The Maverick App Social Media Campaign

There are a lot of social media campaigns that are taking place online everyday. Right now one of the new social media campaigns that is being unveiled is a social media platform called Maverick. This was created by former Disney executives. It serves as a platform for young girls to communicate and empower themselves through expression. This app is designed for girls between the ages of 10 to 20.

This app comes at a perfect time because there is so much happening in the world today where female empowerment is taking on a shape of its own. There are women in leadership roles with dating apps like Bumble that was designed as a feminist dating app by entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe. There is a #me-too movement that has transformed the lives of women that were scared to speak about what they have been through.

There is a great amount of community action that is happening and this allows women to express themselves and really feel good about the skin that they are in.

Social media has become the best platform for anyone that wants to get the word out about something new. The television is something of an archaic form of communication when it comes to advertising these things. No one is going to watch television just to go to the internet if they are already on the internet. It is much easier for people to advertise through social media because most people check their various social media apps several times a day.

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