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Democrats Clear Rebuttal To Nunes’ Memo

Among the chaos that is America’s tense political climate truth is getting blurred, justice is getting blurred, but partisanship remains intact.

Following accusations from the Intelligence Committee’s Republican chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes (who alleges that the FBI abused its power and attempted to spy on the US president, Donald Trump), the republicans moved to declassify a memo (written by Nunes) which was meant to serve as a briefing for the American people on the events that had transpired behind the scenes.

Nunes’ memo was declassified and released on Friday, Feb 2.

However, not all members of the US government were happy about this information being shared with the American public. Prior to the release of this memo, Adam Schiff (the Panel’s Senior Democrat Rep.), warned that the intent behind the memo was far from innocent. Schiff warned that the point of the memo was to create a “spin” and serve as a “distraction”. Schiff requested to be able to release a democrat rebuttal to Nunes’ memo.

According to the Washington Post, the House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously to allow schiff to to release the Democrat rebuttle on monday.

Although the USA has seen great economic promise since the election of president
Donald J Trump, the tension and distance between the left and the right continue to grow. Many Americans think this constant fighting is childish and is being done at their expense (literally). When talking to the average American you quickly realize that most of them do not trust the media and are frustrated by the division and constant infighting among our elected officials.

Among America’s tense political climate justice is not assured, neither is truth. However, partisanship thrives.

How Social Media Sites Can Improve So That Advertisers Can Feel Comfortable

There is a lot happening with social media in general that is making advertisers want to rethink their association with these platforms. A lot of these advertisers are telling these platforms to reform or lose them. However, it is going to be very challenging for social media platforms to reform the users. For one thing, there is going to be a need for a ton of moderators that can look into the conversations that are being had on these platforms. There are also other ways that social media platforms can improve so that they can keep the advertisers.

One way that social media platforms could improve is by making the boundaries stronger between age groups. For instance, there could be an extension of each social media platform for adults only so that they can handle all of the more mature content that is released. This can not only keep the advertisers who are willing to advertise on the safer parts of the platform but also gain some new supporters that are going to bring about more revenue for the users. There are mature advertisers that would notice these portions of the platform and make deals with the platform as a whole.

One thing that is certain is that this is a crazy time for social media platforms and users alike. People that have managed to gain enough views for advertising benefits are having to look at plan B.

Organo Gold is a Leader in the Direct Sales Industry

Organo Gold, a company founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in coffee and tea, as well as other products. After working for several companies, he decided to take a walk down the entrepreneurial path and founded his own company. The products contain Ganoderma lucidum from the lingzhi mushroom. The genus of polypore mushrooms are found on logs worldwide and highly regarded in China and other Asian countries. Chua was aware of this product thanks to his Chinese heritage and was one of the first to successfully market the herb with great success.

The company, based in Canada, is a worldwide direct sales entity that provides employment opportunities for individuals that want to start their own company. The Distributors provide products and automated shipping options, as well as discount sales through preferred customer programs. Organo Gold offers training and generous compensation plans to Distributors who want to build a business or just earn additional income. It is important to Chua to help others achieve their financial dreams and make a better life for themselves and saw direct sales as the best vehicle to achieve that. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Organo Gold has more than one million Distributors in more than 50 countries. The company continues to focus on methods and strategies that will keep them on the forefront of the industry and ahead of the competition and one of the main reasons Organo Gold continues to grow. Organo Gold established a collaborative with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. The authored and distribute a book entitled “Think and Grow Rich” that has helped millions of individuals become fulltime and successful entrepreneurs.

Organo Gold works on a very basic principal and that is of allegiance and loyalty. Chua considers the Distributors to be family and families support each other and in this case, they support each other all the way to the top. By supporting each other and working together, they will all be successful. Working together and supporting each other will help everyone achieve whatever level of financial success they wish. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The company not only offers coffee and tea, but a variety of other products as well, including body management products and personal care products. One of the training tools used by the Distributors is to educate customers about the products they sell and build trust and confidence with the customers. That strategy will lead to more sales and repeat customers.


How New Updates Can be of Help To Social Media Celebrities

For social media users, it is always important to be aware of all of the new tools that are being released. For one thing, knowledge of what the tools are and how they can be used is very important. It is also important to know how these tools are going to affect the use of the platform. Of course some social media platforms are going to release more tools than others. Among the platforms that release tools is Facebook. Facebook is always bringing updates to their platform which brings about minimal changes. In some cases, the changes are huge.

Social media celebrities are to be aware of the changes that come with the addition of the new tools. Also, tools that are optional are also worthy of consideration from people. Among the tools that are optional are messenger kids. This is one tools that can be used to monitor the activities of children. Parents can monitor who the kids can interact with. This is a way to protect the children from all of the offensive and even predatory content that goes around online.

There is so much that can be used to enhance the social media platforms that can be used to reach out and gain a lot of status. Social media celebrities can also use these tools to increase their reach in their communities.

Uniliever Fights for a Different Social Media Climate

Many people are aware of the disadvantages that come with social media. While a lot of people look to the advantages of social media, the truth is that very few people get to experience the full advantages that social media have to offer. There are also plenty of other issues that a lot of people have to deal with. For one thing, there is a lot toxicity going on with social media. There have been plenty of incidents where a lot of controversy has started. Also, given that more people are paying a little more attention to the associations of a brand. Therefore, Uniliever and other brands have been putting social media to the task of moderation.

One thing about social media is that it is becoming one of the viable ways for people to make money. For one thing, people who are famous and popular on social media are going to be offered opportunities for making money. Among the methods that are going to be used for earning money is advertising from companies. If brands remove their ads from social media sites, then the users of the social media platforms are going to have to find some other way to make money from their efforts.

When it comes to social media, the best thing for people to do is to find other revenue streams so that they can make money from their content.

Topics to Talk About and Become Famous Over on Social Media

When people think about social media, among the things they are going to be wondering is how they are going to become popular. One of the best things to do when thinking about social media gains is to think about the topics to talk about. Fortunately, there are plenty of topics that people can use to become famous off of. People can talk about social issues. People can also talk about dating, gaming, going places and plenty of other topics. The best way to become successful as a social media sensation is to be original. This is the one important aspect of social media success.

One thing that people need to understand is that they do not have to go viral in order to become successful on social media. While it may help to go viral on Twitter and Facebook depending on the topic, another thing that might work and even be preferable is if people gain followers at a slow rate. When they gain their followers, then they can bring people to whatever they have going on that they can use to their advantage. The most important thing to be is creative. It also helps to be positive.

When dealing with social media, one thing to understand is that there is an image to uphold. Whatever image they may have should be the one that they are trying to present to others.

Social Media is Making it Easier to Play Nice and Profit

Up until last year, people were able to enjoy YouTube and make money off of the content without having to tone it down. However, there has recently been some issues that have caused advertisers to rethink their involvement with the video sharing platform. This has also carried over to other social media platforms where people submit content freely. This has resulted in YouTube taking precautions with content that is offensive. They have already removed ads from the channels of a few users. This has shown other YouTube users that they are serious about this new plan.

Other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are soon to follow with this change of heart. Therefore, people are going to have to put more thought in what they release so that they will not be offensive. While some people may find this to be alarming, there are a few things that have been determined to be offensive. Therefore, users do not have to worry about being banned because they said something that has been taken the wrong way, or they have typed something that the device has auto-corrected into something else.

The climate of social and online media is changing. It is becoming more important for people to use their creativity in order to provide content. They also have to watch what they say and make sure that their beliefs are considered ethical.

Different Ways Social Media Can Help People Become Popular

A lot of people are starting to see the advantage that social media can bring them. People of all walks of life are starting to see what they can use social media for. Among the many uses of social media is connecting with people. All they have to do is build some kind of following. Once they succeed at building that following, then they can take it to another platform and build their following there. One of the best things about social media is that people can market with it. They can also carry some of the followers they gain from one platform over to another platform.

One good thing about social media companies like Twitter and Facebook is that with enough engagement, people can become very popular. They just have to be interested in the topics they speak on. They can also use their following to build their fanbase and become celebrities. For one thing, YouTube celebrities are gaining more recognition as the days go. There are collaborations with Hollywood celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and other stars.

The only thing that is needed for people who are hoping to make it big through social media is a plan. People have to make sure that they know what they want to do and what they are passionate about so that they will reduce the likelihood of burnout.

The Climate of Social Media is a Turbulent Climate At The Moment

There has been some controversy being sent through social media. This has caused platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to lose users. However, there is one question that needs to be addressed. It is whether or not social media is bad. There are many people that would say that social media has done certain things in the lives of people that are not that healthy. For one thing, even thought people have access to others throughout the world, they have a harder time forming deeper relationships for two reasons. One reason is that they are so busy communicating with others and building a following. Another reason is that social media has rendered friendships to be disposable.

One thing that is being noticed is that certain people like Keith Weed are saying that people are deciding whether or not to trust social media. He is also saying that people are starting to turn on social media. In order to stop this, he is willing to get social media platforms to increase the amount of work done to provide a healthier and friendlier environment for users so that people will feel more inclined to use this platform.

Among the most recent developments with social media is that some of the more offensive and raunchy channels have had their ad revenue taken down. Many YouTube users that were a little more edgy in their content had to tone it down. A similar thing can happen with other social media platforms.

Social Media Sites Are Being Charged With the Task of Moderating Offensive Content

One thing that has been happening a lot with social media is that a lot of advertisers are telling social media to get rid of the toxic and offensive content that is on there or else they will refuse to advertise on the platform. One of the companies that has been telling social media to clean up content is Uniliever. Given that there has been a lot of offensive content online lately, advertisers have been feeling the need to pull out of platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, these platforms are scrambling to find out what they need to do to keep their advertisers.

While it does sound good to bring forth more moderation to social media when it comes to content, it does raise certain questions. One question is whether or not it is truly good for the community in that it can have an effect on free speech. Another concern is that there are some people who are offended by an overwhelming amount of things that are said. This is when it is important for companies to draw the line as to what is truly offensive and what is not. One thing that could be dangerous is catering to the lowest common denominator.

Fortunately, there has been specification on what is considered toxic and what they are going to go for. One thing that has been happening online is fake news. This is one thing that is not good for any type of business.

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