to the type of work that he is able to do and this is why so many people have chosen to make use of his Services each and every day. You could even visit his website and put in for an investment option that you think he might be able to get into for his own benefit and to see something be invested into in the local area. Jason Hope is a professional who truly takes his career seriously and is there to help and contribute to his local community.

Lime Crime: Redefining Elegance

The self-styled Unicorn Queen, Doe Deere, believes in having the freedom to be oneself. This involves being able to do, eat or wear what one deems fit for themselves. She runs her company fearlessly and unrepentant of what others may think. Doe Deere’s love for colours is seen through the products that she makes and sells to her customers.



Doe Deere is nonconformist. When she could not find a brilliant makeup to match her outfit for Halloween, she did not seat around and wait for another person to create what she wanted. Instead, she moved on to come up with the company Lime Cream Makeup. The company began small but now has more than two hundred exquisite products, which reach millions of customers around the globe.



Lime Crime has launched Diamond Crushers liptoppers that are meant to leave the lips shiny and glossy. These products come in purple, nude and also in pink. Additionally, Red Rose is expected to be released on BeautyBay this festive season that leaves the lips luscious and beautiful all day long.

Under the supervision of the founder, all products are made with an inspiration from vegans. A big talking point on the LimeCrime Pinterest page. Which means that no ingredients from animals is used in the making of the products. With a certificate from PEFA, the company makes sure that the products are not tested on any animals whatsoever. To further show the company’s commitment to animal protection, all suppliers are expected to conform to the rules and regulations. Which ensures that at no point in the supply chain are animals mistreated.  Shop for yourself on UrbanOutfitters, and other popular retailers everywhere.

Whistleblowing To The SEC Can Be Lucrative

Recently, a jury awarded $12 million in a civil case related to the fallout of the Penn State whistleblower scandal. The person awarded the judgment had to file a lawsuit to receive the judgment. In the world of finance, whistleblowers may discover their path to receiving compensation for shedding light on illegal activity to be easier.


Why is this so? The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) positively does want people to come forward. Additionally, there are SEC whistleblower attorney firms set up to specifically handle this type of representation. Sadly, many people who know about illegal activities in the world of finance do not come forward. No one informed these persons that protections and rewards were written into the law for them via the expansive Dodd-Frank legislation drawn up by Congress and signed into law in 2010.


Some worry about popular Dodd-Frank whistleblower protections being rolled back. After all, there has been talk of repealing aspects of the Dodd-Frank legislation. The idea Congress would repeal any sections that deal with whistleblower protections would be balmy. Legislators do realize that law enforcement and regulating agencies do need to entice those who might be worried or scared about coming forward with information. The reward clause in the legislation is positive sure to help with this cause.


Rewards have been in the millions. Since there are privacy issues with the levying of fines, the sanctions do not receive the same amount of news coverage as would be the case with a high-profile civil suit. One press release about a whistleblower judgment revealed the unknown citizen received well over $15 million for his or her work. That means the full fine levied against the financial entity was in the tens of millions of dollars. Clearly, the entity was involved with doing something seriously wrong.


The high-volume of money directed towards whistleblowers is telling. The reason whistleblowing is so important in the financial world is whistleblowers have the potential to protect those who may be scammed or harmed by hedge fund managers and others who do not have the clients’ best interests at heart. Whistleblowers may even be completely self-serving in their motivations. Honestly, this is fine. Anyone can choose to do what they wish for whatever reason. In the end, if the decision to blow the whistle helps others, then something good has been achieved.


Kendall Jenner Makes Her Instagram Account Disappear Instantly

Some might agree that model Kendall Jenner is doing the right thing in wake of her alleged stalker being released from jail. The girl with the huge following suddenly obliterated her Instagram account, and one of her photos there had picked up the most views in all of 2015. The infamous photo shows the dark-maned reality TV star with her hair fanned out in heart shapes. That image received a photo “like” count of 3.2 million.


However, Kendall Jenner is on edge these days, because her alleged male stalker has not spent much time behind bars. According to, the model removed her Instagram account without any warning just days after her alleged stalker followed her into the driveway in August. The alleged perpetrator was only convicted of trespassing for showing up at Kendall’s home and was released from jail. People suspect she deleted her account to feel safer and protect herself from unwanted attention.


Maybe it’s merely a social media break, and sometimes famous people like Kendall Jenner need to get away from the fame, recognition and too many prying eyes. So, celebrities walk away from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others that have made them super famous globally.


Kendall has told big sisters Khloe and Kim, that she wants to use her celebrity status for the good of humanity. She feels strongly about curbing gun violence but also admits her star power might “do more harm than good” by taking away from the real message.



Securus Technologies To Conduct A National Campaign Advocating For Video Visitation

Over the next Thirty days, Securus Technologies will be spearheading a national campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of video visitation to jails. The company understands the troubles different most of us have to endure in the form of long drives, time waste, and preparation expenses whenever we set on visiting an incarcerated loved one. However, with their remote video visitation services, Securus Technologies seeks to bridge this inconvenience gap by affording North Americans a chance to chat with their loved ones from the comfort of their homes.


Benefits of remote video visitation

First, the video visitation service is convenient and quite inexpensive. For instance, with a reliable home internet connection, the company places the average price estimate per visit at below $3. When compared to the traditional visits, family members can save the upwards of $100 per visit. Additionally, you stand to benefit from more visits and communication options. Unlike the limited traditional methods secures promises more visitations and a more diversified communication methods that can be used to pass on urgent messages such as voice mail message services.


The video visits also ensure we are constantly in touch with our loved ones when we need them most even when it is practically impossible. For instance, instead of driving up to the prison facilities to celebrate the Thanksgiving or Christmas with them, we can cheaply connect with them over the internet. We also don’t have to wait for the next visitation when to consult them on important decisions involving the family such as moving out or how to school their children; we can always schedule an online visit and discuss it all with them.

Securus technology services not only allow us to meet our loved ones when we need them but most importantly allow family continuity. In the company’s words, it seeks to modernize the incarceration experience in a convenient way for both the incarcerated and their loved ones.




How Shared Office Spaces Help Freelancers


Freelancers are some of the people that are faced with a lot of challenges when it comes to making some extra income. For one thing, people that become freelancers after they are used to working a regular job will find that the focus that comes with it is very tricky. Fortunately, if one knows how to find the types of jobs on the topics that he is most passionate about, he will find it very easy to focus on the task at hand. The only thing is that he has to find some spots where he is allowed the room to focus on what he needs to get done.

One of the spots that are recommended for freelancers is the shared office space. One of the reasons that freelancers do well with shared office spaces is that they will have a lot of room in order to make the money that they need to support themselves. For one thing, everyone else will be focused on the work that they have to get done. No one will try to distract him on issues that have nothing to do with achieving goals. With shared office space, the energy of the area will encourage the person to pursue his goals.


One example from New York, of a shared office space is Workville. This is a large spot which has a lot of different working spots. The places that can be used for work spots are actually quite diverse when it comes to the area. People can work from anywhere. They also have the choice of working by themselves or collaborating with others. This is one of the reasons that people are choosing Workville out of all of the other work spaces that are available for the users. Workville is one of the places that increase the chance of the freelancer actually making a career of what he is doing.

Why Do We We Rely On Facebook For Accurate News?

Critics are claiming that fake Facebook news stories influenced the presidential election, however, the claim is impossible to substantiate. While the social media platform is not a news outlet, the default setting for users is the “news feed,” which 44 percent of U.S. adults use to read the latest news.


Facebook users see stories based on previous interactions and algorithms that include profile information, which relies on individuals to decide which news stories were accurate. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently posted about several changes that the social media platform will initiate to crack down on inaccurate information, including making it easier for users to report false news and cracking down on ads that are purposefully misleading. They will also work with fact-checking organizations and begin testing labels for misleading stories, however, Zuckerberg stressed that Facebook will err on the side of free speech.


Even President Obama weighed in on the issue; he was quoted as saying “If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not, if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems.” Despite announcing changes to reduce the amount of fake news on Facebook, Zuckerberg insists that fake news would not influence voters.


The problem is that people share fake news and Facebook relies on giving users what they want, since they are an ad-driven company. It is really up to individuals to question news stories from unreliable sources on any social media platform.

Maggie Gill’s Role With Memorial Health

Maggie Gill became a member of the Memorial University Medical Center in 2004. At this time she directed the finance department. In 2005, she became the CEO for the company. Her responsibilities include directing the various presidents of the company, relations, and audits. She also directs numerous medical and financial programs within the company. While there, she was the recipient of an award for outstanding performance three times. Maggie Gill’s work took her to several different hospitals in Florida.

Her Bachelor’s degree was achieved with honors when she attended Florida State University. Also with honors, she received an MBA at Saint Leo University. A program she finished at Wharton taught her how to achieve strategic thinking while in management.

Maggie Gill is The CEO of Memorial Health. In a discussion with her board, she admitted the health care field is losing money. To combat this fact, Gill came up with a different approach in July. This initiative is being called Pathways to Excellence and has already saved the company $12.6 million dollars. Included in this figure is $7.6 million dollars, a figure coming from Premier. This is a health care company out of North Carolina.

Gill’s plan is trying to achieve $20 million dollars per year with the help of Premier. The time frame is six to eighteen months and will help prepare strategies for the future of the company. Memorial needs to have a partner with financial stability or the revenue needed may be impossible to attain. The increase in patients is not a solution as one out of every three has been unable to pay their bills. The reductions form the government for medical services is having an adverse effect as well.

A new partnership has been formed between Memorial and Novant thanks to Maggie Gill. Novant offers technology based services that will help with the efficiency of Memorial Health. The purpose is to be able to offer top quality healthcare and affordable pricing. The leaders of both companies are trying to improve care for their patients while lowering the cost factors involved for both companies.

Memorial has always made patient care a top priority. The new partnership will continue this care as well as providing opportunities for future growth. Both companies are quite excited about the partnership and the opportunities it presents for the future.

Twitter- Still Going Strong despite Recent Business Hitches

Twitter- Still Going Strong despite Recent Business Hitches

The business troubles being witnessed at Twitter are ushering in another round of questions. However, viewed from the larger picture, these don’t seem to be in any way affecting the central role being played by this global Company on the world stage. From a business perspective, Twitter is doing badly following its botched sale.


But on the social media platform, it continues to be at the center of key global events currently taking place, shaping them more than ever before.


Center Stage in US Election Campaign


Twitter emerged as one of the most important social media platforms during the recently completed presidential election in the US. During the three presidential debates, it played an important role. It literally turned into the conversation hub with tweets going viral and the whole world was following.


The Brexit Fall-Out and Others


The Twitter platform has become an important updates source regarding the ongoing Mosul liberation, the war in Aleppo and more significantly the Brexit Fallout. Not be left out is the regular sports commentary and celebrity spats.


Twitter continues to provide unrivalled real-time glimpse into what is happening around the globe in a way that no other platform can.


Bottom Line


Michael Jackson’s death more than seven years ago was first reported on Twitter, and social media can arguably be said to have propelled Obama to the top US political office. Twitter is not just powerful and relevant but it is your immediate news source.


Over the last 3 years, Twitter has been going through different stages of business grief and all of it under the public glare. What is emerging clearly is that no matter the kind of business turbulence, nothing seems to shake what Twitter began a decade ago. This is something that no social media appears to successfully duplicate. Twitter remains relevant as ever.


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