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How Sam Boraie connects his career and personal life

Of the many philanthropists in the world, Sam Boraie is among them. Sam is also a real estate developer who has engaged in various projects in cities such as New Jersey, New Brunswick, and the other main cities. Mr. Boraie is the Vice President at Boraie Realty Development LLC,, a firm founded by his father, Omar. As the Vice President, he majorly focuses on finding all potential development projects available and in need of the enterprise’s services. The senior Boraie was seen to come to the United States as a college student from Egypt some decades ago.

According to Bloomberg, some of the major projects overseen and completed by Boraie development LLC include; The Aspire which is a 238 unit high rise near One Spring Street and New Brunswick train station. The latter consists of a 25 story mixed space that includes a health club, roof deck, residences with owners among other amenities. Another project overseen by the firm includes the beach at South Intel Atlantic City that has 250 residential units which are near the Atlantic Ocean and Boardwalk. The company also developed Albany St. Plaza in Newark. The unfinished project at hand is the rector in Newark which consists of a 26-story building with residential units.

Sam is always feeling a sense of commitment to his community, and this is why he involves himself in civic activities. He is one of the Advisory Boards of an organization aimed at feeding the hungry, Elijah’s Promise located in New Brunswick. Apart from the nonprofit organization preparing and serving meals, it also focuses on stamping out hunger through providing fresh foods for people to access. Elijah’s Promise also provides training in baking and culinary arts to enable individuals get jobs in bakeries and restaurants. It urges the community to take advantage of the training provided and attend the cooking classes.

Mr. Boraie has been seen to sit on the board of trustees of the State Theater New Jersey which is the second largest not-for-profit organization in New Brunswick. The theater was opened back in 1921, and it hosted film screenings and vaudeville performance in those days before undergoing a renovation in 2003. He also acts as a sponsor of free film screenings intended for children on weekdays evenings and mornings at the theater.

He firmly believes every person should have a life from the day to day career activities, once in a while; it calls for interacting with your community and giving back to the society to help those who are undeserved.


Celebrity Social Media Campaigns Try To Turn Support Against President-Elect Trump

Some media campaigns can be highly successful, and when famous faces get on board, the results can be incredible.


Trying to push President-elect Donald Trump off his high horse, however, has proven to be quite the challenging effort by anti-Trump celebrities. There have been a number of social media efforts to deny him the seat of president that were initiated before last November’s presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Some of these campaigns also came post-election, when the world of Hollywood was stupefied that the former secretary of state could lose to a brash businessman with zero public service experience.


For example, longtime actor and democratic activist Martin Sheen lent his famous face for a public service announcement pleading with electors in the Electoral College to not cast their vote for Trump. Strangely enough, Hillary Clinton had more Electoral College defectors than did Donald Trump.


The latest social media campaign has been established by Humanity for Progress, which had previously gone by the name, Humanity for Hillary, a pro-Hillary for President organization. According to their Facebook, Humanity for Progress says they are “a community for justice, equality and progress that wants more women & people of color in higher office.”


The campaign has enlisted the help of celebrities, asking supporters to use their individual rights and power to stand up to Trump by signing a petition to be sent to members of Congress.


Famous people like Rosie Perez, Sally Field, Steve Buscemi and others, are calling on Congress to ‘vigorously oppose’ President-elect Donald Trump in any “racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-worker, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-environmental policies.”


The new social media campaign can be watched here on YouTube. It’s titled, #StanUpForUs and lasts 1 minute and 49 seconds.


President-elect Trump has not commented thus far.


NASA’s Out-of-This-World Social Media Game

There is no doubt that NASA has enhanced its social media skills within the past few years. Perhaps this should come as no surprise; after all, some of the most exciting news in the universe is coming to us courtesy of the most famous aeronautical agency in the world. This time around, the team managed to generate a lot of buzz by comparing the physical performance of two brothers. Astronauts Mark Kelly and Scott Kelly happen to be twins, which only adds to the fun.


This time, it was Scott who was in space and Mark who remained grounded on our planet. Throughout the year, NASA reported all of the differences in their bodies as they went about their days. Although it may seem like a fun experiment designed for social media fun, the results are actually being used for some very important research on how the human body reacts to the environment of space.


After all, if we are going to start making major moves to get to Mars—which is a two-year journey—it is imperative that we study some of these health factors. Twitter users couldn’t get enough. of the Kelly brothers’ comparisons, making NASA’s social media campaign very popular. With 2017 in full swing now, it should be fascinating to see what else NASA is going to do in order to capture the fickle attention spans of social media users.


With some of the best photos and state-of-the-art technology in the world, of course, it seems like social media campaigns from NASA are set up for success.


How Social Media Predicted America’s Next President

Media houses were so sure of Hillary’s win (they even vouched for her) until Trump hit the square in the face with a massive victory. Every news hub was shocked, so were the analysts they hired daily to bash each other in irate debates. But do you know who got it right all along?—Social media.


After Trump’s win, it was evident that news rooms were looking in the wrong places. Expert social media analysts only had to gauge the temperature on social websites to predict the outcome from a mile away. Trump new this secret all too well, and he maximized it to his advantage.


While the Hillary camp spent millions printing banners, erecting offices and burning gas money on the road to win more states, Trump only focused on social media. He infiltrated sites like Facebook and Twitter with his campaigns. And guess what he used to grow his social media followership? Yes, the very leaked video of his supposed ‘locker room talk’.


More people subscribed to Trump’s social media accounts to follow his responses to the alleged leaked tape. Just like that, he grew his followership which boosted his social campaign further. Then Donald Trump dealt his last card, delivering a very sobering response on the last debate which saw people warm up to him after all. Likes and shares translated into votes and Hillary Clinton had to make that last phone call to him eventually.


Interesting though is that a lot of the so called analytic experts still don’t believe in the power of social media. But if the US election is anything to go by, social media campaigns do garner popularity—and votes.



Keeping Pace With the Latest Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media continues to play a central important role in online marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Businesses that fail to take heed of the latest marketing trends may find themselves hard pressed to obtain the level and quality of results they are seeking to enjoy with online promotional efforts. With shifting consumer trends and the implementation of new marketing tools, tactics and resources, businesses would be wise to keep an eye on the latest social media marketing trends in order to ensure that they do not fall behind the times.


Marketing Strategies Continue to Focus on Mobile Devices


The following cost and growing sophistication of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has made them a real game-changer when it comes to how consumers choose to do business. Marketing efforts, even those that utilize social-media sites and platforms, that fail to target mobile users effectively are quickly becoming a real liability. From marketing content suitable for sharing over social-media sites and services to more conventional promotional efforts, such as banner ads and promotional media, the recent trend of marketing strategies that place greater emphasis on mobile users is one that businesses would do well to consider.


Consumers Continue to Take Issue With Intrusive Marketing Techniques


Today’s consumers are growing more and more intolerant of promotional efforts that are seen as being intrusive or too aggressive. Businesses that push their message too far using social-media marketing techniques continue to spark resentment among potential customers and prospective clients. Current and future marketing trends are expected to utilize content sharing and even more conventional and overt promotional efforts that are calibrated to be less abrasive or that have been packaged in order to highlight their relevance in order to ensure potential customers have a more positive response.



Kendall Jenner Makes Her Instagram Account Disappear Instantly

Some might agree that model Kendall Jenner is doing the right thing in wake of her alleged stalker being released from jail. The girl with the huge following suddenly obliterated her Instagram account, and one of her photos there had picked up the most views in all of 2015. The infamous photo shows the dark-maned reality TV star with her hair fanned out in heart shapes. That image received a photo “like” count of 3.2 million.


However, Kendall Jenner is on edge these days, because her alleged male stalker has not spent much time behind bars. According to, the model removed her Instagram account without any warning just days after her alleged stalker followed her into the driveway in August. The alleged perpetrator was only convicted of trespassing for showing up at Kendall’s home and was released from jail. People suspect she deleted her account to feel safer and protect herself from unwanted attention.


Maybe it’s merely a social media break, and sometimes famous people like Kendall Jenner need to get away from the fame, recognition and too many prying eyes. So, celebrities walk away from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others that have made them super famous globally.


Kendall has told big sisters Khloe and Kim, that she wants to use her celebrity status for the good of humanity. She feels strongly about curbing gun violence but also admits her star power might “do more harm than good” by taking away from the real message.



Why Companies Are Launching Social Media Campaigns

Your next social media campaign is targeted to a specific audience, further improving your sales and revenue. Running a successful campaign is more than just creating a Facebook page and hoping that it runs itself. The campaign is specifically geared to market a new improvement that has happened to your company, such as a new location or recent sale, allowing clients to learn about this change and utilize your business as a result. To have a successful campaign, you need a comprehensive team to support you in your efforts. These individuals include writers, editors, photographers, and a tech support specialist.


The social media campaign needs to have an unequivocal purpose. Many businesses launch a campaign because there is something new or improved about their company that they feel would bring in more clientele. Because of this specific reason, the campaign needs to be detailed in this change, educating consumers of the change without causing them to do very much research to find out more. Online marketing campaigns are an advantageous method of marketing and advertising (source). Launching a campaign requires an investment, both into the team you’ll build to help with the marketing as well as the fee social media sites charge.


Your campaign will surpass all your expectations if you use the proper platform. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the two most common used for social media campaigning. Using lesser known sites and social media platforms will cause your efforts to either fail completely or bring in very little additional business. By staying true to your company brand and product, you should expect this advertising to bring in a substantial amount of new customers. Potentially failed businesses are finding that by working with social media marketing, they are able to save their companies and find new customers.


Twitter- Still Going Strong despite Recent Business Hitches

The business troubles being witnessed at Twitter are ushering in another round of questions. However, viewed from the larger picture, these don’t seem to be in any way affecting the central role being played by this global Company on the world stage. From a business perspective, Twitter is doing badly following its botched sale.


But on the social media platform, it continues to be at the center of key global events currently taking place, shaping them more than ever before.


Center Stage in US Election Campaign


Twitter emerged as one of the most important social media platforms during the recently completed presidential election in the US. During the three presidential debates, it played an important role. It literally turned into the conversation hub with tweets going viral and the whole world was following.


The Brexit Fall-Out and Others


The Twitter platform has become an important updates source regarding the ongoing Mosul liberation, the war in Aleppo and more significantly the Brexit Fallout. Not be left out is the regular sports commentary and celebrity spats.


Twitter continues to provide unrivalled real-time glimpse into what is happening around the globe in a way that no other platform can.


Bottom Line


Michael Jackson’s death more than seven years ago was first reported on Twitter, and social media can arguably be said to have propelled Obama to the top US political office. Twitter is not just powerful and relevant but it is your immediate news source.


Over the last 3 years, Twitter has been going through different stages of business grief and all of it under the public glare. What is emerging clearly is that no matter the kind of business turbulence, nothing seems to shake what Twitter began a decade ago. This is something that no social media appears to successfully duplicate. Twitter remains relevant as ever.




Social Media Campaign Used for L.A. Olympic Bid

Getting awarded the Olympic Games is something that is very prestigious. It is an honor that many cities around the world compete for. Los Angeles hosted a very memorable Olympics in the summer of 1984. The city is now in the process of trying to bring the Olympics back to town. However, there are many more ways to go about doing this that were not available 33 years ago. There are a number of things that the group involved in this effort need to do in order to convince the Olympic committee that Los Angeles is the right place to hold the 2024 summer games. One of these things is to show that there is a significant amount of support for the games throughout the entire community. One of the most effective ways to do this nowadays is through the use of social media.


The group that is overseeing the bid for a Los Angeles Olympics is called LA 2024. They have enlisted the expertise of a company called Laundry Service. They specialize in designing a wide variety of social media campaigns. There is a reason why Laundry Service is the company that was chosen by LA 2024 for this particular assignment. The chairman of LA 2024, Cassey Wasserman, is the chief executive officer of the company that controls Laundry Service. The vote that will determine which city gets the 2024 Olympics will not take place for another eight months. The other two cities that have launched campaigns to get the 2024 Olympics are Budapest and Paris.


The goal of the social media campaign designed by Laundry Service for LA 2024 is to raise awareness about their Olympic bid and to generate enthusiasm around the Los Angeles community and the United States as a whole. The company has a great track record of success.


Campaigning on Social Media for Businesses

Social media has been used by companies for years to improve their traffic, increase sales and eradicate dull performance. Campaigning is a relatively new concept designed by sites like Facebook and Twitter to help companies further grow their client base. Campaigning is a lot different from owning a page and simply keeping it updated. A social media campaign is a front page advertisement or news story that is based on a recent change to your company. This recent change can include a sale, location move or improved product.


Campaigning can be difficult without the right team by your side. You’ll need a team of editors, photographers, tech support experts and writers who can help with the underlying details of the campaign before it is launched. The overall success of your campaign is reliant on the work that was put into creating it. If you don’t have the right team to assist you, the campaign will be a waste of time and funds. It can often be expensive to hire professionals to help with a campaign, but it is well worth the investment when you begin to see an increase in product sales (source).


The platform your campaign is launched on should be on a popular website. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are ideal for these campaigns because of the amount of members who visit the site each day. Lesser known social media sites will not bring in as much revenue as campaigning with Facebook or Twitter, though it can be more expensive to use these companies to market your business. Put a little money aside to begin creating a campaign and when it is all finalized, you can launch it to the world. Customer support is key for the launch, as you will often have a flow of questions and concerns coming in when people learn about your brand.


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