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Pew Research: Teens Leave Facebook For YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat

The social media landscape is changing, and many will say this comes as no surprise after concerns about how Facebook handles our data and information. The latest Pew Research study indicates that teenagers prefer YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat over Facebook. Surveyed teens are on YouTube by an overwhelming 85%, while 72% of them are on Instagram and 69% on Snapchat, with Facebook trailing at 51% and Twitter bringing up the rear at 32%.

The shift in social media preference reflects a couple of technology changes. Notably, just about everybody carries a smartphone and they’re all capable of recording, transmitting, and playing video. More telling is the fact that lower-income teens are the ones still on Facebook; either they have poor equipment that can’t keep up with modern multimedia machines, or they’re influenced by their parents’ still hanging onto outdated desktops and laptops chugging along.

Another factor to consider is that Millennials are inherently wary of any corporations having too much power over them. Facebook, which has become criticized for its sloppy news handling and is taking steps to prevent it in the future, lost a lot of trust from the Millennial segment. By contrast, platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are built to be peer-to-peer networks, with teens communicating with each other instead of all being handed their information from a news service. It’s harder for a video from your best friend to be “fake news,” and also less convenient for advertisers to haunt your feed.

Freelancing Through Social Media Websites is Becoming Popular

Independent freelancing is becoming more feasible when taking a look at how some social media websites are integrating their platforms with freelancing websites. The opportunity to request a freelancing job through social media could continue to become more and more popular as newer technologies become available.

For example, YouTube is a great example about how social media freelancing could work to provide a living for somebody. There are many content creators that create videos for a specific type of genre, and in tern they receive advertising revenue, donations, contributions, and sponsorship endorsements for their freelance creations.

There are also freelance writing websites and survey destinations to try and create a side-income revenue, but the fascinating thing is that independent workers are becoming more wide-spread in terms of what they are willing to do when trying to generate an income.

There are now more tools becoming available to the public that allows for freelancing to take place across the internet, and whether that be social media or some other modern technology, the opportunity is certainly there to take advantage of. There is no doubt at all that it would be a long journey before reaching a stable revenue stream, but with the right levels of commitment, it can certainly be done. It has been achieved before on websites like YouTube and Twitch, as content creators have proven time and time again.

New Social Media Campaign Targets European Tourists

The Israeli Tourism Ministry launched an ambitious two-week long social media campaign aimed at European travelers visiting Israel. The campaign began on the 8th of March and concluded on the 22nd of March. It targeted people based in five European countries. They included Poland, Spain, Finland, Sweden, and Germany.

The name of this new social media campaign is called #PopUpOasis. Its goal is to help bring in more European tourists to Israel’s Negev region. This is a primarily desert region located in the southern tip of the country.

This campaign is unique for several reasons. First, it is both an outreach campaign, a competition and a promotional giveaway at the same time. The #PopUpOasis campaign will have one winner from each of the five targeted countries. Each winner will have airfare and accommodations covered for four days and three nights. Also included is one day of “Glamping.” This is a more luxurious form of camping.

The “Glamping” experience will take place in the Ramon Crater. Other activities that winners will experience include hiking, biking, rappelling, and visits to nearby villages and parks. There will also be gourmet meals and various other leisure and sports activities provided.

The #PopUpOasis campaign works in the following way. Contestants are asked to comment on a post made by the Israeli Tourism Ministry. They then have to share that post and describe why they should be selected as a winner to travel to Israel. Currently, the Negev area of Israel receives only about 5% of Israel’s total tourists. The campaign hopes to spur more people to explore this relatively unknown region of the country.

Neurocore Understands The Unique And Astounding Capacity Of The Brain

The brain has an astounding ability to shut out influences and settle into a less reactive and comfortable place. This ensures performance at the optimal level. Muscle memory is gained by the practice or repetition of certain motor tasks such as shooting a basketball into the hoop. These memories are never forgotten because they are embedded into the subconscious. The ritual used by numerous athletes enables the brain to relax so muscle memory is engaged. This is a magical place of skills well practiced. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

This state theoretically guarantees success. The Portland Trail Blazers were experiencing bad breaks and losing streaks a few years ago. The coaches and players realized the problem was a loss of focus. A brain room at the training facility in Oregon became part of their training. Part of the recovery process involves visiting this room regularly and after the games. The process blames stress for bad performances. When stress is not relieved it impacts mental and physical health. The right state of mind also involves restorative and essential sleep. Read more about Neurocore at

Dr. Tim Royer serves the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers as the founder and a neuropsychologist. He believes sleep is the most important aspect of recovery. This includes getting into the correct zone and locating the sweet spot for the frequencies to recover and rest. This is referred to as winding down. If the mind is not at rest the result is disruptive sleep. When the brain is optimized, the endocrine, respiratory and cardiovascular systems function at peak levels and protect the body from mental and physical stress.

This process is an updated version of biofeedback techniques. In the brain room at Neurocore the individual relaxes in a comfortable chair. They wear headphones and watch a film they chose in front of a video screen. The brain waves are monitored with small electrodes. This controls the playback. The individual simply remains calm and focused while breathing and becoming involved in the movie. If the mind of the trainee drifts the DVD player is signaled to stop by distinct electrical impulses. The brain will refocus to ensure the movie restarts.


Looking to Take a Break from Someone’s Social Media Post? Instagram Has You Covered

Instagram is doing something that will potentially save thousands of friendships and relationships. It’s also something that will save a person’s mental health. Instagram has created a mute button. It’s a way for you to continue staying friends with someone but muting what they’re saying and what they post. This mute button is great because a person will never know that they’ve been muted.


Perhaps you’re good friends with someone in real life but you can’t stand what they post on social media. That’s where this mute button comes in handy. According to Buzzfeed, you can avoid seeing posts that you don’t want to see. It lets you browse Instagram at your own pace. If you want to see someone’s posts then you can just head over to their post and browse at your own pace.


This new campaign that Instagram launched is them keeping up with the times. Facebook has already had the unfollow option. Now, that Instagram has it they might keep up with their friendly neck-in-neck competition. This mute button is great for people who love social media but they need a break for their mental health’s sake. When people post on Instagram, they’re typically taking cute photos of things like their children and pets. If you’re someone who might have recently experienced a miscarriage or the death of a pet, then chances are that you don’t want to see that on Instagram. If you’re still friends with the people posting those things then chances are that you don’t want to mute them. This is a happy medium.

Trending Social Media Campaign to Track Missing Children go Viral

The Hashtag #WhereAreTheChildren became a trend in the United States during this weekend attracting thousands of tweets. It is a campaign for the plight of more than a thousand missing children who were allegedly handed over to caregivers after arriving alone at the border with Mexico. So far, there is no record of these children.


The lack of information on the location of hundreds of undocumented children who came alone to the Mexican border this weekend caused a wave of outrage on social networks, whose users, including celebrities and politicians. The social media campaign spread like a wild fire after reports that indicated that some of the children could have fallen in the hands of drug traffickers.


The campaign asks the US government to locate almost 1,500 underage immigrants who were arrested at the border and then allegedly handed over to caretaker families. However, their whereabouts are now unknown. Initially, the minors were placed in the custody of the authorities and handed to caregiver families after they had crossed the border, alone. Most of them came from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.


According to an official from the Department of Health and Human Services, these children were trying to escape abuse and poverty. Steven Wagner of Children and Families Division told lawmakers that officials discovered that whereabouts of 1,475 children were lost when the Office of Refugee Resettlement made phone calls, in October 2017, to check the condition of these children.


Under a law passed by Congress and enacted by then-President George W. Bush in 2008, migrant minors who are not Mexicans, travelling alone and detained by the Border Patrol, are subject to special treatment.

Look Out Facebook, Here Comes Reddit

Everyone has their favorite website. It’s the first thing they typically log into when they fire up their computer or browse on their phone. For the longest time, Facebook has been number one for many people. That’s because people love to boast about their own lives, share pictures, and read about others. Facebook has always been a source of news as well. It seems that times are changing, however, and Facebook might be slipping. Are as many people using them as their main choice of social media? The answer might be no. Ever since recent scandals and data breaches, Facebook has seen their users slipping.


According to a thread on Reddit, Facebook has been bumped out of the number three spot as the most popular websites in the United States. They’ve lost their spot to Reddit. The top two spots are still Google and Youtube which make sense. People need to get their information from someplace and they need access to videos. Facebook was the top social media website until Reddit came along.


Reddit is considered a form of social media but it’s vastly different from Facebook. Instead of friends connecting, it’s strangers forming friendships. People come together on a thread to talk about a shared interest. Many times, friendship does come from these. They tackle tough topics, they laugh together, and they share their deep thoughts. Reddit, is different, however, in the sense that people can remain anonymous. You never really know for sure who you’re talking on a thread with. It will be interesting to see if Facebook will undergo some changes and revamping to get back that number three spot of most used websites.

Self-Driving Cars Are Changing The World

Car technology has advanced greatly through these past few decades. Since the beginning, cars have taken over our daily lives. Now we have advanced to self driving cars. The real question is should they be required in every single moving vehicle. Imagine being able to sleep while your car drives to you where ever you need to go and make sure you get there safely. The idea sounds great but it could make you feel a little uneasy not being in control of the moving vehicle. The vehicles we have today have amazing technology that allows us to do many things that we wouldn’t be able to do on our own. The top model vehicle of every single car today has many different safety features and sensors. This technology may be convenient, however, it could be dangerous as well. What if it malfunctions? What if it was a false alarm but the car still hit the brakes anyway? The odds are infinite. SciShow talks all about the pros and cons of self driving cars in his vlog, “ Why It’s Taking So Darn Long For Self-Driving Cars To Become A Reality .” Click on the link to view the post. We still have a long way to go before cars start driving themselves safely from point a to point b. We are just beginning the research and experimenting. In the future, when all the cars have the safety feature that allows the car to drive itself, then we would be safer. Now a days, not all cars have these luxuries yet due to many different reasons. Once these generations of cars die out, a new generation can be born.

Popular Types of Social Media Campaigns

People often want to come up with a social media campaign that is going to make waves. In order to manage this, they have to know the types of campaigns that are going to gain popularity. What follows is some of the popular types of social media campaigns.


One type of social media campaign that is popular is one that deals with a sensitive issue. For instance, social media campaigns that deal with oppression and injustice are among the most popular of the social media platforms. Campaigns that deal with problems in society are going to get people to jump on. For one thing, they are going to feel something in their conscience that compels them to get on the campaign.


Another type of campaign is a very comedic video. This can come in the form of something that has not been seen before. There are videos that are amusing, adorable or just outright weird that gets the attention of users. One of the reasons that this is so effective is that it gets people talking about the video.


Among the common themes of campaigns on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter is that it gets people involved in different ways. For instance, a movie studio could get people involved in acting out a scene from the movie that is being promoted like what was done with Black Panther.


Having Fun and Keeping Clean With Social Media Platform

While people use social media with many different intentions, one of the best things to do on social media is have fun and keep clean. One of the reasons that this is advisable is that social media platforms like Twitter are starting to crack down on some of the drama that has been rampant in the communities. Therefore, it is important to keep the offensive language down to a minimum and avoid drama. It doesn’t matter what type of social media campaign one is involved in.


One thing that is important for people to do is be careful when engaging in topics of passion. For instance, if a poster sees a post that offends him, he should avoid engaging the poster and trying to either reason with him or get back at him. All that can happen is that both parties are going to be found guilty of some kind of offense. The most popular posters are going to be those who avoid drama. At the same time, it does not hurt for the poster to stand his ground if someone is going to attack him. However, it is better to keep it fun and avoid getting dragged into something that is dirty. A profile that is filled with drama is going to cause people to back away from engaging in a discussion or a conversation with him.

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