Focusing on Mental Health with Neurocore

The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been operational for fourteen years now. Initially, the centers only dealt with brain assessment and training their patients based on historical data. The health procedures were carried out in both children and adults and were effective in the treatment of conditions such as stress and sleeping disorders. The medical experts used methods such as EEG and biofeedback monitoring. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The organization has gained national recognition for its many years of practicing applied neuroscience. Athletes and franchisees are some of the main clients at facilities as it’s crucial in their training programs. There are brain rooms in the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers where the athletes work on improving biological functions such as respiration and cardiovascular health. The treatment is effective in the improvement of athletic performance.

The organization is currently involved in research to understand the mind-body connections in their patients. The research will help in ways such as reducing stress, treating neurological disorders, and improving physical performance. The organization operates eight facilities that are spread out in Michigan and Florida. The organization has channeled a lot of resources in biofeedback and development, and its management hopes to expand their operations into other parts of the country. One of the medical products that the medical institution uses to treat their clients is known as Muscletech Neurocore.


The product is used as a pre-workout stimulant and has proven to be very effective over the years. Unlike some similar products in the market, Muscletech Neurocore contains potent ingredients that help in maximizing strength and intense focus during the workouts. The company has strict quality control policies that are followed in making the stimulant. The product is then tested to ensure it meets the required standards and is fit for human use.

Scientists developed a device known as Neurogrid. The device is almost the size of an iPad. It is more effective than other brain mimicking devices that have been developed before due to its low power consumption and speed. According to the developers, the device is less powerful than the human brain. Neurogrid requires skilled people to program it as one needs to understand how the brain works. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

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