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Equities First Holdings South Africa is Your Solution for Stock-Based Loans

Your business deserves to grow. Are you in need of quick access to funds for use in your business? Then the stock-based loans are your best option. Your business might have assets yet lacks some much-needed cash to remain afloat. You cannot watch your business go down yet Equities First Holdings is waiting for you to offer financial solutions. The company encourages its customers to use stock as collateral for their loans, helping them to secure some amount of working capital. The main idea is to ensure that your business still operates normally even when it is in a financial crisis.

Equities First Holdings seeks to offer your business an alternative financial solution. It is specialized in issuing loans whose collateral is the business stocks. Does your business require fast working capital? Equities First Holdings will sort your business financial problems in no time, and save you the stress of having to seek funds elsewhere. This way, your business will continue running without any disruptions. The company has a set of experienced staff and is the best financial solutions provider for you. It has operated for more than a decade, and best understands your business needs when it comes to loans. It gives you all the reasons for choosing its financial offers the next time.

During the harsh economic times, Equities First Holdings South Africa continues to attract more customers. This is because credit-based solution providers tightened their lending terms. This increased the demand for more accessible stock-based loans that Equities First Holdings has specialized in for all these years. Are you in need of non-purpose capital? Then Equities First should be the first thought in your mind. Many banks have reduced their lending criterion, hence making stock-based loans the next best option. Make Equities First Holdings South Africa your financial solution provider and enjoy financial freedom and business success like never before.

Andrea McWilliams: The Phenomenal Woman

Andrea McWilliams is a strategist, lobbyist, and consultant. In collaboration with her husband, Dean McWilliams, she founded McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultancy, a firm that specializes in laying strategies for business and political organizations. Andrea’s started her management career at a tender age of 21 when she was the chief of staff at Public Strategies, Inc. Currently, Andrea is a board member of the global tax services firm, PAC Board of Ryan.


Andrea McWilliams is a respected philanthropist and community volunteer in Texas. She once served as the president of Inherit Austin, a non-profit organization that works to preserve Austin City’s architectural and cultural past. Andrea sits on the boards of several community-based organizations including Rise Across Texas Challenge, Ballet Austin, Mexi-Arte Museum, Austin Children in Crisis, and Pioneer Farms. She was one of the co-chairs at the Marathon Kids gala, an initiative that was aimed at promoting health among children in elementary schools across the U.S. She prides herself as a member of the 2016 Emerald Ball Committee and a founding member of the Long Center’s Notable Women.

Providing Hope for Cancer Patients

Following her successful battle with breast cancer, McWilliams devoted her life to supporting and encouraging cancer patients across the world. She was featured in the January 2007 issue of Austin Woman Magazine, where she shared her cancer success story. In the feature, Andrea told the readers that the key to winning against cancer is to believe in the power of possibility and, above all, pray and trust in God. In 2011, Andrea was the honorary chair of The Texas Mamma Jamma Ride, a non-profit organization that helps people diagnosed with breast cancer.

A UK-based technology firm has developed a new technology that helps cancer patients to keep their hair after undergoing chemotherapy. Andrea is currently lobbying for the company to establish a branch in Austin.


The Austin Business Journal named Andrea as the top lobbyist in Texas in 2009 and bestowed her with the Profiles in Power Award. She was also awarded by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas with the Woman of Distinction Award. In 2012, Andrea was recognized with the Austin Under 40 Award. She is also a proud member of The Austin American-Statesman’s Glossy eight list



José Borghi is famous across Brazil for his imaginative commercials.

The advertising agency Mullen Lowe’s founder, José Borghi, is distinguished as the proprietor of one of Brazil’s foremost productive marketing ventures. The profit-making agency, was once known as, Borghi Lowe. The agency, is legendary for their esteemed status in Brazil’s top register, of the most illustrious and impressive promotional agencies. Mr. José Borghi, is the brains responsible for manufacturing the exceptionally fashionable televised commercial, broadcast all over the nation of Brazil. The televised ad was conceived using children, melodically singing and choreographically dancing, while they were clothed in a series of well-made costumes, to appear as if the children were stuffed animals.

José Borghi’s extraordinarily productive industrial foray into the televised commercial career, initiated from an assortment of worries during his childhood, with quite a lot of, obstructions for José to get through. While José was still a boy in middle school, José came up against a progression of uncertainties, pertaining to the career future that he should consider pursuing. These distracting uncertainties, left his mind, shortly after José ‘s sister, encouraged José to go out with her and experience a viewing of televised commercial videos that were being presented on exhibition, at the local Brazilian Castro Neves Theater.

The theater presented for the audience a large grouping, of the foremost, highly successful televised promotional videos, that had been aired across the nation of Brazil. The chosen commercials, had each been granted a trophy, of the respected Lion Award, which is exclusively available, from the Cannes Film Festival. During the exhibition of the commercials, José experienced encouragement and envisioned owning a popular Lion Award, of his very own. This feeling, encouraged José to get ready for his upcoming vocation, to take on imaginative televised commercials, as his career path to success.José struggled for several years, at many commercial activities, in Brazil, including the well-known FCB. Ultimately, forming his own commercial agency. José and Erh Ray, his partner and friend, produced the promotional agency, BorghiErh. Lowe and partners soon took interest and they united to Mullen Lowe, with their associate, Mullen Group.

John Cleese Joins the DCEU?

People are speculating that actor John Cleese may be joining the DC Extended Universe.


In a tweet released before a Worchester, MA show, Cleese included a picture of himself. On his desk one can spot three comic books: the Justice League: Origin compilation (which describes the group’s founding in the current continuity), Batman Noir: The Black Mirror and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. The latter in particular heavily informed the franchise’s second film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Cleese is a comedian, best known for his work in Monty Python’s Flying Circus and the TV show Fawtly Towers. This makes him a somewhat odd fit for the DC Extended Universe, which has been noted as very dark and gritty. Then again, perhaps that’s the point: many would-be fans describe the films as too bleak and joyless, and Warner Bros., which owns the franchise, has been working hard to convince them that the upcoming movies will be more lighthearted in tone. Perhaps snagging Cleese would play into that plan?


All of this is speculation as of now; perhaps Cleese just likes comic books. If he is joining the franchise, we have no idea what character he might play.


Other notable film roles of Cleese include the ghost “Nearly-Headless” Nick in the first two Harry Potter films, Princess Fiona’s father Harold in the Shrek franchise and the scientist Q in James Bond.


Woody Harrelson in “Han Solo” Film

Disney and Lucasfilm performed a successful experiment with Rogue One, a Star Wars “anthology film” set between the main “Episodes” in the saga. This bodes well for their next entry in this spin-off series, Han Solo, which will explore the titular character’s origin.


Created by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the film will star Alden Ehrenreich as the young man who will one day meet the Skywalker twins and help save the galaxy. A few other actors have also signed on, including Woody Harrelson, who says that he will be playing a mentor figure for Solo.


Though nothing is known for sure, some fans suspect that Harrelson’s character will be Garris Shrike, a figure from Star Wars’ “Legends” line of books, comics and other stories. According to this backstory, Shrike was a criminal who raised Solo and other orphans to help him with his escapades, but also proved abusive at times. Solo eventually rebelled and escaped, with the aid of best friend Chewbacca, who is confirmed to appear in the film.


The “Legends” line is no longer canon since Disney took over the series. However, many other characters and events from these stories have been reintroduced into the official mythology, making it entirely possible that Harrelson will bring Garris Shrike to the big screen. If so, he may also be the antagonist, a twist on the franchise’s previous “apprentice turns evil” theme.


Harrelson says that the film will begin production in March.


“Aquaman” Director Releases Casual Cast Picture

The cast of Aquaman are dipping their toes in the water, releasing their first, semi-official cast photo.


The tweeted image was sent by James Wan, who is heading the project. It features him at the first script reading with Jason Momoa, who is playing Arthur Curry (Aquaman); Amber Heard, who is playing his wife, Queen Mera; and Patrick Wilson, who is playing Prince Orm, Aquaman’s evil half-brother who also goes by the supervillain name Ocean Master.


The casual photo has the four with their arms around each other, seated at a low table with the scripts out.


Notably absent is Willem Defoe, who is set to play Vulko, another character in the film.


These four are the only actors firmly attached to the project, and it is not clear what other characters might be in the film. Rumors suggest that Aquaman’s other greatest nemesis, Black Manta, may be set to appear, but if so he has not been cast. It is also possible that the character was removed when the script underwent a rewrite last summer.


Aquaman faces an uphill battle (or perhaps a swim upstream?) It is part of the DC Extended Universe, the first three films of which (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad) have been polarizing at best, with complaints of an overly dark tone and confusing narratives.


If all goes as planned, Aquaman will be in theaters October 5, 2018.


“Split” Sequel, Shyamalan Cinematic Universe?

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Split, M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller currently in theaters.


And the (dethroned, perhaps finally rethroned) king of twists provided a big one at the end of this movie, which focuses on a man with multiple personalities (played by James McAvoy) kidnapping a trio of girls. The film takes a supernatural turn when one of his personalities, “the Beast,” exhibits superhuman strength and stamina; however, the real twist comes in the final scene, when we see a character played by Bruce Willis hearing about the incident in a diner, where he discusses the man’s similarity to “Mr. Glass,” a serial killer captured fifteen years before.


For those unfamiliar with Shyamalan’s films, this basically reveals that Split is set in the same universe as Unbreakable, a popular superhero film that he made in 2000.


It also provides a sequel hook for a possible third movie which Shyamalan is currently writing, where Willis’ character, Dustin Dunn, will face off against “the Beast.”


Split reached #1 at the box office, following on the success of Shyamalan’s 2015 film, The Visit. This is good news for a director who had become something of a joke, with bizarre flops like Lady in the Water and The Happening, and a much-reviled live-action adaptation of the popular cartoon Avatar: the Last Airbender. Fans can only hope that he remains on his game for this Split/Unbreakable sequel.


Matthew MConaughey Discusses Devilish “Dark Tower” Role

Though famous for many horror stories, Stephen King considers the Dark Tower septology his magnum opus. The odd blend of the fantasy, sci-fi and western genres will be coming to the big screen this summer, starring Idris Elba as Roland Deschain and Matthew MConaughey as his enemy Walter Padick, also known as “the Man in Black.”


“Walter” is a character who appears in many King novels, under many names; he is perhaps most famous from his role in The Stand, where he goes by the name Randall Flagg. In an interview with Fandango‘s Erik Davis, MConaughey discusses the iconic villain.


“It’s a dark tale of Christianity, it is. The epic, mythical battle of good versus evil,” he explained. Fans of King will recognize his many allusions to religion, both with demonic enemies and frequent use of Protestant fundamentalists as antagonists.


“There’s multiple worlds happening, that you can inhabit simultaneously,” MConaughey added. In the novels, both Walter and other Dark Tower characters magically move between different realms, from the fantastic to those similar to our world; in many cases, these are outright crossovers with other King novels. “And you will see myself, Walter, and Idris, the Gunslinger [Roland], go head to head.”


The Dark Tower is scheduled for release July 28, 2017.


Stem Cells Inducing Remission for Multiple Sclerosis

HDIT/HCT is a new medical approach that is going to benefit the patients and make the work of the neurologist like Dr Shiva Vasishta easier. The treatment will induce remission of the Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks the Central Nervous System. If this happens, you will experience chronic pain, weakness and speech difficult. The condition will worsen as the years go by and can lead to disability.

With the new medical condition, neurologists will be in a position to reduce the long-term remission. The patients will get a high dose of immunosuppressive therapy, and this will be followed by a stem transplant using the patient’s blood-forming cells.

There was a five-year trial on the treatment done on different patients. 69% of the patients in the trial period reported a decrease in MS. They also said they did not experience a progression of disability or a relapse

The study was done by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, and it indicated that this treatment could produce better results than the long term conditions. Even though the current research that was done indicate that the treatment is safe, more research is still needed to check on the associated benefits and risks if any.

About Dr Shiva Vasishta

Dr Shiva Vasishta is a neurologist, and his patients are set to benefit from this treatment. He has over 30 years of experience in the field, and that is what makes him an expert on the subject.

Dr Shiva Vasishta graduated from the Government Medical College with a Medical Degree. He is one of the doctors who practice neurology at the Kennedy University Hospital. He practices at the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates.

Dr Shiva Vasishta also specialises in psychiatry.

“Justice League Dark” Animated and in Live Action

Warner Bros. has released an extended clip for the Justice League Dark animated film in conjunction with PlayStation.


The six-minute clip ironically does not include any members of the titular magical team, but instead focuses on the normal Justice League characters as they confront a supernatural threat. It involves people in multiple cities seeing their fellow civilians as monsters and attacking them violently; perhaps most creepy is a woman who nearly kills her baby before Batman intervenes.


The actual “Dark” team consists of heroes such as the magician Zatanna, sorcerous detective John Constantine, ghost Deadman and plant spirit Swamp Thing. In the comics, they unite together to face supernatural threats that normal superheroes have a hard time dealing with.


Justice League Dark is part of the DC Animated Movie Universe. So far, its films have focused mainly on the Justice League and Batfamily, though it branched out a bit last year with Justice League vs. Teen Titans. As such, this focus on the lesser known “Dark” characters may lead to a more expanded universe.


DC and Warner Bros. seem determined to make this particular team more popular; they have also announced vague plans for a Justice League Dark film in its live-action DC Extended Universe, which is now in a state of flux after its current movies received less than glowing reviews from both critics and fans. The animated Justice League Dark may be testing the waters for a more costly counterpart.


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