George Soros Funding For Civil Societies a Step Towards Achievement of Global Human Rights Goals

George Soros settled in the US in 1956 and began working as an arbitrage trader for F.M. Mayer. He rode on the popularity of European stocks in the US market to build a successful investment portfolio and a platform for his ventures. Over the years, Soros became active in political activities funding Democratic candidates across the country. His biggest involvement came in 2004 where he spent over $27 million in a quest to defeat President George W. Bush. The concluded presidential elections in the United States also enjoyed a great deal of his political involvement. Records from the Federal Election Commission cite that Soros donated more than $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. He was also among the high dignitaries expected to attend the event where Hilary Clinton accepted the nomination as the president-elect for the Democrats. Much of this was as an attempt to fight off Donald Trump whom Soros accused of working with ISIS and was a big threat to his international interests. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros political involvement in the United States extends to support of activists and human rights’ movements. He is among the biggest financiers of social and political movements’ that fight for the rights of the minority. Intelligence reports indicate that George Soros through his Open Society Foundations funded most of the groups involved in Ferguson protests to a tune of over $33 million in one year. The different organizations that took part in the protests sought for deep grass root support from different quarters and joined through social platforms to plan for a mega event. The protests aimed at highlighting the growing divide between the police and local communities and a call for action to mend the relationship and create a better society.

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Reviews by the Washington Times on financial records indicate that Soros funding of various groups across the United States spurred the protests in Ferguson. In an interview with The Washington Times, Kenneth Zimmerman the director of Open Society Foundations indicated that the funding aimed at improving participation of communities in governance. Through the creation of policies, collecting data and undertaking research the community is empowered to be more accountable in governance. Visit to know more about George.

Ferguson protests lasted for more than a month with an aim to highlight racial discrimination and over policing alongside other inter-related issues. Activists from Chicago, New York, Sojourners, and Washington arrived in buses to take part in the protests all from groups under the funding of George Soros. The event also attracted a wide media attention with blog posts, videos and press releases from the protests being released online. Mr. Fellows, the co-founder of Millennia Activists United, explained how different groups took part in planning and as well participated in the protests that were initially set to take place in a single day but lasted for a whole month.

The Labour Party’s Use Of Social Media Helped Them Do Well At Election Time

The Labour Party in the United Kingdom is already a popular Party with younger voters. At least it is more popular than the alternatives. That is why it was so wise for the leaders in that Party to use social media to help energize those young people to come out to vote.


Bloomberg Politics News is very clear when it details exactly how the Labour Party reached out to younger people to try to turn them out for the election. The Party put out a lot of messages in their favor and then had people sharing them with their friends and family all over social media. Quickly this helped to spread the message of what the Labour Party wanted to have heard.


The best part of this whole saga for Labour is that they personally did not have to have their hands on the cookie jar so to speak. It did not have to be so in your face that the message was coming from them. Rather, they just had people sharing what they already put out there. It works out to be essentially a free endorsement from the people who share these posts. That endorsement is strong because it goes out to trusted friends and family who already like the person sharing it. That helps bolster the message.


Labour capitalized on social media while their main opponents the Conservative Party did not use social media nearly as effectively. This may be the reason why even though the Conservatives were leading in the polls quite heavily, they were the ones who actually lost seats in this election. They were expected to pick up even more seats, but that is not how things panned out. The younger voters showed up, and they showed up heavily in favor of Labour.


Given this outcome, perhaps the Conservatives will think twice about how they use social media to engage with their voters in the future. If this election showed anything it is that the power of social media is not to be ignored.


Did A Failure To Use Social Media Campaign Cost Conservatives The Election?

The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom has had a huge shaming after having a terrible result in an election that they called for. Although the Party won more seats than any other Party, they actually lost seats compared to where they were and they also lost their overall majority. Given this, they should now be looking back and reflecting at what went so wrong.


The Independent reports that one area that the Party might need to look at again is the fact that their social media efforts never once called on voters to get out and get registered to vote.


It is one thing to miss the mark on social media when it comes to an election, but it is something else entirely not to remind people to get registered to vote. It is important to remind your voters this as often as possible because you want them to get those papers turned in and then get out there and vote on Election Day.


The Conservative Party failing to even mention registering to vote even once on their social media pages just goes to show how much they believed they were going to sweep into power without any problems. That is often a fatal error to make when you are running a national campaign.


The Conservative Party is going to have to do a lot of soul searching to figure out what they can do to correct the problems that they suffered in this past election. They can correct this one pretty easily if they set their mind to doing so, but the fact that it was able to happen in the first place should be some kind of an embarrassment to the Party. Going forward they will surely need to do better to reach out to people on the Internet where so many things are decided these days. If they are unable to do so they may suffer worse losses going into future elections.


Taking Good Care Of What You Post in Social Media

Marketers have to take a lot of care with how they approach their social media activities. One thing to understand is that every tweet and post on any given platform matters. Therefore, it is important to think before posting. All it takes is one bad tweet and then one is going to be famous for that tweet. This can result in a lot of people refusing to associate with the person. As a result, this person also loses business. The process of improving the image and regaining all of the trust that was lost is a long process.


When it comes to social media campaigns, every interaction should be treated as part of the campaign. Every interaction and conversation should be treated as carefully as possible. This is a much bigger part of the social media campaign than advertising the business and the products. Also, many people do not like seeing ads when they are on social media. They’d rather have an ad free experience. Therefore, the best thing to do in order to bring traffic to a site is to interact and participate in the community. Also, when advertising, the best thing to do is to make it not look like an advertisement. People are more likely to respond to recommendations.


One of the best things about social media is that there are a wide variety of discussions that one can take part in. People can also connect with one another for many different reasons which include business related. However, reputation is important above all. Therefore, it is important to make sure that he has the best possible reputation so that he can have a really successful campaign.


Managing Social Media Image For Business Success

Image is one of the most important factors of social media. It is one of the aspects of the account that has influence over how many followers that one can get. It is very important for people to manage their social media image so that they can have the type of success they want in the community. Fortunately, there are a couple of main influence over the image of the account.


One main factor in the image is the types of posts that one makes on social media. For instance, if one is going around making profane tweets similar to that of President Trump, then he is going to have the image of someone who is profane. On the other hand, if someone makes professional and yet warm tweets, then he is going to be given a lot more trust in the community so that he can have a greater success in his campaigns. For one thing, advertising is a large part of business success.


Given that advertising is a big deal, it is also something that is very difficult to achieve because it is very rare for a company to manage to advertise without annoying the users.


Social Media has become one of the most innovative inventions for the internet. People have managed to use it to build plenty of businesses. One of the best aspects of social media are all the different platforms with many different uses. Therefore, people will be able to find the platform that is best suited to their strengths. All that is needed is for them to learn all of the ways of the community so that they will be able to succeed in an ethical manner.


New Help For Brazil Sanitation Could Be On Its Way Reports Felipe Montoro

Felipe Montoro recently spoke with Trata Brazil’s president, Edison Carlos, in regards to new concessions to take place. These concessions will allow for private sectors to offer water and sanitation services to people in the country. The proposed concession is being made possible through a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development, or BNDES. This is a winning situation for both the water and sanitation in terms of structural and resource management.

Water waste is one of the biggest factors facing Brazil, and one of the most costly parts of the water and sanitation on the governmental level. Working with private sectors there will be more resources available and this will help prevent the amount of water wasted. Having these private companies will not work independent of the public services, but rather they will be able to work with each other to ensure the best services possible. This will include new roles such as inspections of these private organizations. BDNES is going to work with states to create customized plans based on the needs of each state that it serves to offer the best services for it customers.

Felipe Montoro is 46-year-old financial professional. He earned his undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and later went on to complete a graduate degree. He finished this at Thunderbird School of Global Management. He has worked for many companies and served as chairman and been on the board for various companies.

Some of the more companies that Felipe has worked for would include his time at Braskem S.A where he worked as the director. He worked there in 2010. He later went to Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal in 2012, where he was made a board member. He later was elected Chairman of the board.

How To Keep From Getting Discouraged With Social Media

One thing that many users understand about social media is that it is very useful and fun. The same can be said for internet marketing. There are plenty of possibilities for entrepreneurs to make tons of money. The only thing is that it requires people to be doing tons of work in order to get the rewards. Therefore, internet marketers had better make sure that they are doing what they enjoy. For one thing, discouragement can easily come, especially with social media.


One thing about social media is that knowledge is very important. For people that use social media, some days are slower than others. The best thing to do is to make the most of the faster days. If an entrepreneur is trying to make money with the use of social media, then he is going to have to be constantly at work on the platform of his choice. Not only will the more diligent user of Facebook or Twitter get more followers, he will also gain more credibility in other ways.


One good thing about social media is that as one consistently uses it, he will find it a bit easier to gain traffic to his site because his posts will rank according to keywords. It is pretty easy for marketers to get visitors to their business that way. However, the best way is to gain tons of followers. Therefore, tweets, and other forms of social media posting matters. One of the best ways to gain followers is by showing people that they are important and valuable. Once the marketer gains the interest of the user, then he can more easily market with his social media campaigns.


The Career Life of Greg Secker

An English businessman, Greg Secker was born on 18th February 1975. He is known internationally for his knowledge and skills in foreign exchange. An established author, Greg Secker has managed to write some books including The Book of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Success, Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom through Forex. He also has established some companies including SmartCharts Software, FX Capital, Capital Index and Learn to Trade. A philanthropist, Greg Secker established The Greg Secker Foundation in 2010 which is a non-profit organization. Born and raised up in Norfolk, England, Greg studied Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham.

Greg Secker started his career in the mid-1990s as a trading technologist working at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. While serving in this position, he was responsible for developing foreign exchange trading systems. In 1998, Greg Secker was awarded the British Telecom Award for the innovation in e-commerce. This was after he came up with an online forex trading platform known as Virtual Trading Desk. Greg was appointed the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25. He later left the company in 2003 and went on to become a forex trader full-time.

On an interview with CEOCFO Magazine on June 19, 2017, Greg Secker talked about his career and his philosophies in life. Greg Secker described himself as a “why not guy” and not a “why guy”. According to him, it is possible for people to make money anytime, anywhere and in any place. Greg Secker told the CEOCFO Magazine that he started building and also selling computers while studying at the University. This led him to create a 3D interactive model of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. He says that this made him get a position at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. It is here where he created the 1st online currency trading platform, Virtual Trading Desk.

According to Greg Secker, the key to success in foreign exchange trading is discipline, sticking to the trading plan, having a strategy driven program and also having an approach that is very risk-managed for each trade.

Mike Heiligenstein: The Man Making The CTRMA’s Plans A Reality

The Central Regional Mobile Authority of Texas is an organization that is dedicated to offering some of the best solutions when it comes to improving the transportation system in the state of Texas. The organization mainly helps the city of Austin and has been working towards giving the city a better set of roads. The problem of transportation is one that is extremely prevalent in the city, with numerous related problems to follow. Spending hours and hours in traffic on your daily commute is something most people living in the city are accustomed to. The fact is that when the city was built, the increase in population was not properly accounted for. People from all over the country and outside America as well started pouring into the city, giving rise to numerous problems along the way.



Mike Heiligenstein is one of the prevalent members of the CTRMA and is someone who has widely contributed to its growth and development over the years. The CTRMA is not a governmental body but works hand in hand with the state government to improve the roads and construct new ones for the benefit of the people living in the city. Mike Heiligenstein is an extremely highly regarded individual in the transportation industry, owing to the incredible amount of knowledge he possesses when it comes to this particular field.



Mike Heiligenstein has contributed immensely to the CTRMA from his position of Executive Director of the organization. He is the person who has formulated most of the plans that the company follows and has been part of some of the biggest projects of the CTRMA. One of the projects that Mike Heiligenstein has been part of with the CTRMA was for the construction of toll roads. Since the roads could no longer handle the numerous amount of people traveling every day, the CTRMA saw it best to construct special roads which one would have to pay for to pass through. This gives travelers an alternative in case they want to avoid the traffic at rush hours. Known as the MoPac Express Lanes, it has helped to divide the traffic, preventing people from spending hours stuck behind the wheel.





Mike Heiligenstein believes that the only way to improve the transportation scene in the city is to continuously innovate and use new technology. In the future, the CTRMA plans to update the way the roads in the entire city function, to make it easier to travel.

Being Able To Monetize Social Media Accounts

People use social media for almost anything. However, one of the most productive uses for social media is monetization. There are many ways for people to monetize their social media accounts. Many people use advertising in order to monetize their content. However, there are other ways for people to make money from their social media. One of the other common ways for people to make money from their social media account is by referring people to their website. When someone makes a purchase on their site, then the business owner makes money.


The trick to bringing in the money is to get enough traffic. One thing that is important to know is that many users are going to visit a website more than once before they decide on buying something from the site. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the site is getting a lot of visits. The good news is that it is easy to get visits from social media when one learns how to use it properly.


The best way to use social media is networking and participating in the community. When business owners engage with the community as one of them, then they are more likely to trust the business owner. One issue with a lot of businesses is that they spam ads which actually take away from the experience of social media.


The internet is making efforts to make it a little harder for people to monetize. YouTube for example is updating their rules and standards so that users can have a better time on the platform. Also, in order for content to be monetized, it is going to have to be original. After all, earnings have to be honest so that all users can have a fair chance.