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Deciding On a Social Media During a Time of Change

One thing that people who have been following the news are going to know is that the times are changing for social media platforms. There has been a lot of demands being made to the platforms. Companies have been demanding that the platforms work on dealing with the environment of the platform. There has been a lot of toxic issues on the platforms and companies are deciding on dropping social media platforms that are not doing anything about it. Therefore, it is definitely a time of change for people who are trying to get involved with social media.

One thing that people who are hoping to work with Twitter and Facebook need to understand is that they are going to have to be ready for the upcoming rules of engagement. Therefore, the best thing to do is have some kind of insight of where people are going. This is where it is important for people to make sure that they have some kind of content that is positive. Fortunately, people who are seeking to inspire are going to have a lot of success in the platforms that they are using.

The best news is that it can be very exciting to be positive as it is to be negative. Among the campaigns that people can post is a rags to riches story for people to get behind.

Online Casino Uses Ozzy Osborne In Social Media Campaign

Metal Casino is a place that targets hard core rockers to come and play their games. They are the only casino in the world to have a specific focus on this group of people. However, it seems to be paying off for them at least to some extent at this point in time.

The latest social media campaign by the company has used metal legend Ozzy Osbourne in their marketing efforts.

The casino has only been around since August of 2017, but that has not stopped them from becoming a big leader in what they do. They are planning on turning up their marketing efforts in a lot of ways starting later in February as well. Doing this will allow them to hopefully get more visibility for what they are attempting to do with their company.

Metal Casino is taking this all very seriously. Just last month they actually traveled out to California to record some personalized material with Ozzy Osborne. Doing so gave them the chance to get a feel for what the legend is really like up close and personal. They were not disappointed in what they found. They were all the more excited to be working with such a talented and interesting individual.

In the coming days and months, the casino is expected to have an increasingly easy to see campaign on Facebook and Instagram. They are hoping to pick up new fans and followers via those sites. As the word gets out, it is more and more likely that many more people will start playing at Metal Casino for themselves.

Crossing Over Across Social Media Platforms

One thing that can help people achieve their goals for fame or business is if they cross over from one social media platform to another. One example is someone starting off with Twitter and builds a network with the social media platform and then moves it to Facebook, and eventually YouTube. One of the best advantages of crossing over is that it can build a lot of popularity. Another thing is that people are able to enjoy some of the popularity that can transcend social media. This is definitely a lot better than someone sticking to one platform.

However, this is not to say that one is not going to have a favorite platform. For one thing, certain people can find it easier to understand one platform over another when it comes to certain topics. One of the best things for someone to do is start with the simplest platform. After he has built his following, then he can go to the next platform and take some of his followers with him. He could also bring people to his website if applicable.

For people that are starting with Twitter and moving towards YouTube, the best thing is that they can develop the skills needed to handle some equipment and entertain people with it. This can be a great opportunity to make people a part of a journey as they build something worthwhile.

Twitter Cracks Down on Posts That Encourage Self Harm

Social media has turned out to be surprisingly powerful when it comes to helping or harming people. One of the issues that happen on social media and online platforms where people can interact is that some posts are submitted that encourage suicide or self harm. This has inspired social media platforms like Twitter crack down on these posts. One thing that Twitter has encouraged people to do is report any posts that encourage such harmful behavior. One thing that social media is doing is trying to make things safer for people. Another thing that it is trying to do is reduce the occurrences of cyber-bullying.

As more people are getting involved in social media, they are seeing that it can be used for good things such as life improvement. Many people have turned to social media in order to empower others and even help them overcome their struggles whether physical or emotional. Many people are using social media platforms like Twitter in order to go viral. Viral posts can make people profit in any way they choose.

One of the best ways to go viral is by being positive and encouraging others to find positive habits in place of the negative habits. People that encourage others to build from their area in life that they are dissatisfied with are going to go a lot further than people who are oriented towards the negative.

Facebook Talks About Clearing its Ad Metrics

Facebook, one of the social media giants has decided to clear its ad metrics. It has also announced it to the public. One of the reasons that they are doing this is that a lot of advertisers have lost confidence in Facebook. For one thing, it is important for Facebook and the users to have advertisers so that they will be able to make money from their efforts. Without the advertisers, then it will be a lot harder for people to make money from Facebook. This is one of the reasons that Facebook has decided to make changes to not only the way they were running things but also to what they were doing with the advertisers.

One thing that has been revealed is that many advertisers are working with estimates. While estimates hold more value than guesses, they are not the total truth. Advertisers are hoping to know the truth so that they can be certain that they are moving forward int he right direction. One of the best things about accuracy is that it makes things easier in the long run for the company.

Another thing that Facebook is working on is trying to launch something called Measure What Matters. This is where Facebook sends about the measurements of significant actions. The efforts that Facebook is making is building the trust and confidence from advertisers.

Is Russia To Blame For Social Media Bots In Campaigns?

A California Congressman says that you are not craze if you believe that Russia is directly to blame for certain social media campaigns that attempt to influence or disrupt elections in the United States. He points not just to the Presidential election in 2016 but also to many other elections even all the way down to the local level.

Adam Schiff, a California Democrat and member of the House Intelligence Committee, says that the Russians have been playing around in US elections and that that meddling goes all the way up to the top. He insists that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for these attacks. He is also frustrated that nothing has been done by the current administration to put a stop to this.

The primary way that these Russians are impacting social media to divide us? Simple says Schiff. They are setting up “bot” accounts to put out whatever message they believe will best suit their needs for that particular campaign or that particular day. He says that he thinks that this has been extremely effective not only in swinging the results of some elections but also in dividing the country in terms of its political rhetoric.

At the moment it does not appear that any new legislation or changes are coming to the way in which the United States interacts with Russia. Although sanctions were put on Russia following the 2016 election, they have never been enforced by this administration. That is something that is likely to continue into the future.

New Twitter Policy to Stop Bullying and Self-Harm

Twitter has rolled out a new policy that they have put in place that is designed to make their social media platform safer. They announced in a tweet that “it is against our rules to encourage others to harm themselves.” The site is already equipped with a form that users can fill out to report this type of abuse. The new rule is primarily geared toward two groups of users.
First, while there are many accounts that provide help and advice for sufferers of mental illness, there is also the underbelly of the twitter mental illness realm with accounts that celebrate depression and other conditions including eating disorders. In place of actual support and encouragement to seek treatment, the pages are filled with tweets offering tips on self-mutilation and starvation as well as ways to hide these behaviors from loved ones.
The second group consists of the part of twitter where death threats are a common occurrence and cyber-bullying is the norm. One common tactic of these Twitter trolls is to insult and berate their target, minimizing their sense of self-worth and eventually pushing them into hurting themselves. This scenario recently played out in the case of the performer, August Ames.
Both of these groups target people who are already vulnerable, and Twitter has taken a loud, clear stance against this type of behavior. The company is committed both to locking accounts for violating this rule as well as reaching out to and supporting the victims on the receiving end.

How to Be Visible On YouTube

YouTube has become a viable form of entertainment. YouTube is to television what television was to movie theaters. It has become big to the point where some companies are looking to YouTube celebrities for possibilities of being in huge roles. However, it is very important for people to learn how to be visible on YouTube. For one thing, there are millions of videos that get released that never get any views. This can be very disappointing for people who have a dream of becoming famous through YouTube. Fortunately, there are a few ways to become famous on YouTube.

One of the ways that people can become famous on YouTube is through engagement. One thing that can be done is to engage on the platform and reach out to others. One tactic that can be very useful is using other social media platforms. After all, one of the largest factors in fame is how many followers, friends, or subscribers one has as it depends on the platform. Once people have a ton of likes on another platform, then they can release a video and link to it from the platforms and let the followers know about their videos.

One of the most important aspects of visibility is engagement. Social media rewards those who are regularly making comments and providing content. One thing that users will find is that their comments on certain topics are going to be listed so that others can see.

For People That Want to Go Viral…Read This

Everyday there is something new that is going viral. Often times, it can be something like a stupid video. Then there are inspiring videos. Pretty much any type of video can go viral. The only thing is that it has to be very unique. For people that are hoping to go viral, it might be easier than it seems. There are steps to take. One thing that can be done is get involved with any particular platform and engage in the community. Once enough followers come, then it is a bit easier to go viral.

One thing that people may need to go viral is an idea. The idea has to be unique in order to have the best chance at going viral. One of the best ways to go viral is to think about something that has not been done before. One of the best ways to go viral if possible is to be oneself and be honest. If one can go viral from being honest, that is quite an achievement. With all of the coverage comes offers from Twitter, Facebook for advertising. Another thing is that this can crossover to different platforms. One thing that can be done is to become famous on Twitter and Facebook, then take that fame to YouTube. This can increase the ad revenue and other opportunities as well.

Facebook Uses Friend Day to Connect with Users

A great social media campaign is one that emotionally connects a brand to its audience. Facebook is accomplishing this on their own platform by consistently reminding users of their mission to build a community and create close connections. They have implemented many social media campaigns to remind users of this mission, the most notable being the regular “Friendiversary” videos they make to remind users of the friendships they have built on Facebook. Most recently, in honor of their annual Friends Day, Facebook launched a new feature that celebrates the uniqueness of users’ friendships. This campaign creates a video of awards given to users’ friends based on their history and activity on the site. The titles vary from automatically generated ones, such as the photo op friend, to customizable superlatives. In addition to the awards, Facebook released a video series titled “A Friend Story” that follows 6 groups of friends and showcases the true value of their friendship. With over 44 million awards shared within the first day this campaign has been a success. This success lies in the campaigns ability to remind users about the friendships they care about most and why. It is by using a combination of video and interactive features that Facebook is able to emotionally connect with its users and show them the value the platform adds to their everyday lives.

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