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Neurocore Impressive Approach in Treating Depression

In 2018, WHO statistics indicated that roughly 7% of the American adults have depression. This figure is arguably the highest in the first world countries and the number initiated one of the most prolonged and intense debates in the recent past. Neurocore has been on a journey to reduce this high percentage by offering one of the best and personalized treatments for depression. The reason why this type of mental disorder is hard to treat using mainstream approaches is that it has many subsections or depressions, which in return complicates a general approach to treatment. Fortunately, this organization has been on a journey to prove that treating all types of depressions is not farfetched. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The organization is one of the first organization to use brainwave-mapping technology. Unlike other methods of treating depressions, this technology does not use any medication, and according to pundits, this has become the trademark of Neurocore. The brainwave-mapping technology capitalizes on the brain capacity, which in return brings a self-healing capability. The application of this technology, however, does not replace Neurocore assessments, which according to mental health pundits are impressively efficient. The application of brainwave-mapping technology is done in line with the assessment findings and more importantly, considering the magnitude of the depression. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


The best part of using this technology is that the expert attending the patient can identify the cause of the depression. The technique exploits all the brain features to rewire the same organ for self-healing. Although this is not the only type of healing, it is one of the Neurocore flagships in the recent past. After going through this treatment procedure, which can take months, patients from this organization have the highest success rates in the overall results. For example, this treatment process has over 84% success in the stress reduction. Although stress is not quantifiable, many patients have a higher percentage of verifiable changes.

Focusing on Mental Health with Neurocore

The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been operational for fourteen years now. Initially, the centers only dealt with brain assessment and training their patients based on historical data. The health procedures were carried out in both children and adults and were effective in the treatment of conditions such as stress and sleeping disorders. The medical experts used methods such as EEG and biofeedback monitoring. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The organization has gained national recognition for its many years of practicing applied neuroscience. Athletes and franchisees are some of the main clients at facilities as it’s crucial in their training programs. There are brain rooms in the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers where the athletes work on improving biological functions such as respiration and cardiovascular health. The treatment is effective in the improvement of athletic performance.

The organization is currently involved in research to understand the mind-body connections in their patients. The research will help in ways such as reducing stress, treating neurological disorders, and improving physical performance. The organization operates eight facilities that are spread out in Michigan and Florida. The organization has channeled a lot of resources in biofeedback and development, and its management hopes to expand their operations into other parts of the country. One of the medical products that the medical institution uses to treat their clients is known as Muscletech Neurocore.


The product is used as a pre-workout stimulant and has proven to be very effective over the years. Unlike some similar products in the market, Muscletech Neurocore contains potent ingredients that help in maximizing strength and intense focus during the workouts. The company has strict quality control policies that are followed in making the stimulant. The product is then tested to ensure it meets the required standards and is fit for human use.

Scientists developed a device known as Neurogrid. The device is almost the size of an iPad. It is more effective than other brain mimicking devices that have been developed before due to its low power consumption and speed. According to the developers, the device is less powerful than the human brain. Neurogrid requires skilled people to program it as one needs to understand how the brain works. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore Reveals the Importance of Sleep for Athletic Performance

News Version recently published the article “Neurocore’s Incredible Gains in Brain Training” by Gemma Cotterell. The article reveals how neuroscience is beginning to improve the mental performance of athletes. Coaches are beginning to focus on the mental aspects of the game as well as the physical. The area of focus is one of the most important ways an athlete can improve his performance. Understanding the importance of the brain and the impact it can have on the physical performance reveals is a necessary skill for modern athletes. They learn how to unlock the information to help improve their concentration, their performance and the control over their bodies. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neuroscience began having an impact on athletics in the mid-1990’s. People saw the damaging effects head-on collisions had on the athletes and began to wonder why. In the late 1990’s, the American Academy of Neurology discovered that repeated head trauma will cause brain damage. There are three different kinds of concussions. The first does not cause the athlete to lose consciousness and will only have symptoms for a quarter of an hour. The second has symptoms that last longer than fifteen minutes. The third has a symptom of a loss of consciousness. They also discovered that NFL players were very prone to experience a number of concussions throughout their career, causing memory issues as well as difficulty with their mental faculties. Read more about Neurocore at

In 2007, they discovered that people who had multiple concussions were more likely to be diagnosed with depression and Alzheimers. Those who had at least one concussion over the course of their career were more likely to suffer severe depression. They also discovered that they were nearly twenty times more likely to suffer from depression than the general population.

Neurocore was developed to help people understand and improve their brain performance. By understanding the benefits of neuroscience, athletes can improve their athletic performance, getting more into the zone during a game. One of the most important things Neurocore has discovered is the importance of restorative sleep. Neurocore reveals that when people do not get enough REM sleep, they will lose concentration easier. Athletes will derail their overall coping skills and prevent athletes from performing well.


Neurocore: Changing How The Brain Functions

What if you had the power to change your brain? What if your brain could be trained to work better? It may sound odd or even impossible but there’s a company that is training the human brain to operate at the best of its ability. This company is called Neurocore. Neurocore is working with clients from all over the United States who are interested in adjusting how their brain works. Brain performance is becoming a big thing. That is because brain performance relates to someone’s overall health. See more information about Neurocore at

When a client decides that they want to improve their brain’s performance they can select from any of the six Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. Once the client has arrived they will undergo a comprehensive assessment. These assessments are carried out by clinicians that are trained and staffed to work with the human brain. Neuroscience is at the core of this company’s mission.

Neurocore has worked with thousands of people who are seeking ways to better improve their brains. Many people flock to these centers due to how the company is able to help with issues dealing with a lack of sleep or restless sleep. The neuroscience center has helped many people who deal with stress and anxiety disorders. They help treat people with ADHD, ASD, memory loss, migraines and depression. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

When a client arrives at Neurocore, their first comprehensive assessment is the initial assessment. This assessment will be an analysis of the brainwaves. There is an analysis of the a client’s breathing and heart rate. A few other tests are run so they brain specialists can asset the client’s brain properly. Next, the neuroscience specialists create a custom program that meet the client’s needs. This personalized program includes positive reinforcement, repetition and neurofeedback. These help to train the brain to work healthier and more efficiently. Lastly, the specialists will give the client a final assessment. The final assessment includes a test very similar to the first assessment. This allows for the specialists to compare the results and see where improvements were made. The final assessment will reveal how brain therapy improves brain performance.


Alex Hern Of Tsunami XR Describes What Will Become The Full Virtual Reality Experience

People, even in the tech industry, describe the term “virtual reality” in a number of different ways. It’s a subjective topic with no one really right answer to it. At its most basic, though, it is an artificial environment that has been rendered by a computer. If Virtual Reality is done correctly it can transport a person into an alternate environment that feels completely real to them. This includes stimulating all five of a person’s senses to complete the illusion. The specific VR technology being used has a large influence on how real this feels. Read more about Alex Hern at

One of the pioneers in VR is entrepreneur Alex Hern. A company he co-founded, Tsunami XR, is at the forefront of making simulated environments feel completely real to users. As the chief executive officer of this firm, he guides Tsunami XR’s growth and seeks to take a piece of the $209.2 billion VR market that is predicted by analysts to exist in 2022.

In order to simulate vision, Alex Hern says that you need to use a Head Mounted Display (usually called an HMD). The most well-known of these are the Oculus Rift and the Playstation VR. Hearing things is taken care of by having two microphones sitting side by side 7″ apart which can provide people with the feeling that the sound can be coming from a specific direction and distance.


In order for touch to be incorporated designers are developing tactile inputs. Alex Hern says that taste and smell are the two senses that are lagging behind in the VR technology. He calls these the holy grail of delivering the full VR experience. People in the technology industry are at work figuring out how to simulate these two senses, such as at the University of Ottawa where they are working on adding smell to the virtual reality experience. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

Green Structure Homes Owes Its Success To Barbara Stokes

Green Structure Homes was co-founded by Barbara Stokes and her husband Scott Stokes and is primarily focused on construction services during disaster relief projects. Disaster happens all over the country every single year, so there are companies like Green Structure Homes out there that help when problems arise. Every aspect of the company is thoroughly analyzed by Barbara STokes and every job the company takes on is done with the highest standards in place. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Currently, Barbara Stokes acts as Green Structure Homes CEO and manages many of the daily activities that go on at the company. As far as qualifications go, Barbara personally majored in engineering and physics as well as taking pretty much every course that relates to construction in any way while she was at Mercer University.

One of the main reasons Barbara Stokes decided to start up Green Structure Homes is because she wanted to personally play a role in helping others overcome bad situations, which she is able to do all of the time in her current position. On top of being a master in the construction business, Barbara Stokes also has medical skills as well. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes enjoys her work and often times finds herself working late. Despite the constant job and the heavy workload, Barbara Stokes enjoys the constant drive being a successful businesswoman and mother of three little children. When she is not busy with work or planning for the future of the company, Barbara is playing an active role in her community.



Organo Gold’s Ganoderm Coffee: What is Ganoderm?

Used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine, the family of mushrooms known as Ganoderma or Reishi mushrooms have several benefits and drawbacks.

Originally classified late in the 1800s and existing all over the globe the Ganoderm mushroom has been used for the treatment of blood pressure, inflammation, to fight cancerous tumors, for stress and for help in digestion. It does these things through the presence of triterpenes and polysaccharides. These chemicals, found naturally in the mushrooms, have the benefits listed above. View Organo Gold’s profile on

There may also be benefits to consuming the Ganoderm that haven’t been fully studied yet. The mushrooms may also help with liver function, the immune system, anti bacterial and cholesterol effects and others. Much of this Organo Gold research is still ongoing.

Ganoderma is a water-soluble mushroom which means that it does not need food to be broken down effectively by the human body. Though it can be found in pill or powder form it is often taken with a drink, commonly coffee. The mushroom does a bitter taste which some may find unpleasant, so the pill and powder forms exist as an alternative. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The mushroom lives on wood, with the ability to break down said wood for nutrition. It has diversity in its environment being able to grow on both hardwood and coniferous trees. It is used and studied by industries outside of health care for possible use as a bioremediator or in pulping waste products cleanly.

There are some down sides to aware of as well. Ganoderma takes several days, at least, to build up in the human body so its effects can beging to take hold, meaning it is not an instant solution. It is also recommended that it be taken for no more than 3-6 months at a time as any more than this and it will lose its effectiveness after this amount of time.

It also may accelerate blood clotting and is not recommended for people taking blood thinners, even aspirin. It also may increase any bleeding that occurs in those who take it. And last, its effects have not been tested on pregnant or nursing women.


Would You Pay To Access Facebook?

We’re so used to using WhatsApp and Facebook without any charge that it comes as a shock that the government in Uganda wants to tax users. Anyone who uses a messaging or social media platform, such as Twitter, will pay 200 Ugandan shillings per day, which is the equivalent of about five cents. Mobile money transactions will have a one percent tax as well.

Critics claim the tax is a way of quieting people who criticize the government, especially President Yoweri Museveni, while the finance minister claims that the money will go toward infrastructure updates, which includes making electricity more reliable, and free education and free healthcare.

The tax goes into effect in July, although, there is still no word on how the government will determine who is using social media and who is not on any given day. Reports suggest mobile phone operators will collect the tax. Critics on the social media tax claim that they already pay a tax on their data, so they will be taxed twice for visiting social media sites.

Uganda is not alone in trying to limit social media and private blogs; Tanzania charges online bloggers a license fee. Papua New Guinea plans to shut down citizen’s access to Facebook, in order to see how the population uses the platform. The government has not announced how they plan to study how the citizens use Facebook if Facebook is shut down.

The Maverick App Social Media Campaign

There are a lot of social media campaigns that are taking place online everyday. Right now one of the new social media campaigns that is being unveiled is a social media platform called Maverick. This was created by former Disney executives. It serves as a platform for young girls to communicate and empower themselves through expression. This app is designed for girls between the ages of 10 to 20.

This app comes at a perfect time because there is so much happening in the world today where female empowerment is taking on a shape of its own. There are women in leadership roles with dating apps like Bumble that was designed as a feminist dating app by entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe. There is a #me-too movement that has transformed the lives of women that were scared to speak about what they have been through.

There is a great amount of community action that is happening and this allows women to express themselves and really feel good about the skin that they are in.

Social media has become the best platform for anyone that wants to get the word out about something new. The television is something of an archaic form of communication when it comes to advertising these things. No one is going to watch television just to go to the internet if they are already on the internet. It is much easier for people to advertise through social media because most people check their various social media apps several times a day.

New Campaign Promotes Awareness About Cliffs

The Sussex region of England is known for its picturesque beauty. Its beautiful, white cliffs attract droves of people. This summer, people are expected to come in large groups to visit the cliffs and to see spectacular views of the seas.

This popular and scenic destination has incredible beauty and natural wonder, but it also carries a high risk. The falls from the cliffs are steep and can be life-threatening. Many people have already fallen from the cliffs while taking selfies or posing for photographs.

This danger has led authorities in Sussex to launch a new social media campaign called #BeCliffAware. The cliffs in places such as Sussex are easy to fall off from. Some crags in the area are unstable because they are eroding. This means that they could literally topple beneath you suddenly.

The #BeCliffAware urges people not to get to the very edge of the cliffs. People should remain a safe distance away from the edge. It is not worth risking your life to get a perfect selfie, photograph or landscape photo. Several incidents involving cliff falls is what has lead to the #BeCliffAware in the Sussex area of England.

People are encouraged to walk the trails and visit the cliffs. They must respect nature and the danger of the cliffs, however. Children should be closely monitored. People must also realize that playing by the edge has had deadly consequences. This is why people need to follow the #BeCliffAware campaign. Besides social media, visitors are also being warned by signs throughout Sussex.

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