Neurocore Reveals the Importance of Sleep for Athletic Performance

News Version recently published the article “Neurocore’s Incredible Gains in Brain Training” by Gemma Cotterell. The article reveals how neuroscience is beginning to improve the mental performance of athletes. Coaches are beginning to focus on the mental aspects of the game as well as the physical. The area of focus is one of the most important ways an athlete can improve his performance. Understanding the importance of the brain and the impact it can have on the physical performance reveals is a necessary skill for modern athletes. They learn how to unlock the information to help improve their concentration, their performance and the control over their bodies. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neuroscience began having an impact on athletics in the mid-1990’s. People saw the damaging effects head-on collisions had on the athletes and began to wonder why. In the late 1990’s, the American Academy of Neurology discovered that repeated head trauma will cause brain damage. There are three different kinds of concussions. The first does not cause the athlete to lose consciousness and will only have symptoms for a quarter of an hour. The second has symptoms that last longer than fifteen minutes. The third has a symptom of a loss of consciousness. They also discovered that NFL players were very prone to experience a number of concussions throughout their career, causing memory issues as well as difficulty with their mental faculties. Read more about Neurocore at

In 2007, they discovered that people who had multiple concussions were more likely to be diagnosed with depression and Alzheimers. Those who had at least one concussion over the course of their career were more likely to suffer severe depression. They also discovered that they were nearly twenty times more likely to suffer from depression than the general population.

Neurocore was developed to help people understand and improve their brain performance. By understanding the benefits of neuroscience, athletes can improve their athletic performance, getting more into the zone during a game. One of the most important things Neurocore has discovered is the importance of restorative sleep. Neurocore reveals that when people do not get enough REM sleep, they will lose concentration easier. Athletes will derail their overall coping skills and prevent athletes from performing well.


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